Alcoholic Korsakoff's Syndrome: An Information-Processing Approach to Amnesia

Alcoholic Korsakoff's Syndrome: An Information-Processing Approach to Amnesia

by Nelson Butters, Laird S. Cermak

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ISBN-13: 9781483216867
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Publication date: 06/28/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 204
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Table of Contents



1 Clinical Symptoms, Neuropathology, and Etiology



2 The Original Memory Model

Functional Differences among Long-Term Memory, Short-Term Memory, and Sensory Memory

Short-Term-Long-Term-Memory Paradigms Frequently Used in Amnesia Research

3 Long-Term Memory

Paired-Associate Learning

Serial Learning

Remote Memory

Semantic Memory

Motor Memory

4 Short-Term Memory

Recency in Serial Learning

Distractor Task Recall

Rate of Retrieval from Short-Term Memory

Sensory Memory

Short-Term Motor Memory

5 Encoding Deficits

6 Depth of Encoding and Visuoperceptive Deficits

Analyses of the Alcoholic Korsakoff Patient's Deficits on the Digit-Symbol Test

Limited Encoding and the Alcoholic Korsakoff Patient's Deficits in Face Perception

7 Alternative Theories of Amnesia


Retrieval-Interference Theory

Contextual Theory

Other Theoretical Approaches

Theoretical Conclusions

8 Are All Amnesics Alike

Memory Disorders of Postencephalitic Patients

Individual Case Studies

Comparisons of Alcoholic Korsakoff and Dementing Patients

9 Sensory Capacities

10 Memory and Cognitive Disorders of Chronic Alcoholics


Subject Index

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