Air Travel Claims in Australia and New Zealand: A Guide to Rights and Responsibilities - Abridged Edition

Air Travel Claims in Australia and New Zealand: A Guide to Rights and Responsibilities - Abridged Edition

by Gary N Heilbronn

Paperback(- No Notes or References ed.)

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This is an abridged edition of the more detailed and referenced work: "Air Travel Claims" by the same author. It will be helpful to ordinary people who get caught up with airlines and other organisations involved in the air travel industry, especially if those people want to make a claim for compensation when they suffer some kind of loss or when they are injured by something occurring during or in connection with air travel.

What can you do if your travel arrangements turn out different from what your travel agent or tour operator told you; if your luggage got lost or damaged or you have you been injured or inconvenienced when travelling by air or at an airport, even during check-in, immigration or security controls; if you have suffered loss from what airlines do; from selling you air travel to looking after you during your flight; or if you've been injured or your property damaged by aircraft operating near or flying over your home?

This book can help you. It talks about the law, which is sometimes complicated; but it is designed to be read by ordinary people, especially consumers of air travel services (professionals and students in the aviation, tourism and travel industries may benefit from reading the unabridged edition). Everyone needs a better idea of their rights and responsibilities under the existing legal system.

Although this book focusses on the international and domestic air travel claims situation in Australia and New Zealand, quite a bit of it will apply in other countries as well. It endeavours to make sense of a complicated system of rules and contractual arrangements that affect the rights and responsibilities of travellers, as well as the duties and obligations of the air travel industry and related entities such as airport management and border security.

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ISBN-13: 9780994324054
Publisher: HPEditions
Publication date: 05/31/2016
Edition description: - No Notes or References ed.
Pages: 266
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.56(d)

About the Author

Dr Gary Heilbronn has been researching, teaching, writing about and consulting on aviation and travel law for over three decades in Australia, Asia and Europe. He has been a practising lawyer, law professor and consultant in aviation law. He has written and contributed to several text books, many articles, conference papers and other media events on various aspects of aviation law, travel law and litigation internationally and in Australia. He has written, amongst other books, the seminal reference text on Travel and Tourism Law in Australia and New Zealand (The Federation Press, 1992) and "Air Travel Claims" in Australia and New Zealand (2016)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Abbreviations & Lexique of Conventions and Protocols
1. Introduction
2. Working Out Who Is Responsible
3. Consumer Protection and Airline Obligations
Courts/Tribunals for Claims: Australia & NZ
4. Airline Claims and Air Carriage Contracts
5. Passengers: Injury or Death Claims
6. Baggage & Freight: Loss or Damage Claims
7. Delay: Passenger, Baggage & Freight Claims
8. Surface Damage or Injury Claims
9. Aircraft, Airport Noise & Vibrations
10. Airport Liabilities: Personal Claims
11. Public Authorities: Duties & Immunities
12. Air Traffic Services Liabilities
13. Manufacturer and Maintenance Liabilities
14. Certification and Accreditation Liabilities
15. Conclusions

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