Alchemy of the Word: Writers Talk About Writing: 2nd Edition

Alchemy of the Word: Writers Talk About Writing: 2nd Edition


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Featuring essays by Kyle Bass, Deborah Brevoort, Rebecca Brown, Jan Clausen, Darrah Cloud, Kenny Fries, Beatrix Gates, Elena Georgiou, Bhanu Kapil, Susan Kim, Michael Klein, Aimee Liu, Micheline Aharonian Marcom, Douglas A. Martin, Rogelio Martinez, John McManus, Victoria Nelson, Keenan Norris, Richard Panek, Rahna Reiko Rizzuto, and Paul Selig.

"Whether you're a young beginner or a veteran writer like me, you'll get support from reading Alchemy of the Word. These authors' thoughts are mystical and practical, political and inspiring and funny. I've found companions on this lonely journey."

--Maxine Hong Kingston, National Book Award Winner and author of China Men, The Woman Warrior, and Tripmaster Monkey

"Alchemy of the Word is a smart, exhilarating collection--a true literary conversation, filled with wit, heart, and insight. Every writer with the ambition to create meaningful work will treasure this book."

--Kim Addonizio, author of What Is This Thing Called Love, Lucifer at the Starlight, and Tell Me, a finalist for the National Book Award

"Alchemy of the Word is a profoundly moving and incredibly incisive collection of essays. The authors, all of them outstanding educators, write with passion, beauty and humor, their work is the best possible example of the old writing school adage 'show don't tell.' It is one of the best books I have read about the trade."

--Cara Hoffman, author of So Much Pretty

"Any time writers take what little time they have away from their creative process to share the insight and wisdom gleaned from years of practicing their craft, we should all take notice. These are the kinds of lessons you don't learn in school, but instead, from life. Artists mentoring artists is a very good thing."

--Gary Garrison, Executive Director, Creative Affairs of the Dramatist's Guild, author of The New, Improved Playwrights Survival Guide

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