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Jones & Bartlett Learning
Alcamo's Laboratory Fundamentals Of Microbiology / Edition 8

Alcamo's Laboratory Fundamentals Of Microbiology / Edition 8

by Jeffrey C. Pommerville

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Updated with additional material for the new Eighth Edition, this popular lab manual offers thirty multipart lab exercises designed to provide students with basic training in the handling of microorganisms, while exploring microbial properties and uses. This lab manual can also be used independently of the main text. An instructor’s manual, downloadable from the Web, accompanies the lab manual and provides principles of lab safety; research topic ideas; information on customizing laboratory programs with the manual; helpful suggestions for setting up and running each exercise; and lists of laboratory media, cultures, and special materials used in each exercise.

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ISBN-13: 9780763743031
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Publication date: 02/01/2007
Edition description: 8E
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.70(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Preface     vii
An Important Message About Safety     ix
Basic Laboratory Techniques and Skills     1
Culture Transfer Techniques     5
Aseptic Transfer Techniques     5
Pure Culture Techniques     11
Streak Plate Technique     11
Pour Plate Technique     14
Microscopy and Bacterial Staining Techniques     21
The Compound Microscope     23
Parts of the Microscope and Their Use     23
Observations of Prepared Slides     25
Preparation of a Bacterial Smear and the Simple Stain Technique     35
Preparation of a Bacterial Smear     35
The Simple Stain Technique     38
The Negative Stain Technique     43
The Gram Stain Technique     49
Bacterial Structures     55
Spore Stain Technique     55
Capsule Stain Technique     57
Bacterial Motility     59
Viruses and Eukaryotic Microorganisms     65
Viruses     67
Constructing a Virus     67
The Effect of Bacteriophages on Bacteria     68
Plaque Formation     70
Identification of Bacteriophages from Sewage     72
Estimating the Number of Bacteriophages     72
Fungi, Protozoa, and Multicellular Parasites     79
Fungi (Molds and Yeasts)     79
Protozoa and Multicellular Parasites     84
The Spread and Control of Microorganisms     91
A Simulated Epidemic     93
Microbial Transmission via Fomites     93
A Microbial Hunt     95
Transmission of Microorganisms through Toilet Paper     97
The Effect of Physical Agents on Bacteria     101
Heat Tolerance     101
Ultraviolet Light     103
Drying     105
Other Physical Agents     106
The Effect of Chemical Agents on Bacteria     111
Antiseptics and Disinfectants     111
Metals     113
Other Chemical Substances     114
Effect of Lysozyme on Bacteria     115
Disinfection of Drinking Water     116
Evaluation of Disinfectants and Antiseptics     125
Effectiveness of Disinfectants on Inanimate Objects     125
Effectiveness of Disinfectants and Hand Washing on the Skin Surface     126
Mouthwashes and Oral Bacteria     127
The Phenol Coefficient     128
The Effect of Antibiotics on Bacteria     135
Microbial Growth: Analysis of a Bacterial Growth Curve     145
Bacterial Growth Dynamics     146
Plotting a Growth Curve and Determining the Generation Time     147
Medical Microbiology     151
The Genus Mycobacterium     153
Colony and Cellular Morphology     153
Acid-Fast Stain Technique     154
Cold Acid-Fast Stain Technique     156
The Genus Streptococcus     159
Streptococci from the Upper Respiratory Tract     159
Streptococci from the Oral Cavity     161
The Genus Neisseria     167
The Genus Staphylococci     171
Isolation of Staphylococcus     171
Differentiation between Staphylococci Species     173
The Enteric Bacteria     179
Isolation of Enteric Bacteria     179
Differentiation of Enteric Bacteria on TSI Agar     180
The IMViC Series     182
Rapid Identification of Enteric Bacteria     183
The Genus Bacillus     191
The Genus Clostridium     195
The Genus Lactobacillus     201
Isolation of Lactobacilli     201
Caries Susceptibility Test      202
Identification of a Bacterial Unknown     207
Bacterial Structural Characteristics     213
Bacterial Culture Characteristics     217
Biochemical Characteristics of Bacteria     223
Carbohydrate Fermentation     223
Starch Digestion     224
Catalase Production     226
DNA Digestion     227
Hydrogen Sulfide Production     228
IMViC Series     229
Urea Digestion     230
Lipid Digestion     230
Casein Digestion     231
Bacterial Genetics and Serology     239
Bacterial Genetics: Mutations and the Ames Test     241
Gradient Plate Technique     242
Mutagenic Effect of Ultraviolet Light     243
DNA Repair of UV Light Damage     245
The Ames Test     246
Bacterial Conjugation     253
Bacterial Transformation     259
Serology: Agglutination Techniques and Blood Cell Identification     267
Slide Agglutination     267
Tube Agglutination     268
Hemagglutination: Determination of Blood Type     270
Blood Smear     272
Public Health and Environmental Microbiology      277
Microbiology of Foods     279
Food Preservation with Salt and Garlic     279
Standard Plate Count of Food Products     280
Fermentation of Sauerkraut     283
Fermentation of Wine and Beer     284
Microbiology of Milk and Dairy Products     293
Standard Plate Count of Milk     293
Coliform Plate Count of Milk     295
Methylene Blue Reduction Test     296
Preparation of Cheese     297
Preparation of Yogurt     298
Natural Bacterial Content of Milk     299
Microbiology of Water     307
Presumptive Test by the MPN Method     307
Confirmed Test     308
Completed Test     310
Membrane Filter Technique     311
Preparation of a Biofilm     312
Microbiology of Soil     319
Isolation of Rhizobium from Legume Roots     319
Ammonification by Soil Microorganisms     320
Isolation of Streptomyces from Soil     321
Antibiotic Production by Streptomyces     321
Plate Count of Soil Bacteria     323
Microbial Ecology in the Soil-The Winogradsky Column     323
Recycling of Carbon in Food      325
Recycling of Carbon in Cloth     327
Recycling of Carbon in Leaves     328
Preparation of Stains and Diagnostic Reagents     337
Using Enterotube II     339
Index     343

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