Alabama Wildlife: Imperiled Aquatic Mollusks and Fishes

Alabama Wildlife: Imperiled Aquatic Mollusks and Fishes

Paperback(1st Edition)



The four volumes in this collection present current, detailed information on the known vertebrates, freshwater mussels, and snails in Alabama.

Volume 1, A Checklist of Vertebrates and Selected Invertebrates: Aquatic Mollusks, Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, and Mammals, is a field guide to all vertebrates and many important invertebrates found within the state. It provides brief descriptions of each species, including scientific and common names, range, habitat, and level of conservation concern. Color photographs are included for many species.

Volume 2, Imperiled Aquatic Wildlife, and Volume 3, Imperiled Terrestrial Wildlife, provide a closer focus on the vertebrates and invertebrates of special interest within the state, many of which are rare and endangered. These volumes contain expanded species descriptions that include anatomic features, more detailed habitat and distribution information, and distribution maps. Volumes 2 and 3 together provide a detailed review of at-risk Alabama wildlife. Two color photographs illustrate each species to provide aids to visual identification and range within Alabama. Entries in these volumes also describe the factors that place each species in danger.

Volume 4, Conservation and Management Recommendations for Imperiled Taxa, contains even more detailed information on select species and is directed at the professional wildlife researcher involved in the study and protection of endangered populations.

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ISBN-13: 9780817351311
Publisher: University of Alabama Press
Publication date: 05/28/2004
Edition description: 1st Edition
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Ralph E. Mirarchi is William R. and Fay Ireland Distinguished Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Management at Auburn University.

Table of Contents

List of Figuresix
Editor's Notes3
Freshwater Mussels and Snails9
Introductory Comments10
Freshwater Mussels13
List of Extinct Taxa13
List of Extirpated Taxa14
Species Accounts: Extirpated Taxa
Southern Elktoe17
Chipola Slabshell18
Brother Spike19
Upland Combshell20
Southern Acornshell22
Green Floater23
Scaleshell Mussel24
Coosa Moccasinshell25
Littlewing Pearlymussel27
Black Clubshell29
Flat Pigtoe30
Fluted Kidneyshell31
Cumberland Bean32
List of Extirpated/Conservation Action Underway Taxa33
Species Accounts: Extirpated/Conservation Action Underway Taxa
Dromedary Pearlymussel34
Oyster Mussel35
Birdwing Pearlymussel36
Cumberland Monkeyface37
List of Priority 1/Highest Conservation Concern Taxa38
Species Accounts: Priority 1/Highest Conservation Concern Taxa
Alabama Pearlshell40
Slippershell Mussel42
Alabama Spike44
Delicate Spike45
Fluted Elephantear47
Inflated Spike48
Purple Bankclimber49
Cumberland Combshell50
Southern Combshell51
Shiny Pigtoe53
Finerayed Pigtoe54
Narrow Pigtoe55
Round Ebonyshell56
Cracking Pearlymussel58
Pink Mucket59
Southern Sandshell60
Shinyrayed Pocketbook61
Alabama Lampmussel62
Slabside Pearlymussel63
Cumberland Moccasinshell64
Gulf Moccasinshell65
Ring Pink66
Round Hickorynut67
White Wartyback68
Orangefoot Pimpleback69
Painted Clubshell71
Dark Pigtoe72
Southern Pigtoe73
Tennessee Clubshell74
Ovate Clubshell75
Rough Pigtoe76
Oval Pigtoe77
Pyramid Pigtoe78
Round Pigtoe79
Heavy Pigtoe80
Triangular Kidneyshell82
Southern Kidneyshell83
Sculptured Pigtoe85
Southern Purple Lilliput87
Pale Lilliput88
List of Priority 2/High Conservation Concern Taxa90
Species Accounts: Priority 2/High Conservation Concern Taxa
Rayed Creekshell91
Tennessee Pigtoe92
Finerayed Pocketbook93
Orangenacre Mucket94
Tennessee Heelsplitter96
Black Sandshell97
Alabama Moccasinshell98
Alabama Hickorynut99
Southern Clubshell100
Fuzzy Pigtoe101
Alabama Heelsplitter102
Choctaw Bean103
Coosa Creekshell104
Tapered Pigtoe105
Alabama Creekmussel106
Downy Rainbow107
Common and Scientific Names of Fish Parasitized by Glochidia108
Alabama Freshwater Mussel Watch List109
Freshwater Snails110
List of Extinct Taxa110
List of Extirpated Taxa111
Species Accounts: Extirpated Taxa
Smooth Mudalia112
Knobby Rocksnail113
List of Extirpated/Conservation Action Underway Taxa114
Species Accounts: Extirpated/Conservation Action Underway Taxa
Spiny Riversnail115
Interrupted Rocksnail116
List of Priority 1/Highest Conservation Concern Taxa117
Species Accounts: Priority 1/Highest Conservation Concern Taxa
Slender Campeloma118
Cylindrical Lioplax119
Flat Pebblesnail121
Armored Marstonia122
Moss Pyrg123
Anthony's Riversnail124
Princess Elimia125
Cockle Elimia126
Lacy Elimia127
Round-Rib Elimia128
Engraved Elimia129
Plicate Rocksnail130
Corpulent Hornsnail131
Rough Hornsnail132
List of Priority 2/High Conservation Concern Taxa133
Species Accounts: Priority 2/High Conservation Concern Taxa
Ample Elimia134
Lilyshoals Elimia135
Black Mudalia136
Puzzle Elimia137
Squat Elimia138
Round Rocksnail139
Spotted Rocksnail140
Painted Rocksnail141
Armored Rocksnail142
Warty Rocksnail143
Muddy Rocksnail144
Rugged Hornsnail145
Skirted Hornsnail146
Alabama Freshwater Snail Watch List147
References for Mussels and Snails149
Introductory Comments158
List of Extinct Taxa162
List of Extirpated Taxa163
Species Accounts: Extirpated Taxa
Lake Sturgeon164
Shovelnose Sturgeon165
Shortnose Gar166
Spotfin Chub168
Popeye Shiner169
Elegant Madtom170
Ashy Darter171
Trispot Darter173
List of Priority I/Highest Conservation Concern Taxa174
Species Accounts: Priority I/Highest Conservation Concern Taxa
Alabama Sturgeon175
Palezone Shiner176
Cahaba Shiner178
Ironcolor Shiner179
Alabama Cavefish181
Pygmy Sculpin182
Spring Pygmy Sunfish184
Slackwater Darter186
Holiday Darter187
Vermilion Darter188
Brighteye Darter189
Lollipop Darter190
Watercress Darter192
Rush Darter193
Boulder Darter194
Goldline Darter196
Blotchside Logperch197
Slenderhead Darter198
Snail Darter199
Warrior Bridled Darter200
Halloween Darter201
List of Priority 2/High Conservation Concern Taxa203
Species Accounts: Priority 2/High Conservation Concern Taxa
Gulf Sturgeon204
Alabama Shad206
Blue Shiner207
Streamline Chub209
Shoal Chub210
Ghost Shiner211
Dusky Shiner212
Suckermouth Minnow213
Stargazing Minnow215
Broadstripe Shiner216
Bluenose Shiner217
Mountain Madtom218
Brindled Madtom219
Frecklebelly Madtom220
Highlands Stonecat222
Shoal Bass224
Locust Fork Darter225
Sipsey Darter226
Bluebreast Darter227
Lipstick Darter228
Coldwater Darter229
Tuscumbia Darter230
Bandfin Darter231
Blueface Darter233
Coal Darter234
Gilt Darter235
Common and Scientific Names of Plants and Vertebrate Animals Mentioned in Fish Accounts237
Alabama Fishes Watch List238
References for Fishes239
List of Figures
Counties of Alabamax
Major Rivers, Basins, and Dams of Alabamaxi
Map Symbolsxii

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