ahead of poverty: a curable disease that needs special attention

ahead of poverty: a curable disease that needs special attention

by mr adetope oluseye adeniji


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Poverty is one of the major issues that must be rectify accordingly in the live of the populace. Quite disgusting that most of the countries that are optimally advantaged ahead of the others are facing the challenges of the deadly disease as a result of not being able to structure the curative antidotes in such a way to have a lasting solution accordingly. The government of most of the developing countries aggravate the instance of the poverty because they could not have the best way of controlling the resources they have. Most of the governments of the developing countries are also made up of the self center minded leaders that make the situation to be worsen as they have more of their interest in misappropriation, wastage and embezzlement of the public fund. Also, many of the citizens of the developing countries often tend to consider themselves less privileged to conquer the menace. Many were born in the abject poverty without finding anything wrong to remain in there, while the few who were born with the silver spoon find it extremely difficult to create a life that can lead to their betterment. Many inherited their parent properties, and yet they are found living in the poverty after a period of time. The level of the exposure to the information is relatively low while many of the upcoming do not have interest in the actual need to have solution to the issue of poverty. Creativity is lost while the nature of the education that most of the school give are outdated. The lackadaisical attitude possessed by the younger generation can not but be over emphasized to be the factor that contributes hugely to the poverty. There is lost in the value of creativity and innovation as a result of the laziness and indolent act of the younger ones to move ahead of the poverty. However, the need to be able to discuss extensively on the relative issues that can ameliorate the instances of hardship and poverty by understanding in proper what it means, what brings about it, the side effects and how it can be adjusted accordingly. The book is for the set of the individuals that have the interest to extract a bit of facts out of the limited suggestion, and it can be proudly said that, there are numerous solutions that are embedded therein when it is well perused. Poverty is a curable disease that requires a special attention to be resolved.

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He worked with Access Bank Plc and Chams Plc. He obtained B.sc in Economics at Olabisi Onabanjo University. He obtained ND(Urban and Regional Planning) at The Polytechnic, Ibadan. He is the incumbent MD of Top Method (TopImpactMusical). A native of Ogbomosho,Oyo State.

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