Algae and Man

Algae and Man

by Daniel F. Jackson (Editor)


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ISBN-13: 9780306301230
Publisher: Springer US
Publication date: 01/28/1964
Edition description: 1964
Pages: 434
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Table of Contents

Contributions of Current Research to Algal Systematics.- Criteria and Procedures in Present-Day Algal Taxonomy.- The Gross Classification of Algae.- The Cytology of the Phaeophyta — A Review of Recent Developments, Current Problems, and Techniques.- Environmental Conditions and the Pattern of Metabolism in Algae.- Micronutrient Requirements for Green Plants, Especially Algae.- Some Problems Remaining in Algae Culturing.- The Ecology of Benthic Algae.- A Discussion of Natural and Abnormal Diatom Communities.- The Ecology of Plankton Algae.- Principles of Primary Productivity: Photosynthesis Under Completely Natural Conditions.- Algae in Water Supplies of the United States.- Algal Problems Related to the Eutrophication of European Water Supplies, and a Bio-Assay Method to Assess Fertilizing Influences of Pollution on Inland Waters.- The Biotic Relations with Water Brooms.- Toxic Algae.- Extracellular Products of Algae.- Algae and Medicine.- Mass Culture of Microalgae for Photosynthetic Gas Exchange.- The Future of Phycology.

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