Aircraft Accident Analysis: Final Reports / Edition 1

Aircraft Accident Analysis: Final Reports / Edition 1

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McGraw-Hill Education
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Aircraft Accident Analysis: Final Reports / Edition 1

Fascinating and factual accounts of the world’s most recent and compelling crashes

Industry insiders James Walters and Robert Sumwalt, trained aviation accident investigators and commercial airline pilots, offer expert analyses of notable and recent aircraft accidents in this eye-opening, lesson-filled case file. Culled from final reports issued by military and foreign government investigations, as well as additional research and resources, Aircraft Accident Analysis: Final Reports tells the final and full tales of doomed flights that stopped the world cold in their wake.

Technical accuracy and details, presented in layman’s language, help to clarify:

  • Major accidents from commercial, military, and general aviation flights
  • Pilot backgrounds and flight histories
  • Chronology of events leading to each accident
  • Description of aviation investigation process
  • Insight into NTSB, military, and foreign government findings
  • Resulting recommendations, requirements, and policy changes

Readable, authoritative, and complete, Aircraft Accident Analysis: Final Reports is at once an important reference tool and a riveting, what-went-wrong look at air safety for everyone who flies.

Featured final and preview reports include:

  • U.S. Air Force, U.S Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • Jessica Dubroff, Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • Valujet Airlines 592, Everglades, Florida
  • American Airlines 955, Cali, Columbia
  • John Denver, Pacific Grove, California
  • Atlantic Southeast Airlines, Carrollton, Georgia
  • US Air 427, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • TWA 800, Long Island, New York
  • Delta Air Lines, LaGuardia Airport, New York
  • John F. Kennedy, Jr., Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780071351492
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Publication date: 01/26/2000
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 6.40(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1Major air carrier accidents
1.The longest investigation in U.S. history: USAir flight 4271
Flight history and background2
The investigation and findings5
The roll event9
Left rudder deflection11
Boeing 737 rudder system11
NTSB testing of the PCU and servo valve14
Rudder reversals during secondary slide jam17
Other significant roll/yaw events18
Crossover airspeed20
Human performance21
Rudder jam/reversal scenario25
Pilot input scenario26
Unfinished business: United 585 and Eastwind 51727
Lack of FDR information28
Probable cause28
Industry actions30
References and additional reading32
2.Pressure falling rapidly: American 1572's brush with disaster33
Flight history and background34
The investigation41
Adequacy of weather information41
Altimeter settings42
Descent below MDA42
Terminal Instrument Approach Procedures (TERPS)43
Airport issues44
Flight after the tree strike45
Evacuation issues46
Conclusions and probable cause46
Industry action47
Actions taken by American Airlines48
References and additional reading50
3.El Deluvio claims American 96551
Flight history and background51
The rescue59
The investigation and findings60
Research away from the crash site61
The decision to accept Runway 1961
Situational awareness62
Awareness of terrain62
Crew Resource Management (CRM)65
Conclusions and probable causes66
Contributing factors66
Other submissions to the report67
Industry action70
Actions taken by American Airlines72
References and additional reading73
4.A tale of two tragedies: Bergenair 301 and Aeroperu 60375
Birgenair, flight history and background76
The investigation and findings79
Conclusions and probable cause85
Industry action86
Aeroperu, flight history and background87
The investigation and findings93
Conclusions and probable cause95
Industry action96
References and additional reading97
5.Carnage in the Everglades: The flight of Valujet 59299
Flight history and background100
The investigation103
Forward cargo bin reconstructed105
Flammable cargo106
Outdated oxygen generators108
Contracting for vital services109
Time pressure on the shop floor109
Documentation for removing/replacing oxygen generators110
Removal of oxygen generators: The maintenance process112
Packaging and shipping of oxygen generators113
Oxygen generator fire tests114
Fire initiation and propagation116
Flight profile after eruption117
Cargo compartment fire/smoke detection and extinguishing119
The way ValuJet conducted business120
FAA oversight121
The probable causes123
Industry action126
References and additional reading129
6.A pilot's nightmare: The inflight fire of FedEx 1406131
Flight history and background131
Emergency response139
The investigation and findings140
Origin of fire140
Ignition source of fire142
Flightcrew action145
Dissemination of hazardous materials information145
Conclusions and probable cause146
Industry action148
References and additional reading150
7.Contact approach: A close call for Delta 554151
Flight history and background152
The investigation and findings156
Airport issues158
The aircraft159
Flight data recorder information160
Captain's use of monovision contact lenses162
Visual cues and illusions164
Delta 554's final approach165
The probable cause167
Industry action169
References and additional reading170
8.A final evaluation flight for Airborne Express171
Flight history and background171
The investigation and findings176
Flightcrew factors176
ABX FEF procedures180
FAA oversight180
Conclusions and probable cause181
Industry action182
References and additional reading184
9.Waiting for rescue: an agonizing night for KAL 801187
Flight history and background187
The rescue197
The investigation and findings198
The weather198
Flightcrew actions199
Flightcrew training202
Air traffic control203
KCAB oversight of KAL204
FAA oversight of KAL205
Emergency response206
Other issues207
Conclusions and probable cause207
References and additional reading210
Part 2Regional airline accidents
10.Along for the ride: The final descent of ASA 529211
Flight history and background211
The rescue215
The investigation and findings216
The 14RF-9 propeller design218
The propeller installed on N256AS220
History of the 14RF-9 propeller220
Service history of the accident propeller222
Conclusions and probable cause223
Party submissions224
Industry action226
References and additional reading228
11.Quandary at Quincy: The runway collision of United Express 5925 and Beechcraft King Air N1127D229
Flight history and background230
Rescue attempt233
The investigation and findings234
King Air's mission and occupants235
King Air's takeoff distance and accelerate stop time and distance238
Visibility and conspicuity tests238
Performance of the United Express flightcrew240
Performance of the King Air pilot and pilot/passenger246
Performance of the Cherokee pilot247
Survivability issues248
The probable cause249
Industry action251
References and additional reading252
12.Dangerous misconceptions: The legacy of Comair 3272253
Flight history and background254
The investigation and findings258
Wake turbulence259
EMB-120 development and certification260
NTSB performance studies263
History of related icing incidents265
Pilot actions266
FAA oversight268
Conclusion and probable causes270
Industry action prior to publication of the final report270
Further industry action273
References and additional reading275
Part 3Military accidents
13.A missed approach: The fatal flight of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown277
Flight history and background278
Accident response285
The investigation and findings286
The aircraft287
The pilots288
Navigational aids and facilities289
Design of the NDB Runway 12 approach290
Air Force supervisory responsibilities291
Operational pressure294
Other issues294
Conclusions and probable causes294
References and additional reading296
14.A lack of teamwork: HAVOC 58 impacts Sleeping Indian Mountain299
Flight history and background299
Emergency response306
The investigation and findings309
The aircraft309
The Jackson Hole Airport310
The squadron313
The probable cause316
References and additional reading317
15.Have Blue: An airshow to remember319
The aircraft319
Flight history and background320
The investigation and findings327
On scene328
Aircraft structure329
The probable cause333
Air Force action334
References and additional reading335
Part 4General aviation accidents
16.Shattered dreams: A record-setting flight gone awry337
Flight history and background338
The investigation and findings341
Aircraft weight and balance341
Human factors issues342
Reduced engine performance346
Operational factors347
The probable cause349
Industry action349
References and additional reading350
17.Falling star: John Denver's final flight351
Flight history and background352
The investigation and findings355
The aircraft356
Pilot information360
Fuel consumption tests361
Other tests and research362
Enhancing safety365
The probable causes366
Industry action367
References and additional reading368
18.The investigation continues369
TWA 800370
Swissair 111370
American 1420371
Glider accident, N807BB371
John F. Kennedy, Jr.372

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