Alien Invasion: The Ultimate Survival Guide for the Ultimate Attack

Alien Invasion: The Ultimate Survival Guide for the Ultimate Attack

by Dr. Travis S. Taylor, Dr. Bob Boan


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The ultimate survival guide for the ultimate attack – written by two top scientists who know their subject inside and out! An amazing journey through what we do – and do not – know about how to defend ourselves before, during and after an alien invasion from space.

What if there really are aliens and they do attack? Read what two scientists reveal in this “how-to” survival manual for the space age.

Alien invasion. Unlikely? As unlikely as Pearl Harbor? The extinction of the dinosaurs? A meteor strike that levels whole forests in Siberia? You get the drift. Some events produce such a massive setback to life, the Earth and to humanity that we must understand and prepare for them, even if the chances are low that they’ll come about. In fact, it will be criminal and abrogation of our duty to future generations if we do not get ready! But where to begin?

Drs. Travis S. Taylor and Bob Boan have the answers. Both are experienced scientists, physicists with expertise in both defense and military signal intelligence and experience working with both the Department of Defense and NASA. These are intellectual heavyweights who have a clear idea of the possibilities of alien contact, the calculations of whether or not that contact will be friendly...and what to do if it’s not.

An amazing journey through what we do – and do not – know about how to defend ourselves from space. Sure, that day may never come in our lifetimes – but everyone should have a copy of this lying around JUST IN CASE. Heck, better yet, why not commit a few of these scientists solutions to memory! Just in case.

About Travis S. Taylor’s ground-breaking popular fiction:
“...explodes with inventive action...dazzling, cutting edge scientific possibilities...” – Publishers Weekly

About Alien Invasion:
“In a business that strictly separates technology and conjecture, this is a well considered, very comprehensive work. United States Space is a serious business, but what IF there is an external threat?”— Dr Byron Knight, NRO Chief Scientist, MASINT

“...the definitive book on the defense of earth against a potential alien incursion....the book also serves as an important primer on the potential future of warfare on every level. It is tightly grounded in current day realities of war and extrapolates thoughtfully but closely about future potentials. It should be on the reading list of anyone who is serious about national security and the future of war.” — John Ringo, New York Times best-selling author of military SF

“It looks like the time has come to take a serious look at planetary defense from all aspects. This book introduces the subject in a way to stir thoughtful and intelligent debate. Hats off to the authors.” — Gerald B. Helman, former US Ambassador to the UN Geneva and Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs

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Publisher: Baen
Publication date: 06/07/2011
Edition description: Original
Pages: 240
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About the Author

Dr. Travis S. Taylor has worked on various programs for the Department of Defense and NASA for the past twenty years. His expertise includes advanced propulsion concepts, very large space telescopes, space based beamed energy systems, future combat technologies, and next generation space launch concepts. Taylor is also the author of pulse-pounding, cutting edge science fiction novels such as the highly-popular One Day on Mars, Tau Ceti Agenda and his ground-breaking Warp Speed series and a regular on the History Channel’s Life After People and The Universe series.

Dr. Bob Bowan has been an active member of the space community for over a quarter of a century, with an expertise in SIGINT and communication systems and concepts.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

1 Is an Alien Invasion Likely? 5

1.1 The Drake Equation 5

1.2 "Eat at Joes" vs. "Hide and Watch" 19

1.3 Fermi's Paradox: If They Are Out There, Why Aren't They Here? 21

1.4 Distance Barriers and Power Requirements for Starfaring Aliens 35

1.5 Factors Which Affect Rates of Cultural Evolution 41

1.6 Compatibility of Technology and Environment 42

1.7 Politics, Opinions, Emotions, and Philosophy Are not Scientific Evidence 44

1.8 The Central Limit Theorem 45

1.9 Chapter Summary 50

2 Warfare with ET-Humans vs. Aliens Weapons, Tactics, and Strategies for Human Defense 53

2.1 The Basic Principles of War Adjusted for ET Invasion 54

2.2 Civil Defense 63

2.3 The Tactics of Asymmetric Warfare-a View from Both Sides 78

2.4 Earth Defense Technologies and Tactics 83

2.5 Unconventional Considerations 103

2.6 Chapter Summary 114

3 Motive-Based Classifications of Extra-Terrestrials 115

3.1 Motivators 116

3.2 Destructors 119

3.3 Assimilators 120

3.4 Conquerors 122

3.5 Understanding the Alien Motivations to Direct Our Actions 123

3.6 Chapter Summary 124

4 The "Need to Know" 127

4.1 A Gedankenexperiment 129

4.2 What Would YOU Do? What Could YOU Do? 133

4.3 Secret Weapons MUST Be Secret 134

4.4 What YOU Can Do 135

4.5 Conspiracies Are Illegal 136

4.6 Chapter Summary 139

5 First Response, Second Response, Third Response-Did We Get It Right? Did We Win? 141

5.1 How We Handled ET in the Past 141

5.2 Hide, Hail, Warn, Then Shoot-Maybe Just Shoot First Anyway! 146

5.3 Dig In, Recon, Intel, Plan, and Act 148

5.4 Long-Term Defense Plan 150

5.5 Did We Win? 152

5.6 Chapter Summary 153

6 The Sixth Column-Somebody Should be Preparing 155

6.1 The Necessity of Preparation 155

6.2 The Need for Secrecy of the Sixth Column 164

6.3 Organizational Structure 167

6.4 Organizational Rough Order-of-Magnitude Yearly Budget 169

6.5 Patriotic, Ethical, and Legal Responsibilities of the Sixth Column Members 173

6.6 First Tier Sixth Column Research and Development Efforts-Possible First Funded Programs 176

6.7 Chapter Summary 209

7 Conclusions and Discussion 211

Bibliography 217

Index 222

About the Authors 226

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