Ahhh!: A Tribute to Brother Blue and Ruth Edmonds Hill

Ahhh!: A Tribute to Brother Blue and Ruth Edmonds Hill



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ISBN-13: 9780938756675
Publisher: Yellow Moon Press
Publication date: 09/01/2003
Pages: 378
Product dimensions: 5.84(w) x 8.94(h) x 0.83(d)

Table of Contents

Invocation (Latinate: "to put into voice")1
Brother Blue's Application Statement3
Tribute from Africa In April4
Brother Blue5
Improvising with Blue6
Eight Comments on Brother Blue8
A Letter to Blue Light12
Brother Blue, Way Down in the Magic14
Brother Blue / The Storyteller17
The Butterfly Man19
The Bird: A Story for Blue21
Ruth and Blue25
My Initiation26
The Road Taken With Blue27
The Teacher29
A Tribute to Brother Blue (a.k.a. Hugh Hill and Ruth Hill)31
A Thank You for You35
David's Birthday37
Knee Deep in Story39
Dear Brother Blue and Ruth: Soul Mates of Enlightenment42
The Importance of a Name44
Brother Blue47
A Heron Feather and a Rainbow for Brother Blue49
Reflections on our Times with Brother Blue and Ruth52
Tribute for Ruth and Blue54
A Bottle of Blue Sunshine55
Learning to Fly With the Bluest of Ease56
Miles Away, or Dr. Seuss on the Loose59
When Blue's On63
Uniting Nations64
Brother Blue in Memphis66
Sleepers Awake!68
Standing at the Crossroads69
Blue Ribbons73
The Listener74
A Preacher and a Prophet76
Blue Man77
A Note for Brother Blue79
The Whirling Vortex80
Ruth's Gifts81
Dr. Dave Colling82
Tribute to Brother Blue83
Brother Blue85
The Day of Brother Blue's Doctoral Dance86
For Brother Blue88
Hugh "Brother Blue" Hill93
Papageno in Blue Feathers97
Professor Hill100
The Journey to Cambridge102
One of the Wisest Men104
Thanks for the Awakening105
Black-Eyed-Susan Filled Day110
A Hatful of Peas111
Blue Rainbow113
The Teller, the Told, and the Tale115
There's Beauty in You and Me116
A Liberating Example118
From NABS with Honor and Love120
The Sounds and the Colors Dance in the Evening Air: Music & Brother Blue121
They Also Serve...123
Quilting Brother Blue125
When I Think of Brother Blue127
Out of the Blue: An Ode to Brother Blue & Ruth130
A Song for Blue131
Blue's Oral History133
Coyote in Ribbons137
The Gift of Blue and Ruth139
A Musical Reminiscence of Blue140
Blue Time142
A Carrier of Stories143
The Parable of Two Frogs145
An Angel of Poetry and Hipdom147
In Metamorphosis...150
Point of Contact155
The Voice, the Earth, the Spirits, the Blues156
Brother Blue 1969: Out the Window158
Blue and Ruth160
To Blue with Love162
Brother Blue and Ruth Too!164
Town Meeting on the Year 2000165
Food for the Soul166
Blue's Prayer167
Breathing Together169
Uses of Air172
True Blue173
God Is Blue179
Brother Blue at Emmanuel181
Brother Blue Praise Song182
Squirmin' with Blue186
Blue and Ruth, On and Off Stage188
Around the Table with Blue and Ruth189
The World's First Kiss194
Blue Thoughts195
Jazz Storyteller197
The Blue King199
Brother Blue Memories202
Children's Hospital at Christmas205
Lay Down Your Life!206
Son of Blue209
Blue is Always Blue212
Mockingbird Cake for a Blue Monarch214
Never a Discouraging Word218
Tell Stories!219
To Brother Blue and Sister Ruth222
Toast To Brother Blue224
In His Heart, Like Butterflies227
The Storyteller228
Seeds of the Universe231
The Dalai Lama of Cambridge236
How Brother Blue Changed My Life237
Following Blue239
For Brother Blue242
Three Poems in Japanese242
From Black and White to Color244
Sixteen Seconds247
Balloons for Sam249
Copies and Originals in Plato's Parmenides250
Hugh Hill and Brother Blue252
The William Blake of Storytelling254
The Timely Messenger256
The Importance of Entrances257
The Blue Preacher259
Hey Mister Parent, Who Is That Dude?263
Picture of a Father265
A Butterfly Tribute266
Colorful Kaleidoscope270
The Man Above and Below Butterflies272
The Blue Man273
Ruth and Hugh and Brother Blue274
The Butterfly and the Bee276
Me and Brother Blue277
Wedding Anniversary279
The Brick281
Brother Blue286
Caro "Fratello Azzuro"289
Blue Priest294
An Instant Occasion295
Without Any Rehearsal297
My Turn298
The Honest Current of Life299
Sheetmusic: "Brother Blue"300
Brother Blue Joins The Circus!301
Blue and Lady Blue303
A Dance of Kalimbas, Blue, and Buckminster Fuller305
Praise That Wakes the Heart308
That's Only Stories...311
Before You Were "Brother Blue"313
Old Friends315
Brother Blue316
Blue, Brother Blue323
Every Colored Girl Needs324
The Sound of Bells327
Praise for This Life329
A Song for a Neighbor331
A Song for Brother Blue332
For Brother Blue334
Brother Blue: Reflections and a Poem336
To "B" or Not to "B"338
A Tribute to Sister Ruth339
To Dance as Story342
Telling Without a Net: Brother Blue's Way345
Prior to Becoming a State Legislator347
Letter Love from Beauty to the Beast349
For Brother Blue and Sister Ruth350
Brother Blue352
Truth is a Form of Love354
Ah, Yes! We Know You Well357
Getting It All Together359
Something Worth Hearing360
Massachusetts House of Representatives Resolution363
Brother Blue364
Praising Blue366
There is a Color369
Blue's Blessing, Our New Religion370
The Jazz Cows372
A Living Example of What the World Should Be Like376
Biographies of Graphic Contributors377

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