AI and the Eye

AI and the Eye




These original contributions, concerning work on machine vision to the latest understanding of human visual processes, are written by ''rising stars'' in both fields and offer an overview of the leading work on modeling of human visual processes, image processing and object recognition. Some prominent examples of how computer analysis of visual processes results in more precise models of the operations of various visual mechanisms are presented in a form that is easily understood by nonmathematicians. This will be essential reading for physiologists and psychologists studying vision and object recognition in humans and primates.

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ISBN-13: 9780471921943
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 05/11/1990
Pages: 308
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AI and the Eye?

(A. Blake & T. Troscianko).

AI and Early Vision (B. Julesz).

Visual Perception in People and Machines (V. Ramachandran).

Deploying Visual Attention: The Guided Search Model (M. Wolfe & K. Cave) .Imperceptible Intersections: The Chopstick Illusion (S. Anstis).

Integration of Stereo, Shading and Texture (H. Bülthoff & H. Mallot).

The Primal Sketch in Human Vision (R. Watt).

Retrieval of Structure from Rigid and Biological Motion: An Analysis of the Visual Responses of Neurones in the Macaque Temporal Cortex (D. Perrett, et al.).

Color Constancy (D. Forsyth).

Scene Structure from a Moving Camera (H. Baker).

Visual Recognition as Probabilistic Inference from Spatial Relations (D. Lowe).

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