Air Survey of Sand Deposits by Spectral Luminance

Air Survey of Sand Deposits by Spectral Luminance

by Mariya A. Romanova


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ISBN-13: 9781468472059
Publisher: Springer US
Publication date: 11/26/2012
Edition description: 1964
Pages: 158
Product dimensions: 8.27(w) x 10.98(h) x 0.01(d)

Table of Contents

I. Color and Spectral Luminance of Rock.- II. Basic Photometric Concepts.- Reflection and Indicatrices of Diffusion.- Albedo, Luminance, Spectral Luminance.- Spectral Luminance Curves and Their Evaluation.- Experimental Measurements of Spectral Luminance Factors of Rock Samples.- Effect of Natural Illumination on Values of ?? of Rock.- Effect of Nature of Photometered Surface on Values of ??.- III. Methods of Measuring Spectral Luminance Factors of Rocks.- Laboratory Instruments for Measuring the Reflecting Properties of Natural Objects.- The Indicatometer of the Astronomical Observatory of Leningrad State University.- The FM-2 Universal Photometer.- Field Spectrometers.- The RShch-1 Aerial Cinespectrograph.- Spectrometers Employing Photoelectric Registration of the Spectrum.- The 1959 Model Spectrovisor Constructed by a Group of Workers in the Laboratory of Aeromethods.- The Field Photoelectric Spectrometer.- IV. Conditions of Spectrophotometry of Geological Objects. Processing of Spectrograms and Oscillograms.- Height of Flight during Spectrophotometry of Geological Objects.- Light Conditions and Choice of Time of Photometry.- Choice of Films for Registration of Spectra and Oscillograms.- Processing of Exposed Films.- Measurement of Spectrograms and Oscillograms. Plotting of Spectral Luminance Curves of Investigated Objects.- Measurement of Spectrograms and Plotting of ?? Curves.- Measurement of Oscillograms and Plotting of ?? Curves.- V. Evaluation of Spectral Luminance Curves and Methods of Geological Interpretation of Photometric Parameters.- Quantitative Evaluation of Spectral Luminance Curves.- Quantitative Evaluation of ?? Curves by Smoothing with Chebyshev Polynomials.- Evaluation of Photometric Parameters by Plotting Distributions of Observed ??.- Method of Calculating Contingency by the X2 Criterion.- Investigation of Association Between Spectral Luminance of Rock and Its Petrographie-Mineralogical Composition (Linear Correlation Analysis).- VI. Correlation of Spectral Luminance with Lithofacies Characteristics of Deposits.- Middle Jurassic Deposits of West Turkmenia.- Middle Jurassic Deposits of Bol’shoi Balkhan.- Middle Jurassic Deposits in Aman-Bulak Section (Tuarkyr Anticline).- Results of Photometry of Samples from Middle Jurassic Sections.- Correlation Between Spectral Luminance of Rock and Its Composition.- Terrigenous Cretaceous Deposits of West Turkmenia.- Petrographic-Mineralogical Characterization of Terrigenous Cretaceous Deposits from the Tuar and Malyi Balkhan Sections.- Tertiary Deposits of West Turkmenia.- Syrtlanli Section.- Sections of Red Beds in Belek and Kara-Tengir Regions of Krasnovodsk Peninsula.- VII. An Aeropetrographic Survey of Modern Sand Deposits.- Sands of the Sulak Type.- Sands of the Terek Type.- Sands of the Volga Type.- Photometric Properties of Sands of Northwest Caspian Region.- Summary.- Literature Cited.- Appendices.

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