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ISBN-13: 9780882408668
Publisher: Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company
Publication date: 05/20/2013
Pages: 80
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 7.00(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Ned Rozell has walked, skied, driven, and flown across Alaska, and he's lived there more than half his life, so it must be home. He's written more than 700 weekly newspaper columns about natural history and science, and has written 80 more for Alaska Magazine. He has three Alaska-related books and counting; Walking My Dog, Jane, is about that hike across Alaska with a dog that won't come along again. His latest work is Alaska Tracks; Footprints in the Big Country from Ambler to Attu.
      Harmon "Bud" Helmericks was an Arctic explorer, Bush pilot, and author best known for writing The Last of the Bush Pilots. As one of Alaska's most famous Bush pilots, Bud holds the Award of Merit, Territory of Alaska, for "Special Service in the Arctic Regions." He couldn't tell you exactly how many Alaska flight hours he had, because he tired of adding up his flight hours after logging more than 27,000. He crossed thousands of miles of mostly uninhabited wilderness in small Cessnas on wheels, skis, or pontoons.  Bud is coauthor and author of several books that are now deemed collectible, among them We Live in the Arctic, We Live in Alaska, The Flight of the Arctic Tern, and The Last of the Bush Pilots.

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 “Floats are a favorite landing gear in Southeast, where rugged coastline and hills limit the availability of airstrips. Pilots in Southeast encounter some of the cloudiest weather in Alaska outside the Aleutians, and floats enable ocean landings in times of trouble or as a routine method of hoping from town to town.

“Pilots landing on the region’s many glaciers prefer wheel/skis, which enable travel from downtown Juneau to the magnificent ice fields  nearby in minutes. The mountains of the Saint Elias, Fairweather, and Coast ranges often discourage flights inland because of the clouds stacked around them.”    

From page 25, Alaska’s Bush Planes

Table of Contents

Foreword: Those Who Flew

Introduction: Frontier Flight in the 21st Century

The Interior: A Silencing Cold

Southeast: Land of Mountains and Waterways

Southcentral: Gateway to the Bush

The Arctic: Above the Dazzling White

Western Alaska: Soaring O’er the Delta

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From the Publisher

“Beautiful photos make this a must-keep book. Alaska is a beautiful state and the airplanes which make travel practical throughout this rugged part of the world. Many of these aircraft are rarely seen in the lower 48 so this is definitely an opportunity to see some of these classic machines.”

                                      —James D. Crabtree, Amazon Vine Voice

"An absolutely stunning view of Alaska, as seen by various skilled, artistic photographers who followed many bush planes to places seldom visited by humans, to capture glorious images of small—and not so small—aircraft stitching Alaska together."

                                      —Bob Merrick, COPA Flight


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