Aliens, Ufo's & Stargates

Aliens, Ufo's & Stargates

by The Abbotts

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ISBN-13: 9781447611851
Publication date: 11/29/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 911,950
File size: 3 MB

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Aliens, Ufo's & Stargates 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Colonel O'Neal dashed into a large room at the end of the dark corridor to the foreboding, thick scent of blood. <p> "Gad..." Daniel gasped, stopping dead beside Jack, the light on his own gun resting on a patch of glimmering blood on the cobblestone floor. <p> "Carter....!" Jack hissed sharply. <p> A scuffling sounded in the corner of the room. <p> Accompanied by a low growl. <p> Jack and Daniel's scopes found a pair of glowering red eyes at the same time, making the creature's pupils dilate. Yellowing teeth were shown as a scaly gum was pulled back and it darted forward, jaws gaping. <p> Two shots shattered the low noise, making the beast tumble to a halt, lifeless. <p> Daniel nelt down beside the creature while Jack bounced his scope light around the rest of the room. The corner where the beast had emerged from led into another tunnel, a slick line of dark blood scraped over the ground. <p> Daniel's fingers hovered over the creature's skin, wariness and curiousity furrowing his brow. It appeared to be a mix of a crocodile, a cheetah, and a hipo. <p> "Daniel! Get your a<_>ss over here...!" Jack said, his voice tinged with an unknown emotion. <p> Daniel clambered to his feet and hurried over to were Jack was peering into the other tunnel. <p> "What the h<_>ell was that thing?" <p> Daniel fiddled with his many pockets. "Ah, it appears to be some type of monster from Ancient Egyptian lore, though little different. The original one lived in the underworld and was said to devour the hearts---" <p> Jack cut his explanation off with a swift wave of his hand. "Are there any more of those things?" <p> "If there was, I believe we'd know." Daniel stuffed his hands into his pockets with a slight shuffing sound. <p> "Teal'c!" Colonel O'Neal called next. "You find anything?" <p> "I have found no signs of Major Carter." He replied in his quick manner. <p> Jack sighed and shone his light down the dark tunnel, biting his lip. "I guess we go this way." <p> After having said the statement, he set off down the smaller corridor, the hand on his gun tense and ready. <p> Daniel gave Teal'c a worried glance before following. The Jaff'a tilted his head slightly and slowly went after them. <p> "What the he<_>ll, Carter...?" Jack exclaimed quietly as his light found her crumpled form lying in a dark puddle of blood. <p> He grabbed her wrist, feeling for a pulse, even a faint one. Nothing. He placed a hand above her mouth and nose, hoping for a puff of air. Still nothing. <p> "Dam<_>nit...." He growled. <p> He stood quickly and threw off his hat, tossing it away; a red fury clouded his mind and his boot kicked the wall. His big toe tingled with pain, but he ignored it. "Dam<_>nit!" He yelled, his eyes dark with anger. <p> Daniel appeared at the scene, slowing as he saw Jack. "Is she...?" <p> "She's dead, Daniel! Dead!" He spat, struggling to regain composure. <p> Teal'c closed his eyes, his face betraying a hint of deep sorrow. "She was a great warrior." He murmured. <p> Daniel's face fell. He walked over to Major Carter's limp form and picked up her arms. Teal'c saw Daniel's reasoning and lifted her legs. <p> Together, they carried her back and through the Stargate, Colonel O'Neal following in a mindless daze.