Alive in the Spirit: Experiencing the Presence and Power of God

Alive in the Spirit: Experiencing the Presence and Power of God


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Alive in the Spirit: Experiencing the Presence and Power of God by A.W. Tozer

Dynamic, Never-Before-Published Work on the Holy Spirit from A.W. Tozer

What does it mean to have the Holy Spirit in our lives? Many look to extraordinary experiences and manifestations as evidence of the Spirit. But what happens when the event is over? How can we experience the Holy Spirit in the ordinary, everyday world? How can we be filled with the Spirit?

In this material taken from Tozer's sermons, he answers these questions and explores life in the Spirit from a balanced perspective. The church needs the gifts of the Spirit--all of them--or it will never be what God intends it to be. But this has to happen in wisdom and humility.

Many people talk about being filled with the Holy Spirit, but very few accept the conditions for being filled. Tozer lays down requirements for the Holy Spirit to come into our lives and transform us into Spirit-filled people. Though every Christian has the Holy Spirit, not every Christian is filled with the Holy Spirit. He explains the difference and how it could change the evangelical church of today.

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ISBN-13: 9780764218071
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 11/01/2016
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 543,400
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

About the Author

A.W. Tozer (April 21, 1897 - May 12, 1963) was a self-taught theologian, pastor, and writer whose powerful words continue to grip the intellect and stir the soul of today's believer. He authored more than 40 books. The Pursuit of God and The Knowledge of the Holy are considered modern devotional classics. Get Tozer information and quotes at

Reverend James L. Snyder is recognized as an authority on A.W. Tozer. His first book, In Pursuit of God: The Life of A.W. Tozer, won the Reader's Choice Award in 1992 from Christianity Today. James and his wife live in Ocala, Florida.

Table of Contents

Introduction 7

1 My Experience With the Holy Spirit 13

2 My Perception of the Holy Spirit 23

3 My Warning to the Church 31

4 My Awareness of the Holy Spirit 41

5 The Threefold Foundation for Trusting the Holy Spirit 49

6 The Penetrating Voice of the Holy Spirit 61

7 The Dissimilarity the Holy Spirit Emphasizes 71

8 The Vitality of the Holy Spirit in the Church 81

9 A Portrait of the Spirit-Filled Church 91

10 The Harmony of the Spirit-Filled Church 99

11 The Holy Spirit: An Uncomfortable Presence 107

12 The Holy Spirit at Work in the Church 115

13 Standing in the Power of the Spirit-Filled Life 125

14 The Fruit of the Spirit Sustains the Church 135

15 Spiritual Gifts: The Function of the Local Church 147

16 The Gifts of the Spirit Are Essential to the Church Today 159

17 Our Personal Pursuit of the Holy Spirit 169

18 My Daily Walk With the Holy Spirit 179

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Alive in the Spirit: Experiencing the Presence and Power of God 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This time of year, we focus much of our attention on the second Person of the Trinity – Christ. From Christmas carols, to Christmas sermons, to reading the Christmas story with Emry several times a week while we “act” it out with her Little People nativity scene. (In her version of the story, every single character must have a turn riding the donkey to the stable.) So, it’s brought a different perspective to read A.W. Tozer’s Alive in the Spirit during the holidays. I often forget when I read Tozer that he has been dead for well over 50 years. His concerns for the church and the way of so-called Christianity are as pertinent today as they were when he wrote his simple, easy-to-read exhortations. That probably shouldn’t surprise me. King Solomon wrote thousands of years ago that there “is nothing new under the sun”. Our conflict with the sinful world might change skins (like a chameleon), but it’s still a sinful world. In his Alive in the Spirit, Tozer challenges his readers to focus on the often overlooked third Person of the Trinity – the Holy Spirit. In our focus on Christ’s work on our behalf and the Father’s sovereignty in bringing Christ to that work, we often do overlook the Comforter and Guide that has been left to direct and mold our lives while we remain on earth. It brings to mind John Bunyan’s image of the Holy Spirit in his book The Holy War – a once admired old leader in the city of Mansoul, shunted and left to grow older and silent in his forgotten castle while the souls of Mansoul go to ruin. A very sad state of affairs. And, I wonder, is it often my state? How often do I consider the work of the Holy Spirit? Do I shun His comfort and guidance, closing Him away on a daily basis with my “I got this” attitude? Tozer will certainly make you consider your perspective of the Holy Spirit – a good reminder not just during Christmas but all year long.
MelissaF More than 1 year ago
I love A.W. Tozer. He just tells it like it is, he doesn't sugarcoat the truth to make it easier to swallow and I think we need more of that in our teaching today. What I loved too, was that he wrote this things long before 2016 but now more than ever we need to hear it and live it. He also had a passion for the church and wanted the church to get it. I do believe the Holy Spirit is highly neglected in the church today and that is why we lack power. It isn't that it's not available we just don't tap into it. This is book is truly for everyone because we all need to a wake up call to the Spirit A copy of this book was given to me by the publisher. All opinions are my own.
Flutterbella More than 1 year ago
Alive in the Spirit: Experiencing the Presence and Power of God is a never before published book on the teachings of A.W. Tozer concerning the Holy Spirit. This book focuses on the individual life of the believer. Not the corporate church. The thing is that the church can only go as far as individuals are willing to go. Our lives are only as surrendered to the Spirit as we choose to be. I wasn't all that fond of how the book was compiled. There are places where it jumps around to me from one sermon or topic to another. The language of Tozer is very simplistic and at times I wish he would have gone deeper in some areas. The thing that struck me as powerful was the fact that Tozer died in 1963. This book speaks to our current situation in the church today. It was a powerful thing to realize that all He said then is still a problem now. This book spoke to me in so many areas that it will be hard to put it into words. The things that touched my heart may not speak to your heart. Tozer talks about how once we are filled with the Spirit that we lose control. Tozer also explains that at times we try to take control back and the personal struggle that exists. Tozer attempts to talk about all the aspects that come with being filled with and surrendered to the Spirit in our lives. He tries to explain what being Spirit-filled should look like in your life and the conditions that come with that. Such as we can't really be filled with the Spirit if we refuse to come under the authority of the Spirit. I highly recommend that if you want to know more about the role of the Holy Spirit that you give it a read. As much as I didn't love the style of the writing I can't deny that the words spoke to my heart and it is a book that I will likely read again and again. **I received a free copy from Bethany House Blogger Review Program in exchange for an honest review of the book.
Kaits_Bookshelf More than 1 year ago
I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers. No review was required and all opinions are my own. I was attracted to this book because the synopsis was about experiencing the Holy Spirit in your life. This really appealed to me because I am always looking for good devotionals and studies to accompany me on my Christian walk. What is most incredible to me about this book is that these sermons of A.W. Tozer were written decades ago (he lived from 1897-1963) but they read as if he were writing about life and the church today! I found myself able to relate to so much of this book, particularly passages about how the structure and focus of worship in churches has evolved over time. One of my favorite passages was one that spoke about how entertainment has taken the place of worship in the church. Sure, all churches want to draw a big crowd, but when a church becomes “successful” based solely on the number of attendees it draws, then there is a big problem. This really hit home for me. Another important point was about making sure that the messages being heard in church today are based on Scripture. I mean of course Pastors are there to be leaders and help their congregations find answers when they have questions, but in recent years, I seem to be hearing a lot of “Pastor so-and-so says…” instead of, “the Bible says…” This book could easily be used as an individual devotional/ study guide or shared in a group setting. Each chapter covers a different topic in regards to the Holy Spirit in our lives and ends with three reflections, which are questions to help you think more deeply on the message of that chapter and reflect on how it may apply to your own life. In short, this book was moving and powerful and is absolutely relevant today! Read full review at:
HelenM0 More than 1 year ago
“Nothing is more beautiful than a Spirit-filled church displaying the marvelous harmony of the Holy Spirit in its midst.” Alive in the Spirit, written by A. W. Tozer, is a book compiled and edited by James L. Snyder. A. W. Tozer was a self taught theologian authoring more than 40 books. After his death in 1963, his estate gave Reverend James L Snyder the rights to produce new books from over 400 never-before-published audiotapes. This is one of the books Snyder has compiled and edited from those tapes. Using scripture to support his writings, Tozer believed that our churches were in need of revival. He felt that we have become Christians that go about doing God's work without having the Holy Spirit. He points out in history that when a revival took place, God scrapped everything and started a new. He felt that many Christians were satisfied with just being saved. That being saved meant they would go to Heaven so they could sit back and relax. He felt people were satisfied with what they have and that churches are satisfied with numbers, programs and methods but without the Holy Spirit. Tozer felt if we were to be the church God wants, that we would be so filled with the Holy Spirit that it would flow out of us Tozer offers us some deep questions to ponder, “Where does the Holy Spirit fit into our churches? Is He the foundation of our ministry or have we replaced Him with our programs and entertainment. We will never get anywhere without allowing the Holy Spirit to bring us into a relationship with Jesus. For the Holy Spirit to work without our lives, we need to surrender to him and allow Him to work in our lives. The Holy Spirit transforms and changes us, making us holy inside. When the Holy Spirit comes, we will have the power to do everything God has called us to do. This book will cause you to stop and think about where you are at in your spiritual walk. It will encourage you to want more in your Christian life. It will also may you stop and think about the Christian activities that you take part in. Are you just going through life, or are you growing in your Spiritual life? This is a wonderful book to help you sit back and think about your life and what may be missing or needing maturing. I really enjoyed reading this book. It made me stop and think about many things, including where to go from here to get where I want to be in my walk with God. I would recommend this book to every Christian no matter where they are in their Christian life. I received a copy of this book from Bethany Publishing and this is my honest review. 192 Pages ISBN: 9780764218071 Publisher: Bethany House
joyful334209 More than 1 year ago
This book is ones persons journey to salvation and filling with the HOLY SPIRIIT. It is the authors view of what the HOLY SPIRIT is according to what the Scriptures say in His view and thoughts, and stories. The author goes into how they were brought to their knees and had the HOLY SPIRIT fill their lives and direct it every second and how it has saved their life every moment of it since. They showed how The HOLY SPIRIT moves in their ministry, he talks about how it even brought mystics into his life and several other effects onto his life. The HOLY SPIRIT moves in and your whole life is changed and in a good way but in this book this author writes about some weird stuff - off the hand stuff and things you just do not care about or do not need to know or it is like the author was writing to write - he was rambling but then there were writings in the book that was good, and made sense, but you had to continue to read for that. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.