ALCOHOL ADDICTION: Food Choices to Stop Drinking and Double Your Chances of Staying Sober

ALCOHOL ADDICTION: Food Choices to Stop Drinking and Double Your Chances of Staying Sober

by Catherine Mason Thomas


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The first book in the three book practical series Catherine Mason Thomas Alcohol Free.
The series is on becoming and living alcohol free by alcohol free lifestyle coach and personal trainer, Catherine Mason Thomas.
A free book from the author "Alcohol Free Drinks - What To Drink if You Don't Drink" is also available for download. Get inspired by your free copy visit

This series is written to inspire you if you want to control alcohol or be alcohol free for an evening, a day, a month or forever.
The focus is on early recovery, the first six months, diet to help your body recover. Recovery often comes after a period of very poor nutrition when alcohol has overridden good nutrition. Becoming alcohol free is the first step on the road to recovery but there is so much more to gain as being alcohol free gives you the opportunity to reassess your life priorities and start to value your health.
The recipes in the book help you in two ways. First, they help the body repair the damage done by alcohol and poor nutrition. Second, they reduce your reliance on sugar. Sugar is a major contributor to cravings and relapse so managing your blood sugar is key. Sugar can also become an addiction to replace alcohol. The book also recommends long term nutritional goals.
• Staying away from the first drink is priority
• Sugar's role in early recovery
• Getting on track with your nutrition in the early days of recovery
• Long term nutritional goals to support your recovery
• The damage that alcohol has done to your body
• The slide into poor nutrition
• Emergency nutrition plan to help you in early recovery
• Vitamins & Minerals
• The foods that help your body recover
• The drinks that help your body recover
• Recipes to support early recovery
• Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks
• Juicing for fast results

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ISBN-13: 9781530032433
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/13/2016
Pages: 64
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