Alice Iris Red Horse: Selected Poems

Alice Iris Red Horse: Selected Poems

Paperback(New Edition)

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For the first time in English, a selection from the highly acclaimed Japanese poet, photographer, performance artist, and filmmaker

Yoshimasu Gozo's groundbreaking poetry has spanned over half a century since the publication of his first book, Departure, in 1964. Much of his work is highly unorthodox: it challenges the print medium and language itself, and consequently Alice Iris Red Horse is as much a book on translation as it is a book in translation. Since the late '60s, Gozo has collaborated with visual artists and free-jazz musicians. In the 1980s he began creating art objects engraved on copper plates and later produced photographs and video works. Alice Iris Red Horse contains translations of Gozo's major poems, representing his entire career. Also included are illuminating interviews, reproductions of Gozo's artworks, and photographs of his performances.


Translated by Jeffrey Angles, Richard Arno, Forrest Gander, Derek Gromadzki, Sawako Nakayasu, Sayuri Okamoto, Hiroaki Sato, Eric Selland, Auston Stewart, Kyoko Yoshida, and Jordan A. Y. Smith. Introduction and notes by Derek Gromadzki. Edited by Forrest Gander.

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ISBN-13: 9780811226042
Publisher: New Directions Publishing Corporation
Publication date: 09/27/2016
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 1,223,311
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About the Author

Gozo Yoshimasu, born in Tokyo, has given performances worldwide, and has received many literary and cultural awards, including the Takami Jun Prize, the Rekitei Prize, the Purple Ribbon, and the 50th Mainichi Art Award for Poetry.

Forrest Gander was born in the Mojave Desert and grew up in Virginia. In addition to writing poetry, he has translated works by Coral Bracho, Alfonso D’Aquino, Pura Lopez-Colome, Pablo Neruda, and Jaime Saenz. The recipient of grants from the Library of Congress, the Guggenheim, Howard, Whiting, and United States Artists Foundations, he taught for many years as the AK Seaver Professor of Literary Arts & Comparative Literature at Brown University.

Table of Contents

The Beyond of Gozo Yoshimasu Forrest Gander 7


Fire (to Adonis (2000, 2001) 13

At the side (côtés) of poetry (2012) 21

Namie, or the Blue Door (2014) 27

My Pulse, Mo Chuisle (2013) 31

Naked Writing (2011) 39


Stones Single, or in Handruls (2011) 51

Borrowing a Melody from the Hearts of the Three Graces (1997, 2001) 71

A Whistle (from the Other Shore) (2004) 81

Forrest Gander interviews gozoCiné (2016) 86


Kadena (2002) 91

The Keening I Long for (2003) 97

Snowy Island or Emily's Ghost (1998) 115

Walking All by Myself my Thought's /Ghostly Power (1998) 121

To the House of Deaf Mutes (2001) 129

The Love Tree (2011) 145


At the Entrance to the Firecracker House (1996) 149

Lamy Station (1979) 163


Shita no Shigusa / a Gesture of the Tongue/an Act Beneath, version Auston Stewart (2004) 171

Interview Aki Onda (2014) 178

Interview Yew Leong Lee (2011) 200

Post-3-11: Believing and Doubting Poetry (2012) 203


The Quarterly Conversation, Emily Wolahan"Gozo Yoshimazu, an experimental Japanese poet, painter, musician, amd shaman, is interested in breaking the written word open. A new career-spanning volume, Alice Iris Red Horse, gives a sense of his powers…[His] inclusiveness includes the universe and he invites us along.”

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