All About Life

All About Life

by Johnny Albritton Jr.


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ISBN-13: 9781467035101
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/22/2012
Pages: 56
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A black man's journey
By Johnny Albritton Jr.


Copyright © 2012 Johnny Albritton, Jr.
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4670-3510-1

Chapter One

    Job the Man

    There was a man who lived in the land, who was wealthy
      as could be,
    He obeyed GOD's commands and GOD loved him so
      because he lived righteously,
    Job was happy with the accomplishments that he had
      made in life,
    He had seven sons and three daughters and a beautiful
    Satan came to GOD and said, "Job your servant has given
      you his pledge,
    But allow me to break him, then he will curse you, but first
      remove your hedge,"
    So GOD said go, so Satan took Job's family and even all his
    When Job still gave praises to GOD, Satan asked GOD to
      allow him to take even Job's health,
    Now Job is sitting out on the ground with dust upon his
    Even Job's wife said, "Job curse GOD, you are better off
    Now here comes three of Job's so-called friends,
    Saying, "Job, what have you done? Why don't you repent
      of all of your sins?"
    Job raised his head and then asked, "How can you speak
      so bold?
    Are you GOD? Were you here? Did you form my soul?"
    Job says, "how I long for the months gone by, for the days
      when GOD watched over me,
    When his beautiful lamp shone upon his head and even
      down to his feet,
    And by his light I walk through darkness down here on
      this earth,
    Oh, how I long for the days when I was in my prime, GOD
      has been with me from my birth.
    When I went to the gate of the city and took my seat in the
    All would come around me when they knew I was there,
    The young men saw me and stepped aside and the old
      men rose to their feet,
    The chief men refrained from talking when they heard me
      begin to speak.
    Those who knew me spoke well of me, because I rescued
      the poor,
    Those that were fatherless and them that cried out for
      help, to these I gladly opened my door,
    I was eyes to the blind and feet to the lame, and I was a
      father to the needy,
    I took up the case of the stranger and I rebuked the
    Now they all mock me young and old of any race,
    When they see me now, they do not hesitate to spit in my
    Night pierces my bones, my gnawing pains never rest,
    Oh GOD, I cried out, is this what I get for doing my best?
    Is it not ruin for the wicked, disaster for those who do
    Does not GOD see my ways and count my every step, oh
      GOD, is this where I belong?
    Oh that I had someone to hear me, and let my accuser put
      his indictment in writing,
    I would give him an account of every step and ask of him
      why with me is he fighting?
    I could never put my trust in gold or in fortune my hands
      had gained,
    For I dread destruction from GOD and for fear of his
      splendor, I could do no such things,"
    Job showed himself righteous before his three friends, they
      had no more to say or nothing else to do,
    So another voice came forward, a young man named
    "I've sat here long enough, I waited while you spoke,
    Therefore I say listen to me, I too will tell you what I
    Elihu said, "Listen, Job, I am perfect in knowledge to a
    After Elihu finished, the Lord Almighty said, "Now I am
      going to speak."
    The Lord said to Job, "Brace yourself like a man, I will
      question you,
    What part of creating the world and of man and the
      animals did you have to do?"
    After the Lord had finished questioning Job about the
      earth and nature's plan,
    Job said, "I'm sorry, Lord, I spoke of things I did not
    My ears had heard of you, but now my eyes have seen
    Therefore I despise myself and repent in dust and ashes,
      this I do."
    Then the Lord said to Job's friends, "Your words came out
      of nowhere,
    In order for me to forgive you, you must ask Job to pray
      for you, then I will accept his prayer.
    After Job prayed, he was made prosperous again, twice as
      much as before,
    Just you remember what Job went through when trouble
      knocks at your door,
    It may seem like GOD has abandoned you,
    Just remember he is there, waiting to see which road you
      will choose.


    to make you gay when you are burdened,
    And to make you gayer when you are gay,
    Just sing, and say praises to Jesus every minute, every
      hour, every day.

    Five Senses

    I hear:
    The wind that my GOD causes to blow.
    I see:
    The nature that my GOD causes to grow.
    I feel:
    The warmth and the cold my GOD causes to come and go.
    I smell:
    The fragrances of the flowers of the summer and in the
      winter of snow.
    I taste:
    The goodness of my GOD in some of the places I know.
    But yet with these same eyes, I see the world in desperate
      need of my Lord.
    Also smelling the filthiness and uncleanliness of this
    At the same time tasting the bitterness and hatred of this
    But GOD still gives me the love and that warm feeling to
      work for him in this world.

    We Know Not the Time

    No man knows when his time will come,
    When all his loving and his work down here on this earth
      will be done,
    As a fish that has been caught in a cruel net,
    And as a special trap that has just been set,
    Or as a bird that has just been taken in a snare,
    You know not your time, you could be anywhere,
    We could be at work or just going out to play,
    We could be visiting a friend or taking a walk, all on a
      routine day,
    We could be in a church or just picking up some food from
      the store,
    We could be just driving along or vacationing at a
      beautiful resort,
    Just remember don't wait, because it might be too late,
    Only what you do for the Lord will last,
    Everything else is vanity and will surely pass.

    Which One Is Right?

    There are so many different beliefs today,
    They all believe that theirs is the right way,
    the Witnesses believe that they have the one hundred and
      forty-four thousand amongst them you see,
    While the Adventist says keeping the Sabbath is the most
      important command to me,
    On the other hand, you have the Muslims who teach,
    That Jesus was just another prophet and that black people
      we need to reach,
    the Baptists believe as long as they go to church and have
      a good time,
    Praising the name of Jesus not realizing that the sin in our
      lives must be put far behind,
    The Catholics want to control all the world's religions
      under one power,
    They have lowered their standards, to lead more people
      astray in this earth's last hour,
    The Sanctify and Holy go all day dancing and shouting
      and speaking in tongues you must possess,
    If you do not then the spirit on you it did not rest,
    Then we have all different groups which are classified as
    Some believe in racism, while others indulge in free sex to
      male to male and children to adults,
    The lust of the flesh has taken over the whole corrupt
      world and in the churches has worked its way,
    All the preachers and teachers and even the Pope see this
      and have nothing to say,
    People steal, kill, fornicate, and take drugs all through the
    Sabbaths and Sundays the same one you will find in
      church their Lord trying to seek,
    There are some who want to walk that long narrow road,
      but just honestly don't know how,
    To them I say fall down on your knees and seek the Lord
      right now,
    Pray for forgiveness of your sins and ask for the Holy
      Spirit to guide,
    You in truth and give you wisdom, knowledge, and
      understanding as the Bible you open wide,
    Jesus said that there is only one GOD, one baptism and
      only one Spirit on which we must rely,
    On all these others no matter how right they seem we
      must not try,
    There is only one true church and they who love the Lord
      with all their heart and keep his commands,
    And drive out all sin from one's life and put all your trust
      and hope in GOD and not in man.
    So there it is people, now you know it's hard work,
    Only them that studies GOD's word and love and obeys
      can be in his true church,
    It's not a building down here on this earth built by human
    It's only them who worship GOD and his Son in spirit can
    The promises of GOD we can really claim,
    What He did for David, Moses, and Job for us he will do
      the same,
    Study and show thyself approved, we were told,
    Commit yourself to GOD and don't give yourself to the
      devil just to be sold,
    Jesus, GOD's only Son, has already paid the price,
    When He hung between heaven and earth for us to make
      it right,
    Now do you see as you look at these religions, down here
      on this earth,
    They all are from man's hand that gave them birth,
    Some will ask now, what will I do if I don't go to church
      anymore with them,
    Remember Jesus said where two or more that are gathered
      in my name, there I am with him,
    With him, because they are on one accord, you see,
    Just praising and honoring GOD for his grace and his
      goodness and his strength he is giving to you and me.

    Psalm 1

    Blessed is the man who does not walk with the wicked or
    Stand with the sinners or sit with the mockers at their
    But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and he meditates
    Day and night, which makes him strong and able,
    To be like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields
      its fruit in season,
    Whose leaf does not wither, when asked why he gives
    GOD as his only reason,
    Whatever he does shall prosper, but GOD only has that
    Not so the wicked! They are like the chaff that the wind
      will blow away.
    Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgment, nor
      sinners in the assembly of those who do right,
    For the Lord watches over the way of the righteous, but
    The way of the wicked will perish from God's sight.


    Everyone is complaining how hard times are today
    Trying to live a decent life with all these high taxes to pay
    People are scared of how bad things are which have some
    Never knowing while you are out you may be the next
    victim of a carjacking
    So many people are without someone to comfort them in
      times of need
    When a best friend is very sick or a loved one that passed
      is very hard to believe
    I must say that the dead who had already died
    Are better off than the living who are still alive,
    But better than both is he who has not yet been,
    Born in this evil, sick, degenerate world full of immorality
      and sin.

    What is Thy Name?

    Man wants to know thou holy name
    The Jews call you Yahweh, some say Jehovah means the
    Jesus told me to call you Father you see
    Because Jesus said, "You loved me so much you sent him
      to die for me."
    You see, Heavenly Father, I know your name, you told us
    But still I feel so much better and closer to you when I call
      you my Father, in whom I put all my trust.

    Chasing After the Wind

    What does a man gain from all his labors?
    Is it for his family or trying to keep up with his neighbors?
    We work very hard to save a little and pay our bills,
    Just when you think you are a little ahead of the game,
    Something else comes up to set you back still.
    Just as the sun rises and the sun sets,
    Early in the morning we go to work and in the evening we
      come home, what do we get?
    Babies are born almost every minute, this I can't deny,
    While at the same time somewhere in the world someone
      will die.
    We fill our gas tanks only for the gas to be used up again,
    All is vanity, chasing after the wind,
    The more knowledge man thinks he knows,
    The more trouble and grief for mankind grows.
    And yet when I stop and look at all of this, that's going on
      under the sun,
    We aren't doing anything new that hasn't already been
    So what is man's purpose here on earth? I wish it could be
    Just to live to eat and drink and try to do good?
    If that is what you are thinking, my friend, you are just
      chasing after the wind, that's no doubt.
    Man was created here to know and serve the Almighty
    And from his life, drive all evil out,
    Man is made from the dust of the earth and to the dust he
      must return,
    The righteous are saved and the wicked will bum,
    All is vanity, vanity, when chasing after the wind,
    Give up the chase, my friend, and to GOD go in.

    How Much Do They Cost?

    Man digs mines for silver and gold,
    After they are refined, then they are sold.
    Iron is taken from the earth and copper is smelted from
    We purchase merchandise made of these materials from
      the store.
    Man pays billions to go to the moon,
    Now they will pay even more to try to get to Mars soon.
    Man tunnels through rock to the center of the earth far
      beyond our sight,
    Then from the darkest part of the earth, he brings up many
      strange and hidden things to light.
    He also goes deep, deep to the deepest part of the ocean
    He keeps on going until the great ocean pressure forbids
      him to go no more.
    But where can wisdom be found and where does
      understanding dwell?
    These are they that man can never price to sell.
    They could never be bought with all the silver and gold on
      this earth,
    Because man will never comprehend its real worth.
    They are priceless! Man asks where can they be found?
    So he continues his search from town to town.
    Man who relies on man, will never think of
    To find wisdom and understanding you go to GOD up
    GOD understands the way to it and He alone knows where
      they dwell,
    For He views the ends of the earth and sees everything
      under the heavens as well.
    When He established the forces of the wind and measured
      out the waters above and below,
    Then He made a decree for the rain and a path for the
      thunderstorm, only He can know.
    Then GOD says to man, "You ask me where are they, how
      much do they cost and are they not demanding?"
    GOD says, my son, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom and
      to shun evil that is understanding.

    I Can't Do It Alone

    Please Holy Spirit come into my life
    Remove the evil spirit of hatred and strife
    Comfort me and hold me as I seek thy way
    Guide my feet and control my tongue and hold my hand
      every day.
    I seek to do the will of my Father above
    To study the word and live it out in love
    I really love you Holy GOD and Jesus your son
    For everything you show me and for all that you have
    You guide me through your word so plain
    Why can't others see if it's not from you GOD it's all in vain
    I feel so lonely and lost when I'm not in your word
    I feel like a lonely, flying, lost little bird.
    Thank you, Holy Spirit, for coming into my life
    Thank you, my GOD, for bringing me out of darkness into
      the light
    My GOD, the truth is so very bright.

    A Prayer for Mankind

    There was a man who went down to Alabama and
    To tell the white people to let his people be
    There were some who didn't want to do this thing
    So instead, they shot and killed Dr. Martin Luther King.
    Even today, as we can plainly see
    People are still blind of letting others be free
    Even though we really don't know who shot Dr. King
    But we can be sure on one important thing.
    That is, when they assassinated Dr. King, they didn't think
    There was someone watching them, that's my Lord above
    They may escape from people down here on this earth
    But they can't escape from the one who gives and takes
      away births.
    We all know Dr. King wanted equality and peace
    So why can't we let all this racial fighting cease?
    Even though we have all these racial problems from land
      to land
    I can say honestly that I am not prejudiced against any
    We have these groups called the Muslims and the Ku Klux
    They both say they are doing right but to me they are
      making it more difficult for the survival of man
    My Lord, people here on earth go about solving problems
      any old kind of way
    But if they only knew the answer, that is, to obey you and
      fall on their knees and pray.
    If all people of all races could see this way is best
    I am sure, Lord, we all would see a great deal of progress
    Oh, Lord, I feel so bad about the death of Dr. King inside
    But from what I see this feeling is nationwide.
    But in spite of the way the people feel
    Will that dream of our Dr. King really become real?
    Oh Lord, I know some people of all races want to do their
    So Father, give them the desire to ask for forgiveness.
    Oh Lord, I know some people are stubborn and weak and
      can't get along
    But Heavenly Father, I pray for them to make their love
      for you and mankind spiritually strong
    Father we go to church to praise you and sing
    But Father, may I ask of you just one more thing?
    Please forgive us all for what we have done
    Father, let us all want to live as equally as one.


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Table of Contents


Job the Man....................8
Five Senses....................12
We Know Not the Time....................13
Which One Is Right?....................14
Psalm 1....................17
What Is Thy Name?....................19
Chasing After the Wind....................20
How Much Do they Cost?....................21
I Can't Do It Alone....................23
A Prayer for Mankind....................24
What Happened to Justice?....................26
The Time Machine....................29
What's Going On?....................30
Who Did That?....................33
If We Are That Bad!....................35
Why You?....................37
A Tribute to Women....................39
I Just Came to Say Thank You....................41
It's Time....................47
Always Complaining....................49
Can You See?....................52
A Change Will Come....................54

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