by Josie Bloss
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Albatross 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
AshNight More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! I didn't expect Mica. to act the way he did but it didn't stop me from liking the book. I would recommend it to anyone 
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
Tess was trying to make it work in her new town of Grand River, Michigan. She never wanted to move from Chicago, where her old life, boyfriend, and best friend remained. However, it was best for her mom after the divorce from her father. Part of making it work, which in turn makes her mother happy, meant doing things that Tess would normally do if she was back in Chicago, like participating in the solo and ensemble competitions. Not the best French horn player, all Tess needed was someone to accompany her, to enter the competition with her. The name Micah was given to her by her director. Micah, the seemingly weird guy who always stayed to himself, who Tess found rather intriguing. For some reason, Tess was drawn to him, even if she did find out about his weird relationship to Daisy, the girl with the gorgeous voice but a not-so-beautiful reputation. Tess gains the courage to talk to Micah, and soon enough she develops a little crush. The crush would turn into affection, which would then turn into wanting his attention, which would unfortunately lead to abuse. Even if people warn Tess about Micah - people like Toby, the really cute, extremely nice drummer from band - or even when Tess' own mind warns her, for some reason she just doesn't want to listen. She allows it to continue, apologizing when she shouldn't, taking on the harsh words being thrown at her when she should stand up for herself. As the story continues, the reintroduction to her past life that involves her father connects Tess to her current situation, and how it feels unusually "normal." ALBATROSS is a powerful, insightful novel that centers on a problem in relationships that has unfortunately become all too common. Readers will feel like the people who witness those being emotionally abused in a relationship, and want to try so hard to tell that person to get away from the abuser, but are unable to fully control the situation. Josie Bloss constructs a realistic portrayal of such frightening yet truthful experiences of abuse that will exert a passion in readers to take action when they witness or are themselves in an abusive relationship.
Taytom More than 1 year ago
Tess didn't want to leave Chicago, but when her mom gets a job in Grand River--- a seemingly boring place and safe from Tess' father--- her mom can't resist, but to move. For the first few months in Grand River, Tess is almost a ghost--- drifting from class to class, barely there, untill the day she meets Micah. From the moment Tess sees Micah at school, she falls-- hard. Even when everyone--- her friends and even her inner voice--- tell her to stay away, she just can't seem to get over her obsession. Soon Micah's all Tess thinks about--- keeping his best friend/girlfriend Daisy away from him, keeping him happy, and spending more and more time with him. To Tess, Micah feels like her first connection in a long time--- a connection to her old life. But being in love with a boy who may just be as obsessive and controlling as her father may not be as good thing as Tess may think--- even if she thinks she understands him. Can Tess learn to be like her mom and break away from Micah?