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Alien Offensive Book 5: Ultimate Sacrifice

Alien Offensive Book 5: Ultimate Sacrifice

by Marsell Morris


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Thirty years ago, a distant alien race, whose home planet was in danger because of their failing red dwarf star, tried to invade Earth and kill off all life using mind controlling, nanobots.

They had visions of eventually coming to a lifeless Earth and begin terraforming the planet to suit their needs.

Thanks to the unusual talents of Dorothy Keets, an inspired physicist, the world was spared from the almost unstoppable alien weapon, but the aliens were nothing if not persistent.

Ten years following the first attack, they tried again, this time coming to Earth while ensconced in their nearly indestructible vessels, and using several alien techniques and different weapons - they nearly succeeded.

The world's armies, after failing to so much as slow the second attack, called upon the same brilliant, slightly older, scientist, who helped stop the first attack. She, while devising a unique, devastating, weapon, was able to stop the attack.

Behind her second victory, she was recognized as a worldwide hero, but her weapon "The Orb Weapon" was so unique - so overpowering - so maniacal, and possibly world ending, the President of the United States ordered it deactivated, and secured inside a vault deep inside the bowls of Area 51 where it would remain to never be used again - at least, that was the plan.

The aliens, now repelled for the second time, were already making plans to return - and they did while bringing with them new weapons, but their attack, again, was thwarted.

Dorothy's unconventional fearful weapon was un-crated, dusted off, and with a few modifications and enhancements, implemented to save the world once more. Not only were the desperate aliens repelled for the third time, but while retreating to their home world, accidentally left behind one of their own, who was quickly captured by the United States military and then sequestered in Area-51 to be studied.

Dorothy was able to gain access to and establish a line of communication with the extremely intelligent alien, and while displaying sympathy for the creature, gave it a name, George.

While sensing Dorothy's compassion, George became friends with her, and taught her the secret of deep space travel. He taught her how to construct stable wormholes, while unintentionally giving humankind the ability to strike back at his home world and the still antagonistic, aggressive, alien species.

Norman Wells, the then President of the United States, now becoming exasperated behind the repeated alien attacks, and using the newly learned wormhole technology, sent a flotilla of orb weapon armed space fighters to the offending alien's planet while totally destroying it with only a few of the alien species able to escape the destruction to become orphans in the cosmos, and to never be able to attack Earth, again.

The final defeat of the aliens being a global effort, all of humankind united in peace.

President Wells, being a visionary, wasn't content with the victory over the aliens - he had grand plans for the use of the newly learned alien technology. While wanting the worldwide peace to continue, he proposed a plan to build a massive deep space exploration vessel, later dubbed, Messenger Two, and while enlisting the efforts of virtually every nation on Earth, his design to maintain global peace succeeded as the entire world came together to build the space going city.

With the building of Messenger, humankind's dreams of becoming a galactic explorer were finally realized. Now having the ability to go anywhere they wished, it was decided to find another planet in the galaxy suitable for human colonization.

In this, the final episode, that planet is discovered, and named Novus.

Unfortunately, the much anticipated colonization of Novus fails, while setting into action events resulting in a truly tragic ending.

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ISBN-13: 9781532898693
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/22/2016
Series: Alien Offensive , #5
Pages: 230
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.48(d)

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