Agricultural Health and Safety: Recent Advances

Agricultural Health and Safety: Recent Advances



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ISBN-13: 9780789003126
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 01/28/1997
Series: Journal of Agromedicine Series
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Table of Contents

ContentsIntroduction to the Proceedings of the Third NIOSH Agricultural Health and Safety Conference

  • Section 1: Program Reports
  • Rapporteur Report: Plenary Session
  • Lessons Learned and Hypotheses Generated From the W. K. Kellogg Agricultural Safety and Health Initiative Cluster Evaluation
  • Report on The University of Iowa International Workshop on Agricultural Health and Safety
  • Section 2: Airborne Exposure, Lund Disease, Exposure Assessment
  • Rapporteur Report: Airborne Exposure, Lung Disease, Exposure Assessment
  • Air Quality Assessments in the Vicinity of Swine Production Facilities
  • Strategies for Effective On-Farm Hazard Surveillance Visits
  • The Keokuk County Rural Health Study: Preliminary Results of Environmental Exposure Assessments
  • Respiratory Health and Allergy Among Young Farmers and Non-Farming Rural Males in Denmark: The SUS Study
  • Humoral Immune Responses to Pig Urinary Proteins and Respiratory Health of Pig Farmers
  • Potential Predictors of Airborne Concentrations of Aflatoxin B1(place 1 in subscript)
  • Section 3: Training, Intervention, Communication
  • Rapporteur Report: Intervention, Education, and Communication
  • Agricultural Occupational Health Nurse Training and Certification: Addressing the Need for Occupational Health Professionals in Agricultural Environments
  • Difficult Decisions: A Simulation That Illustrates Cost Effectiveness of Farm Safety Behaviors
  • Insurance Incentives for Safe Farms
  • Health and Safety in Australian Agriculture—Linking Research, Data and Action
  • Agricultural Chemical Safety Awareness Program for Farm Wives and Children
  • Section 4: Pesticides, Ergonomics, Priority Assessment
  • Rapporteur Report: Pesticides, Ergonomics, Priority Assessment
  • Change in Cholinesterase Levels and Self-Reported Symptoms Over Two Years
  • The Hazards of Organophosphates: UK Risk Assessments of Sheep Dips in Historical and Contemporary Context
  • Ergonomics of Cow Milking in Sweden
  • Section 5: Stress, Mental Health, Risk Assessment, Community Health
  • Rapporteur Report: Mental Health
  • Stress as a Risk Factor for Agricultural Injuries: Comparative Data from The Iowa Farm Family Health and Hazard Survey (1994) and the Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll (1989)
  • Influences on Farm Safety Practice in Eastern Washington
  • Depression and Risk Factors Among Iowa Farmers
  • Safety Practices Among Limited Resource Farmers in North Carolina
  • Health and Safety Issues Relating to Maine's Fishing Industry
  • Rural Counties With Large Meatpacking Firms: Implications for Community Health
  • The Keokuk County Rural Health Study: Methodology and Demographics
  • Section 6: Injury, Enforcement, Machinery
  • Rapporteur Report: Injury Control
  • Agricultural Injuries and Illnesses in Texas: Using Bureau of Labor Statistics Programs for Surveillance
  • Occupational Agricultural Injury Surveillance in California: Preliminary Results from the Nurses Using Rural Sentinel Events (NURSE) Project
  • Agricultural Injuries in Norway
  • Risk Factors for Injury in Rural Iowa: Preliminary Data from the Keokuk County Rural Health Study
  • Strength Test for Pre-ROPS Tractor Axle Housings
  • ROPS Design for Pre-ROPS Tractors
  • Non-Fatal Tractor Accidents and Their Prevention
  • Section 7: Children
  • Child Labor Issues in the International Setting
  • Family Farm Seminars
  • Brief Communication: A Pilot Case-Control Study of Injuries in Farm Children—Focus on Supervision Issues
  • Section 8: Poster Presentations
  • A Design for TailGate Safety Training in Ohio
  • An Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching Community Oriented Primary Care and Agromedicine to Pre-Health Professions Students Planning Rural Practice
  • Logging-Type Fatalities in the U. S. Production Agriculture Industry, 1980-1992
  • Effect of Dynamics on the Stability Index of Tractors
  • Steps in Meeting the Needs of Kentucky's Migrant Farmworkers
  • Farm Response: An Accident Preparedness Course for Farm Families
  • Communicating Safe Sun Practices to Farm Youth: A Model and Field Test of a Proposed Curriculum
  • Section 9: Appendixes
  • Appendix I: List of Accepted Abstracts for the March 1996 Third Annual NIOSH Agricultural Health and Safety Conference
  • Appendix II: List of Participants for the March 1996 Third Annual NIOSH Agricultural Health and Safety Conference
  • Appendix III: List of Participants for the March 27-29, 1996 International Workshop on Agricultural Health and Safety
  • Index
  • Reference Notes Included

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