Al Case Martial Arts

Al Case Martial Arts

by Al Case


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Some fellow gets good at the martial arts. He becomes a tournament champion or movie star, or achieves some other such fame. He then puts his favorite techniques together and calls it a system.This is a random sampling of techniques based on one fellow's experiences. And the sampling is twisted by culture and torn by belief systems.People study it, and change it, and present their own systems, and the result is that what you are studying today is a fantasy built to feed some guys ego, or just to feed him cash.This is a sad commentary on art.In the pages of this book, Al Case Martial Arts, you will find a totally scientific example of a martial art.The forms are not complex things that are difficult to remember, and very difficult to use in combat. Instead, the forms are short and sweet and focus on real live fighting techniques.The techniques are scientifically arranged. The author is the creator of Matrixing Technology, and in this book he presents three matrixes which arrange the techniques of the martial arts for simple and total understanding. An understanding that allows the student to use the techniques in combat right from the start. These three matrices cause the student to achieve an intuitive state of mind virtually upon reading and understanding them. This is something that warriors have sought for millennium, the intuitive 'zen' state of mind. Through this book this state of mind begins to occur as soon as you do your first matrix.Finally, there are the lists.Lists of grab arts and how they are inserted into the system.Lists of fighting methods, and how they are used in the system.In the end this book will totally change your attitude towards the martial arts. Your thought processes will become scientific, and certain for that. In the end, people who do not have and read this book will blink and wonder at your progress. And you will blink and wonder why everybody doesn't take advantage of this, a totally scientific rendering of martial art.Your choice: be an artist, trapped by the whim and fantasy of others, or study a truly scientific art and experience the real fruits of the martial arts. Not in 40 or 50 years, but right now.

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Pages: 190
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