Aligning Incentives, Information, and Choice: How to Optimize Health and Human Capital Performance

Aligning Incentives, Information, and Choice: How to Optimize Health and Human Capital Performance


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ISBN-13: 9780980070200
Publisher: Health as Human Capital Foundation Press, The
Publication date: 08/28/2009
Pages: 262
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Illustrations vii

Foreword xi

Incentives and Behavior xi

Preface xv

Acknowledgements xvii

Introduction xix

Health As Human Capital 33

Chapter 1 Health as Human Capital: A Different Paradigm 1

Blog 1.1 Health as human capital. How is this perspective different? 2

Blog 1.2 Can't buy me health 6

Blog 1.3 "It's more important to understand the person with the illness..." 10

Blog 1.4 While everyone argues-it's your money they're spending 14

Blog 1.5 An option rarely mentioned in the current healthcare debate 18

Blog 1.6 Please don't complicate things with new information 22

Some Things Worth Knowing About Healthcare 27

Chapter 2 Some Things Worth Knowing about Healthcare 29

Blog 2.1 What would "Goldilocks" say about healthcare utilization? 30

Blog 2.2 What the mean does and doesn't mean: when average isn't normal 33

Blog 2.3 Illness is about likelihood, not certainty 35

Blog 2.4 The episodic nature of illness and its implications. Part 1 38

Blog 2.5 The episodic nature of illness and its implications. Part 2 42

Blog 2.6 Should we really be focusing on specific diseases? 46

Blog 2.7 Which conditions do we spend the most money on? 50

Blog 2.8 Why don't high deductible health plans have low(er) premiums? 55

Blog 2.9 How does compliance affect costs? Well, it depends 60

Blog 2.10 Hospital infection rates: a secret that needs to be told 63

What Economists Already Know 69

Why Economics? 71

Chapter 3 Your Own Time and Money Matter More to You than Someone Else's 75

Blog 3.1 Remembering the RAND health insurance experiment 76

Blog 3.2 Money matters in decisions about disability 78

Blog 3.3 Hoping for absolutes in a subjectiveworld 80

Blog 3.4 Good intentions: $3 prescriptions and $0.40 per gallon gasoline 82

Blog 3.5 Your time, someone else's money 85

Blog 3.6 The challenge of insuring discretionary events 87

Blog 3.7 Aging, medical costs, and absences: patterns you might not expect 90

Blog 3.8 Is it the plan or the people who select the plan? 92

Blog 3.9 Moral hazard and the New Year's effect 96

Blog 3.10 Proof that consumers can and do make logical, economic choices 100

Blog 3.11 Patient costs should and do matter in healthcare choices 103

Chapter 4 Nothing Is Free: Everything Is a Tradeoff 107

Blog 4.1 The wage-benefit tradeoff: who actually benefits? 108

Blog 4.2 A reminder that everything is a tradeoff 111

Blog 4.3 Knowing how parts affect the whole. Example 1 114

Blog 4.4 Knowing how parts affect the whole. Example 2 118

Blog 4.5 Obesity: two perspectives 121

Blog 4.6 The importance of human capital as a national crisis looms 125

Blog 4.7 Should you pay less for healthcare if you are sicker? 129

Blog 4.8 It would be so much easier if there were a true villain 131

Chapter 5 What Gets Paid for Gets Done 135

Blog 5.1 RAND health insurance experiment: Provider incentives 136

Blog 5.2 Getting paid more for doing worse...only in healthcare 137

Blog 5.3 Using stockbrokers or healthcare brokers 140

Blog 5.4 Medical service coding and billing 145

Blog 5.5 Annual physicals and patient sensitivity to copayments 148

Blog 5.6 Interpreting attrition rates in disease management 150

Blog 5.7 When the most expensive option isn't the best option 154

Chapter 6 Incentives Always Exist, Influencing the Direction of Behavior 157

Blog 6.1 Getting value from health benefits: use them or lose them 159

Blog 6.2 There are wellness incentives... 163

Blog 6.3 Pay and use of paid time-off: they are related 167

Blog 6.4 Do anticipated health events affect the choice of health plan? 169

Blog 6.5 Kids, paychecks, and healthcare deductibles 170

Blog 6.6 The effects of passive and active choosing on HDHP enrollment 173

Chapter 7 Consumers Make Choices-Whether We Inform Them or Not 177

Blog 7.1 In case you hadn't noticed, Pandora went digital a while back 178

Blog 7.2 Big-screen TVs, crack cocaine, and wolves 182

Blog 7.3 An online Rx shopping trip shows that consumers can save a lot 186

Blog 7.4 Healthcare price and quality information for consumers 189

Blog 7.5 Consumer choice in healthcare. Part 1 192

Blog 7.6 Consumer choice in healthcare. Part 2 195

Blog 7.7 Statistics help, but only you can decide if the odds are worth it 198

Chapter 8 Employment is a Human Capital Marketplace 203

Blog 8.1 Our People are our greatest asset... 204

Blog 8.2 Employee health problems and productivity 208

Blog 8.3 PTO banks and health savings accounts 212

Blog 8.4 Job performance and voluntary turnover 216

Blog 8.5 A study of what makes high performers stay 219

Implications 223

Index 225

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