AIA 111th Annual Meeting Abstracts, volume 33

AIA 111th Annual Meeting Abstracts, volume 33

by Archaeological Institute of America


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ISBN-13: 9781931909211
Publisher: Archaeological Institute of America
Publication date: 03/01/2010
Series: AIA Annual Meeting Abstracts Series
Pages: 145
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Session 1: Roman Villas; Continuity and Change in Sanctuaries of the Ancient World (Colloquium); First Out: Late Levels of Early Sites (Colloquium); The Persepolis Fortification Archive Project: Current Research (Colloquium); Pre-Roman Italy; New Fieldwork and Research by the Institute of Archaeology, Russian Academy of Sciences: Religion and Ritual in the Archaeological Record of Russia (Colloquium); Island Archaeology; Seeking a Way Forward for Archaeological Science: The Challenges of Training and Funding (Workshop).
Session 2: Recent Fieldwork at Mitrou; Republican and Augustan Rome; Trade in Antiquity; Greek Architecture; Where No God Has Gone Before: Greek Deities in the Northern and Western Black Sea (Colloquium); Sculpture and Mortuary Practices in Syria and Turkey; Poster Session.
Session 3: Mycenae and the Mycenaean Hinterland; Imperial Rome; Lessons from the Field: Pursuing Best Practices in Site Preservation (Workshop); Facture Speaks: Material, Technique, and Meaning in Ancient Art (Colloquium); Greek Pottery Studies; Research and Reevaluation in Western Turkey; The “Big Dogs” Go Digital: Shared Opportunities and Challenges for Large-Scale Excavations in the Mediterranean in the Digital Age (Workshop); Athens and Attica.
Session 4: Excavation and Survey in Bronze Age Greece; Roman Italy and the Provinces; The State and Future of Roman Art, Archaeology, and History: Papers in Honor of John H. Humphrey (Gold Medal Colloquium); Politics of Archaeology; Art in Egypt; Exclusive Heritage: Circumscribing Engagements with the Material Past (Colloquium); From Digital to Analog: Historical Photographs and Plaster Casts in University Collections (Workshop).
Session 5: Survey and Excavations in Egypt; Late Antiquity; Subcultures in Roman Social Life: Negotiating Non-Elite Identity and Outsider Status (Colloquium); Mycenaean Pylos; Mediterranean Fieldwork; Transformations in the Near East and the Black Sea Area; Women in the Ancient World; Baths and the City.
Session 6: Minoan Crete; Pompeii; Ships and Shipping; Training and Planning for Archaeology Preservation, A Department for Defense Update (Workshop); Greek Sanctuaries and Festivals; Archaeological Methodology; Archaeology of Ancient Warfare.
Session 7: Greek and Roman Sculpture; Roman Religion in Material Culture; The Future is Now: A Forum on Career Strategies for Archaeology Graduate Students (Workshop); Moving Marble, Bricks, and Mortar: Supplying the Roman Building Industry (Colloquium).
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