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All But One Thorn

All But One Thorn

by Issiac Reese


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Dr. Issiac Reese was raised in a household of eight siblings' five brothers and three sisters; along with his father
and mother. What appeared to be the ideal family make up, turned into a life time of abuse, torture, near death
experiences and desperate pleads for the love and acceptance from both his parents.
After finding no love and acceptance within his turbulent home in which he was raised; Issiac made life time of vows
to himself, that is he'd "Never to be anything like his father" but it seem the more he tried to avoid being like his
father; the thing he feared the most happened; "He had become a younger version of his father".
deciding he would no longer march to the beat of the ugly violence of his abusers; by turning away from the traits
of his family's dysfunctions. He thought he'd start by correcting all of the wrongs in his life by taking on; all who
doubted his fortitude and his ability of ever being successful in life.
After suffering through many valleys, heartaches, disappointments and finding God's loving hand along the way;
Issiac discovered; that every abusive act and shameful word deliberately intended to shatter him fell short of who he
really was and that; it was only because of his abusers were completely blinded by his very bright future.
Dr. Issiac Reese, has since gone on to achieving academic excellence on many levels, he holds both a bachelor and
master degree in psychology; a bachelor, master and doctorate degree in Theology.
Dr. Issiac Reese is the founder and pastor of Issachar International Ministries Inc., an International Chaplain, a
conference speaker and teacher, a counselor as well as an Inspirational preacher and life coach.
Dr. Issiac Reese is a husband and father who is demonstrating a walk of Love, Acceptance and Encouragement to his
family and to all who are crossing his paths.
Dr. Issiac Reese believes "The beauty of a person, place or thing; can never be rightfully appraised outside of its
creator; when you find your beauty; you find your VALUE".

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