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Alcoholism Recovery

Alcoholism Recovery

by Dell Miller


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This book was designed to be an entire treatment experience with multi-media resources available for download at its website: This website provides a basic Treatment Plan that can easily be followed to assist the addict/alcoholic in their recovery. Fifteen detailed downloadable Treatment Worksheets are used in conjunction with this book to build awareness and support for this life changing experience. Fifty addictions recovery lectures on video assist in the education process to build a strong foundation in recovery. Daily readings and guided meditations are available for download to start your days off with optimism and hope. The website also provides an AA and NA meeting locator near you, on-line Twelve Step meetings and more. Our goal is to offer you, assistance in building a personalized treatment program through this resource. This book will provide the reader with the opportunity to build a successful program of recovery. This manuscript unveils 3 distinctive patterns of the controller, victim and isolator in addictions that have been overlooked, which we will be reviewed in depth with a solid plan for recovery. The book identifies specific tools for recovery using personal stories of people in their process of recovery as examples. This helps the reader to integrate the materials into a personal program of recovery. This book introduces a refreshing perspective which may offer answers to some of the hardest questions we approach in working our sobriety/recovery in the Twelve Steps. The simplicity of how the book is written gives the newcomer an easy understanding of how addictions progress and how the Steps aid in a concrete way to create a strong foundation for sobriety/recovery. This book would be an excellent resource for those having difficulty understanding the fundamentals of Twelve Step programs. Those who have difficulty accepting the concept of a God of their understanding will be able to see how this approach can offer a tangible solution to their dilemma. The book breaks out of the generalities about spirituality and gives specific and clear implementation of Twelve Step programs that anyone from the agnostic to the believer can follow.

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