Alien Mate Complete Series

Alien Mate Complete Series

by Cara Bristol

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Mail order brides of the future travel from Earth to an icy planet to meet the alien men of their dreams. This boxed set contains all four books of the Alien Mate series: Alien Mate (book 1); Alien Attraction (Book 2), Alien Intention (Book 3) and Alien Mischief (Book 4).

Alien Mate

Falsely convicted, she's sentenced to life as an alien's mail order bride...

I'm Starr Elizabeth Conner. Earth's government falsely convicted me of a crime and sent me to Dakon, a primitive, frozen planet. They can send me, but I refuse to become a barbarian's "mail-order bride," even if he is tall, muscular, and the chief of his tribe.

I am Torg. With this shipment of females, I was sure to get a fine, sturdy mate who'll bear me many daughters. Instead, I receive a small, curvy, pale-haired female who looks at me with anger and fear.

It is only when we "kiss" that I believe things may work out between us. But I'm hearing rumors that Starr and her shipmates are law-breakers. The penalty for breaking the rules is exile. Just when I have found her, will I have to send my mate away?

Alien Attraction

How insane is it to marry an alien as a publicity stunt?

I'm Sunny Weathers. You probably recognize me from my reality show, Sunny Weathers' Excellent Adventures. I've had to perform a lot of crazy stunts in my career, but this one takes the cake! The producers are sending me to another planet to become an alien's mail-order bride. As soon my contract is up, I'll be leaving planet Dakon. Unfortunately, I hadn't counted on my attraction to Mr. Tall, "Darq," and Handsome...

I'm Darq. The moment I laid eyes on the female with pretty mud-colored hair and a sunny smile, I knew she was mine. Competition for females is fierce, and I was determined to claim a mate from the latest shipment from Earth, so I broke the rules. If anyone finds out, I'll lose my mate.

Alien Intention

Their attraction unleashes a perfect storm...

I'm Stormy Weathers. My love life on Earth is one natural disaster after the other. I'm attracted to bad boys. In a crowd of choirboys, I'll find the jerk. All I want is a man who'll love me and my young son, so I'm going to become an alien's mail-order bride. This time will be different! The chemistry I feel with Romando is electric. A mutual attraction this strong can't be wrong...

I'm Romando, an outcast in my own tribe. One rash, angry act turned me into a pariah and almost got me banished. But what everyone resents the most is that I'm one of the lucky few who'll be getting a mate. The instant Stormy Weathers blows into Dakon with the other Earth females, my horns tingle. She is meant for me, but I resist the instinct to claim her. You see, she's related to my nemesis responsible for my outcast state. Honor and pride dictate that I reject her as a suitable mate.

Alien Mischief

Will a little mischief jeopardize her second chance for love?
My name is Madison Altman. Don't think because I've disguised myself as a man and have accepted a job that takes me away from Earth that I'm running away from love. I met the love of my life—but he was killed on our wedding day.

Donning a disguise and chaperoning women to Dakon to become the mail-order brides of aliens is just a job. Unfortunately, the ship returned to Earth without me! Luckily, Enoki came to my rescue. He might be hot, and sexy as hell with his gravelly voice and throbbing horns, but he believes I'm a man, and we're friends, not lovers. As soon as Enoki can get me a flight back, I'm going home.

I'm Enoki, leader of Dakon. The Fates whispered my mate was coming. But when the females arrived, none of them was mine.

My purpose now is to help the stranded Earth man return to his planet. Even though Madison is a Terran, we've developed a strong bond. I know I'll miss him, but because we're friends, I intend to do everything I can to help him leave.

Why do the whispers tell me not to let him go?

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Publisher: Cara Bristol
Publication date: 06/12/2019
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About the Author

USA Today Bestselling Author Cara Bristol writes character driven science fiction romance with humor, heart, and heat. She loves introducing new readers to science fiction romance, and likes to say she writes sci-fi for readers who don’t like sci-fi. When she’s not writing (ha ha ha – she’s almost always writing) she enjoys traveling to exotic destinations and chillaxin’ with her favorite reality TV shows. Cara lives in Missouri with her own alpha hero, her husband.

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Alien Mate Complete Series 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Redrabbitt 3 months ago
Alien Mate (Alien Mate Book 1) The plot will have plenty of angst, uncertainty, deception, and new beginnings. As the fifty female prisoners travel to Dakon, three will become good friends, Tessa, Andrea, and Starr. There is some vague information about the aliens of Dakon, and even for the men of Dakon on Terra women. While preliminary testing show they are compatible, life on a new planet comes with anxiety. No different than mail-ordered brides of the eighteen hundred, these convicted women will be entering the unknown with their new alien mates. Torq is disappointed when he first sees Starr, and he worries about her small size, even thought on Terra One, she is considered a BBW. When Torq refers to Starr as skinny, her heart will melt at the compliment. Alien Attraction (Alien Mate Book 2) The plot will have two individuals, each with their own secrets, demons, and desires. For Sunny, it is spending a year on Drakon to give Devon a chance. For Darq, it means having a mate, a female to love and cherish. From the moment that Sunny and Draq make eye contact in the meeting hall, they are both taken with each other, talk about instant chemistry and attraction. The story will include so many laughing out loud moments with issues with the annoying “insects” as they hover and swarm around Sunny to record her and Darq’s every move and interaction. While they are invasive, they do serve a greater good too. What will happen when true confessions come to light? How will Sunny accept Darq’s deception with the found chit? How will Darq react when he learns she is part of a reality program and will she want to stay as his mate? How will the Dakonian tribesmen handle the deception of Draq and will this mean that the man who lost the chit have the right to claim Sunny as his mate? I look forward to the next book and how the new lottery will pan out. Alien Intention (Alien Mate Book 3) The plot will have Stormy and Romando making eye contact from the beginning of the brides entering the room. Even when several men approach her, she turns them down, three in fact. But what happens when it is down to two Dakon and two women? The story is a roller-coaster ride and journey for both Stormy and Romando as they fight for what they want and refuse to give up. Their chemistry sizzles on the pages and between the kel. This is one time that Stormy makes the right choice in her life and for her son, Devon. Alien Mischief (Alien Mate Book 4) What happens when Madison Altman pretends to be a male to help transport mail-order brides to Dakon and this time gets left behind? Rescued during a blizzard by Enoki, head of the Council of Dakon, it will be a challenge to keep her secret. Why are the Fates telling Enoki his fated mate is here? All the women were claimed? Will the secret remain and Madison return to Earth, or will the truth be revealed and challenged? Will Enoki become angry and believe Madison is playing him for a fool? Are the Fates really that cruel? The story is a journey full of memories, the past, the future with plenty of angst and confusion. Enoki questions the Fates telling him his mate is there—Madison doesn’t believe she will ever find true love again. But the Fates have brought these two together, and it is up to them to fight for their future and happiness. Nothing is more powerful than love and a future of happiness.
n7kk7br00ks 3 months ago
Alien Attraction Sunny is a reality star (think Kardashian level!). But her adventures are getting weirder, more dangerous and all done in the name of ratings. She is ready to throw in the towel when the producers tell her the new twist - she is going to marry an alien! She really needs the money to take care of her sick nephew but can she really get married, and to an alien at that? One who will have no idea that he is the star of the show, or that when her year is up, she intends to leave. Darq was not lucky enough to win a slot from the lottery for a mate. But luck was looking out for him and he ...acquires a chit which he intends to use. when he first glimpses Sunny he knows she is the one for him. But his innate sense of responsibility is eating at him for stealing someone else's shot at matehood. Between flying nano cameras, bloodcurdling producers and sick nephews poor Sunny has a lot on her plate. I loved the way these two gelled together, even when keeping secrets from each other. I cannot wait to see what happens with Stormy and her grumpy alien! Alien Intention Stormy and Sunny really were misnamed, each has the wrong temperament for their names LOL. Stormy and her son have made it to their new home and she is drawn to a certain brooding giant...always the bad boy for Stormy it would seem. But as usual not all is as it seems. Sunny is trying to match-make, Stormy is facing jealousy and envy from a certain party and then there is Romando! Romando had a valid beef after his chit was mislaid and misappropriated last time. But Sunny and her mate can only keep the whole "kidnap" thing in the front of their minds. Romando just deprived Sunny of her mate temporarily LOL. He has learned his lesson but it looks like fate is being a fickle female yet again! Stormy just keeps trying to see the upside and not make waves. She wants a father for her son and if she can lust after her new mate, well all the better! I love how she and Sunny are so totally opposite but have each others back, even when Sunny is trying to mother her! Devon almost steals the show, bless him. Totally sweet and eager to please!
ECD 3 months ago
ALIEN INTENTION: What an emotionally charged story that created some high tension at times. This definitely is my new favorite alien book. There is so much action and adventure in this story, that it kept me glued to the page and I could not put it down. Also, there were so many memorable characters that I could relate to. There were so many different points of view. Unlike most books I have read that only have one or two. We have our heroine, Stormy, a strong, independent, loyal, loving and righteous woman. Her son Devon, inquisitive, adorable, bright and loving. . Our hero, Romando, a man's man, humble, honest, hardworking and principled. The villain, Vondan, a two-faced usurper who caused Romando and Stormy a lot of trouble and caused Romando to be banished. Cyndra, an evil, depraved princess who is jealous and envious of Stormy. At every opportunity she disparages her. It is easy not to like her. She is an opportunist and took advantage of any man that could get her what she wanted. Cyndra wanted to hurt Stormy. She colluded with Vondan to get back at Stormy and Romando. Sunny is Stormy's sister, a loud mouthed, grudge holding shrew towards Romando but very loving to Stormy, Devon and her husband Darq. Darq was unscrupulous toward Romando. However, he did love Sunny and accepted her family. Polonio an unethical tribal leader who caused the expulsion of Romando and Vondon. Torg, leader of another tribe. He takes all things into consideration when making decisions. He is a fair man. This is a very exciting read about soul mates, making mistakes, making restitution for those mistakes and the revealing of one's true nature when tested. I know you will like this book, I certainly did. I highly recommend it. ALIEN MISCHIEF: I really enjoy the Dakon series and I enjoyed reading this book. It is a fun filled, easy to read, fated mate romance that started with a hidden gender and friendship. If you have the time, you will find this will not disappoint. It is a feel-good romance.