All for You

All for You

by Jessica Scott

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"Jessica Scott is an exciting new voice in romantic fiction!"
—Robyn Carr, New York Times Bestselling Author

Can a battle-scarred warrior . . .

Stay sober. Get deployed. Lead his platoon. Those are the only things that matter to Sergeant First Class Reza Iaconelli. What he wants is for everyone to stay out of his way; what he gets is Captain Emily Lindberg telling him how to deal with his men. Fort Hood's newest shrink is smart as a whip and sexy as hell. She's also full of questions-about the army, its soldiers, and the agony etched on Reza's body and soul.

. . . open his heart to love?

Emily has devoted her life to giving soldiers the care they need-and deserve. Little does she know that means facing down the fierce wall of muscle that is Sergeant Iaconelli like it's just another day at the office. When Reza agrees to help her understand what makes a soldier tick, she's thrilled. Too bad it doesn't help her unravel the sexy warrior in front of her who stokes her desire and touches a part of her she thought long dead. He's the man who thinks combat is the only escape from the demons that haunt him. The man who needs her most of all . . .

(87,000 words)

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ISBN-13: 9781455553778
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 11/25/2014
Series: Jessica Scott's Coming Home Series , #4
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 4.20(w) x 7.70(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Jessica Scott is a career army officer; mother of two daughters, three cats and three dogs; wife to a career NCO and wrangler of all things stuffed and fluffy. She is a terrible cook and even worse housekeeper, but she's a pretty good shot with her assigned weapon. She's currently pursuing a PhD in Sociology in her spare time and most recently, she's been featured as one of Esquire Magazine's Americans of the Year for 2012.

She's written for the New York Times At War Blog, PBS Point of View: Regarding War Blog, and Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. She deployed to Iraq in 2009 as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom/New Dawn and has served as a company commander at Fort Hood, Texas.

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All For You 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 27 reviews.
pepperjwooten More than 1 year ago
All For You: A Coming Home Novel by Jessica Scott 4 out of 5 stars As an Army wife with a husband who deployed several times, this book really hit home for me.  Luckily,we never had to struggle with PTSD but every deployment does change the soldier. Obvioisly,being in the military herself and being an NCO's wife, Scott has created a true to life story with characters who are so incredibly real and deeply developed.  It is an honor to train alongside Reza and his men like Emily does, experiencing through her, what our soldiers might go through.  Yet,like her so many people are naive to the choas and trama of war on anything other than a technical understanding.  It was also wonderful to read about the VA/ hospital issues that returning soldiers experience and how red tape and asshatery cause a lot of issues with depression, PTSD, and suicude. Overall it was a great romance with nice elements of steam, wonderful insite into the military and a lot of surprise laughs. *A complimentary copy was given in exchange for an honest review* Pippa, My Secret Book Spot
ButtonsMom2003 More than 1 year ago
2/4/14 I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. WOW! Another wonderful, emotional read. The author said that this was a difficult book to write for her and I can only imagine how hard it was, especially if any of it was based remotely on personal experience. No spoilers here I can only say if you've liked the other books in this series this one won't disappoint you; you have to read it! All of the books stand-alone but if you haven't started the Coming Home series here is the recommended reading order from the author's website: Coming Home .5: I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS Coming Home 1: BECAUSE OF YOU Coming Home 1.5: ANYTHING FOR YOU Coming Home 2: BACK TO YOU Coming Home 3: UNTIL THERE WAS YOU Coming Home 4: ALL FOR YOU I didn't read them in this exact order and still loved each and every one. Jessica Scott's books are on my must read list!
Caroles_Random_Life More than 1 year ago
This really was a fantastic read. I have had this book for years but for some reason never picked it up until now. Let me tell you that this was a big mistake. Huge mistake. This book was really good and made me think. It made me feel which is always a good thing. I think that I had expected this book to be a more typical military romance before reading it but I was completely wrong. I am really glad that I took the time to read this powerful story. This book deals with military suicide and PTSD which are some pretty tough topics. Most of the soldiers in this story are affected by their time in combat in one way or another. Reza is a Sergeant First Class and tries to watch out for his men while dealing with his own issues. He often has to spend a lot of valuable time trying to find out what is going on with his me. Time that could be spent in training before their next deployment. Emily, a Psychiatrist, is new to the Army and really wants to help the soldiers that come to her for help. Her family is not in favor of her decision to enlist in the army but she is determined to make a difference. She quickly learns that there are a lot of things that she does not understand in regards to what the soldiers have been through so she works to learn what she can. I really liked Reza and Emily together. They had such great chemistry even though they were not at all alike. They both seemed to be able to support each other in exactly the way that was most needed. I really appreciated the fact that the romance didn't overpower the other issues that the book was dealing with. If anything, I would say that the romance aspect of the book was secondary to turmoil with Reza and his soldiers. I really liked how this book was able to show such tough topics in a way that felt realistic. Reza's battle with alcohol was painful to watch. There were some pretty graphic scenes that really got to me. I understood how Reza and Emily were taking thing hard because I was right there with them. I also really appreciated the fact that the book ended on a very hopeful note because I really wanted to see both of these characters get their happy ending. I would recommend this book to others. I thought it was a really well done story that was quite eye opening. This book is the forth book in the Coming Home series but I read it as a stand alone without any trouble. I would definitely read more from this talented author in the future. I received a digital review copy of this book from Forever (Grand Central Publishing) via NetGalley.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
War is not pretty,,Emotions are always on edge..I am also a vet from thr Korean conflict. My son is retired USN doing coms for Seal Teams. My grandson did 2 tours as Marine snipper in what he called The Sandbox..A younger grandson in in the USN training as security agent. War is no fun but someome has to stand up and me counted. Jessica and her hubby are part of the team..God bless them both and all our men and women who serve.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviews by Kim I’ve been waiting for Reza Iaconnelli’s story for a long time. Jessica Scott does not disappoint. Like all the books in the Coming Home Series, All for You is raw and emotional. **Received a copy of the book from the publisher in exchanged for an honest and unbiased review.**
TxCheri More than 1 year ago
All for You (A Coming Home Novel) (Mass Market Paperback) Another victory for Jessica Scott with her look into the less heroic aspects of a warrior's life. She touches on the taboo subjects of substance dependency and suicide in the military with raw honesty. War changes even the strongest participants leaving many to wonder at their own value as human beings. Our hero, Reza, has been honed on the blade of the system. He's a strong man, an outstanding fighter and leader, but aware of his own shortcomings when faced with the quiet of a rotation stateside and the attentions of a good woman. Doctor Lt. Emily Lindberg is new to military service. Raised in the rarified air of a New England family of privilege, she's a total innocent to the brands of crazy to be found in combat veterans. But she's learning. She must. Her job is to evaluate the emotional casualties on their fitness to return to duty. To return to war. She and Sergeant Reza Iaconelli see things differently. Enemies on the same side. She wants to protect the fragile, he wants them back in formation. This story is rewarding as we watch the character growth of our protagonists and their increasing regard for one another. The peek in the window of a hero's soul is well worth the read in and of itself, but the resurrection of that soul is a sweet, sweet reward. Don't miss this fourth installment of the Coming Home series. It's a beautiful thing to see.
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Amy W. Book provided by NetGalley for review Review originally posted at Romancing the Book In a life ruled by military rules and regulations, Sergeant Reza Iaconelli has plenty of inner demons to wrestle after multiple deployments. Struggling to maintain his focus, he encounters Captain Emily Lindberg who complicates his life with her psychobabble. Author Jessica Scott takes readers deep into military life in All for You, the fourth installment of the Coming Home series. It’s a realistic look beyond the battle lines where men and women struggle to maintain a sense of normalcy after the horrors of war. With substance abuse, depression and PTSD running rampant within the military, Emily is trying to do her part by treating the soldiers. Unfortunately, that means they aren’t able to perform their duties for Reza. When these two come face to face, the sparks start flying. As the situation around them gets more and more complicated, they look toward each other for relief. As someone who is unfamiliar with military terminology, I had a bit of difficulty following the storyline in places. In order to create a realistic storyline, abbreviations such as Sarn’t Ike were used. However, the author did a good job maintaining my interest with multi-faceted characters facing very difficult challenges. While almost too real in some places, All for You provides an honest look at the struggles our soldiers face while weaving a beautiful love story into the tapestry. Sometimes the biggest, toughest soldier needs someone to lean on. In this case, author Jessica Scott uses her real-life experiences to drive that point home for readers.
LovinLosLibros More than 1 year ago
3.5/5 stars I have read several books that involve the military and Jessica Scott's books are by far some of the most realistic and powerful that I've read. She knows her content, having served herself in the US Army. This installment of the Coming Home series was incredibly difficult to read, as it really touched on some very sensitive topics that very dear friends of mine have lived through. I have heard their stories and seen their pain, but I will never know what it feels like to witness the horrors they have firsthand. I commend Scott for writing this story, as Reza's story is one that needed to be told. While this book deals with serious topics such as PTSD, bullying, depression, suicide, and addiction, the budding romance between Reza and Emily is one that will tug at your heart and have you holding your breath that these two can make it through all of the obstacles in their way. Reza Iaconelli is no stranger to war and the aftereffects it brings with it. Having been forced to grow up at a young age, he has become a hardened warrior who has the weight of the world on his shoulders, all while struggling to fight his addiction with alcohol. Being the First Sergeant, he is bombarded with issues and dealing with soldiers who are fighting their own addictions and problems. I liked seeing Reza's transformation throughout the novel. He starts off as a bit of a tool, but slowly we see that he is a compassionate man who is just under so much pressure from his superior officers. His first encounter with Captain Emily Lindberg is not the most pleasant, as he is criticizing her lack of knowledge on what it's like to have seen real action and be on the frontlines. She has never deployed, never seen the brutality of battle or what it's like to watch your own guys get blown up and killed. However, Emily desperately wants to make a difference and you can't help but admire her for that. I liked Emily a lot. She does not let herself crumble under Reza's harsh scrutiny. Instead she proves to him that she's not some desk shrink. She gains his respect little by little at her resilience and unwillingness to stand down. They are both physically attracted to one another and there is some definite sexual tension simmering beneath the surface. Their relationship is a very slow moving one though. It really worked for these two, because Reza has a lot of baggage he's not willing to open up about and share. The more time the two spend together, the more they realize they have a connection they don't want to ignore and I liked seeing them lean on one another during times of need. They make a good team and I love that Emily doesn't give up on Reza. It takes some hard work and some tough love to break through those barriers, but she shows him that he does not have to carry the burden alone and that is what makes all the difference. Overall, while this wasn't my favorite book in the series because of its slower moving nature, I did really enjoy it. It is deeply emotional and I hope that you all empathize with these brave men and women who have seen unspeakable horrors in war and come back not quite the same people they once were. They deserve honor and respect no matter the lows they've sunk to, because the old saying rings true, "You never truly know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk around in them."
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wonderful writing! Love Jessica Scott.
SheBookBlogs More than 1 year ago
This was a nice read.  There was a lot character development.  It was not an insta-love or insta-attraction story.  The characters did not meet and instantly like it each other.  They gradually came together because of their professions in the military. As certain circumstances make them have to communicate with one another they find themselves understand each other. It was hard for me to get into the story. The words were there, but it was hard for me to connect. I saw that the story was more than just a simple love story by how these two characters dealt with their life in the military.  However, many times, I felt like the story was told to me.  Emily was a character that was supposed to appear sympathetic, with a big heart, and have this understanding for soldiers, but I felt like I was told to feel that about her. Reza, the hero, I really was not sure what to make of his character until I was about 53%. I like that he was not perfect at first. I loved that he was an honest man about how he felt about the situations around him.   A copy was provided by Forever (Grand Central Publishing) via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
celticmaggie More than 1 year ago
OMG! This story tore me apart. I am not from a military family. I don't really comprehend what that life is really like. I am glad Jessica is writing this series. It scares me to know the things that occur in this story really do take place. I would like to believe that there are officers like Emily who truly want to help. I am glad some results by the characters were taken care of. I think everyone should read this series. We need to know how to help our Military families. It's not all flyovers and car races. A gentleman passed me at a theme park. He was walking very fast and I could tell by his demeanor he was military but he was in civies. His wife was calling to him to slow down and wait. He rocked side to side and crossed his arms over his chest several times. He looked like he wanted to explode. It must be so hard to slow down and relax. Please read this story.
CharlotteLynnsReviews More than 1 year ago
This is the story of military life. Specifically the life of Sergeant First Class Reza Iaconelli, who is fighting to stay sober and lead his platoon, and Captain Emily Lindberg, who is devoting her life to the soldiers who need her. Reza is fighting demons from his past and feeling the weight of dealing with his men and their demons. Emily is the newest shrink on the base who is willing to face down the tough Reza to help him handle life. My Review: All For You may be considered a romance book, but there is so much more to this story. This is a story of how truly hard it is for soldiers to come back from a tour and try to fit back into everyday civilian life. Jessica Scott touches on some incredibly tough and taboo subjects, including suicide, in this book. She brings it to reality, especially due to the fact that Jessica’s background is military. I have read all of the books in this series, there is 6 so far (2 are half books). This is by far the one that has touched me the most. A few times I felt the need to put the book down and step back thinking about what had been said or done in the pages I had just read. Although, I could never put the book down for long, the need to know was just too much for me to step too far away. This entire series is amazing. I highly recommend this book and series to all.
ZR1000 More than 1 year ago
A sad state of affairs… Reza Iaconelli, an Army Sergeant First Class, is a functioning alcoholic who has been sober since returning from his last deployment and trying to remain so. He is a good man with physical scars and battle trauma. He is haunted by nightmares of the ghosts of those that did not make it home and sports tattoos that are a memorial to them. His sole purpose is to train his men, to teach them what they need to know to keep them alive. There were those he failed because of his own pains, because of his addiction and now there are those he is failing because of he does not understand the problems of those that have not yet been to combat and appear to be slackers. When searching for a missing man Reza meets the newest shrink, a very sexy woman, who attracts him in a way he does not expect, who makes him long for what he feels he does not deserve. She questions his actions and sees things about him that he tries to keep hidden.  Emily Lindberg, an Army psychiatrist, wants to make a difference, wants to understand what the troops go through but not having been in combat makes that difficult. It is harder to treat a patient when you have not walked in their shoes and army leaders don’t make things easier or want to understand what the troops are going through. When she meets Reza, a gorgeous powerhouse of a man that takes her breath away she makes a deal with him to learn what the men have to deal with. She can tell that he really cares about his men but is narrow minded on the pains of some of them. As she learns from him he also learns from her and there is no denying the chemistry between them. This book deals with the topics of suicide, mental health, and alcoholism in our country’s armed forces. The author paints a sad state of affairs in how our soldiers are treated or rather not treated after returning home from deployments to active war zones with their souls damaged and how those just starting out are not given the support they need to become good soldiers. The underlying element throughout this book is sadness. There is no warmth and joy in this tale, but it does ends in hope for at least one. Being a military romance the romance was seriously over shadowed by the heavy topics. The hero and heroine were both likable and compelling characters. This book definitely needed a second epilogue, to let us know how the couple fares in the future. The ending though hopeful was a bit ambiguous. We are left to wonder if the couple really did get their HEA or was it just for a brief moment in time. We are also left to wonder if the tragedies that occurred in this book made a difference to the Army machine. ARC provided by the publisher.
Monnie777 More than 1 year ago
ARC Copy. I would have given this book 5 stars but I didn't like the ending. This was by far her best book in the series. Jessica is getting better with each book she writes. I personally like the whole military aspect of this book series. Reza is a broken man because of war but Emily gives him the strength to be a better man. Reza over comes a lot in this book but so does Emily. The only thing I didn't like was the ending, it really left you hanging. It doesn't tell you about what happen with Reza and his military career. As I have noticed a lot more lately most books seem to just end. You get this whole build up to the end and the end is just flat and your left with little satisfaction. I personally would like less of the build up and more of what happens after they get together.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
booklover10CM More than 1 year ago
While reading this book it kept crossing my mind that this author had certainly researched her subject. Well no wonder, she's military and stationed at Fort Hood. You can't get much better than that. Loved the book and couldn't put it down. It's very depressing (not the book) to think about what these warriors go through going to war. How can we deny them anything as we can never repay them for their service. God bless them all. The book is excellent and thought provoking. Highly recommend.
Under_The_Covers_BookBlog More than 1 year ago
~Reviewed by ANGELA & posted at Under the Covers Book Blog I am in awe with Ms. Scott’s talent to touch your heart through her knowledge and experience in the military life. Though All For You is fiction, the story touches real military issues, real life emotions and it will open your eyes to reality. Ms. Scott gets down to the nitty-gritty of the military life! The story she tells is utterly heart breaking. Sergeant First Class Reza Iaconelli struggles with sobriety on a daily basis, but even if he wanted to drink, he just doesn’t have the time now. There is much to be done, and he has charges to take care of. A couple of his men suffer from PTSD and other emotional issues. This forces him to work with a shrink who happens to be a beautiful Captain. But what shocked him is that this girl has no problem standing up to him. No, Captain Emily Lindberg is no push over. She has made a name for herself in a military hospital on her own. Her goals are to provide help for her patients and advocate for them accordingly. No one will convince her otherwise. Reza and Emily’s relationship is very complicated. They did not have a good start and their lives are full of issues. What I love about their relationship is that it survived the worst before it even really began. Of course, the attraction was there from the very beginning. I mean, who wouldn’t be attracted to Reza. The man exudes power, physical strength, confidence and a bod to die for. And if he wanted to, he knows how to woo a woman. Yup the flirtations were sweet. I really like how their relationship came together. Though the romantic element is strong, the subplot is what got my attention. Reza along with his men are dealing with issues such as PTSD, chemical dependency, alcoholism, and suicide. I really felt for them. Their struggles and frustrations with the service are conveyed through the pages. I can see how these illnesses can be such a sensitive matter. They are all ticking time bombs, ready to explode at any second. I really would like to discuss this matter and other specifics of this book, but it will only lead to spoilers. All I can say is that there are those who will fall and those who will survive. All For You was an amazing read, and this is the best of the series by far! You won’t want to miss this installment. Review copy provided by publisher
booknerdDS More than 1 year ago
I’m quickly learning that Jessica Scott doesn’t play-what an intense book! There is so much raw emotion, and battle scars in this book I feel like I need therapy! Sergeant First Class Reza Iaconelli, where to start… My heart broke for him. He was pure male power wrapped up in a lot of personal demons. I seriously had to catch my breath a couple of times with him. He is full of contradictions. Physically he is all male. Big and physically strong. Emotionally he is living one day to the next trying to function as best he can. He tries to be the best Sergeant he can for his soldiers. He is sympathetic to their insecurities yet battles with how to adequately prepare them for the realities of war and military life. Reza is a recovering alcoholic, he struggles everyday with his addiction. He is also surrounded by soldiers that have the same struggles. Aside from struggling with alcoholism he is also dealing with PTSD. Reza came with his own scars before joining the military and we learn about his home life and how it shaped him. Captain Emily Lindbergh is the opposite of Reza, although she struggles with her own personal issues, she comes from a life of privilege. Her father was in the military but she never personally experienced the life of a soldier. She is trying to bring help to soldiers such as Reza and his men, but not everyone thinks this is a good idea or is very welcoming to her. Emily was a fantastic character. She tried to show the soldiers her commitment to their mental health and was often the target of military personnel’s wrath. Emily is alarmed at the high number of suicides and tries to provide the soldiers with some psychological support. As a couple Emily and Reza where exact opposites yet perfectly matched. Where he is physically strong and emotionally weak Emily is physically weak but emotional very strong. They had excellent chemistry and I loved that they formed a strong friendship. I loved that they each met the other where they were at. Emily never tried to “fix” Reza she accepted and gave him the support he needed although at times did not want. These characters were so real, Scott really peels back all their emotions and gives us two very vulnerable people. When I read “Back to You” I felt the same way. The characters were both so imperfect and so real. Ms. Scott really captures the damage that soldiers experience during combat, after, and before. Honestly, this is a tough read. I put the story down a couple of times, not because it was not well written or interesting, because it was all of those; but emotionally very challenging. The characters were worth it. It’s not a light read but it does provide a very “unromantic” look at the hardships of war and military life. Overall, I think I can say that I recommend everything and anything written by Jessica Scott. She really knows how to strip down her characters and show us who they are. After the emotional odyssey it’s beautiful to see Reza and Emily find their way together! Another fantastic journey with Ms. Scott!!
blonde_betty More than 1 year ago
In All for You, the fourth book in the Coming Home series, Jessica Scott stands up and takes on a far too prevalent issue in military life: suicide among returning veterans. She also takes on the establishment and those that believe PTSD isn’t real or not a legitimate disease to be treated. Just in case that isn’t enough, there is a layer of dealing with addiction included, too. While there is a poignant love story between Reza and Emily, this book is really about not leaving any man (or woman behind). I really enjoyed getting to know Reza and Emily better. Emily had previously made an appearance as Trent’s counselor in Back to You. Reza has been a presence in all the books to date. They are an unlikely combination, but yet it somehow works. I do think Scott was a little too easy on Reza; I wanted more of his journey back from addiction. I also wanted more of our previous heroes. Shane and Vic do make an appearance, as do Claire and Evan. However, as always, I wanted a bigger glimpse into the lives of our heroes and more of their interaction with Reza now that we’ve moved past the initial surge. I was delighted to see Claire and Evan back. I always felt their book didn’t quite fit as well into the series, so this gave them a little more grounding that I appreciated.
gromine49 More than 1 year ago
Ah! What can I say about Jessica Scott's new book that I haven't said before. If I could rate it 5+ stars I would. . It is a wonderful book that truly hits you in the heart when you realize what, even though this is fiction, these soldiers are going through.  It will make you smile and it will definitely make you cry as you realize the sacrifice that they make.  Sergeant First Class Reza Iaconelli is struggling with sobriety while working to get his troops ready for another deployment after returning home. Captain Emily Lindberg has never been deployed and is standing in Reza's way while he is trying to deal with his soldiers.  This is another fabulous story by Jessica that I have gifted to my friends to read. It just breaks your heart when you are reading this story, but you are glad at the end that Reza and Emily have their HEA. Bravo Jessica!
c5penny More than 1 year ago
"I am tired and sick of war. Its glory is all moonshine. It is only those who have neither fired a shot nor heard the shrieks and groans of the wounded who cry aloud for blood, for vengeance, for desolation. War is hell." William Tecumseh Sherman There is truth here about the people who honor our country and fight in wars---the path they walk in other countries, the deeds done, the lives saved and lost. Those men and women return, if they are lucky, to take a breather, train others and themselves, and then return to finish the conflict. But everyone carries scars---and terrible, nightmarish memories---of the time served down range. First Sergeant Reza Iaconnelli has too many memories as a platoon leader taking downtime in Fort Hood, Texas. He struggles with the grim reality of his uncontrolled alcoholism, and increasing problems with members of his platoon, both in command and not. Suicide is on the upswing on the base, and both young and older soldiers are cracking under the weight of combat-related stress. Captain Emily Lindberg is one of the medical team's new psychiatrists, hoping to help find and treat the reasons for the devastating numbers of victims, and soon she and Reza cross paths in the pursuit of their parallel duties. The seasoned veteran of combat and the idealist wanting to do good for her fellow soldier should never work out together at all, but Emily and Reza find a precious common ground, to find help for those soldiers who walk the razor's edge of sanity, and Reza discovers an important measure of comfort from her attentions as he wrestles with his own dark shadow of pain and addiction. This is more than a military romance; it is a painful and poignant statement about walking wounded--those soldiers that carry their agonies and horror in private, seemingly normal but fighting daily demons of despair, personal grief, and more---only to reach a tragic and public breaking point. I was inordinately sad and teary when I finished the story, but happy to see Reza in a rehab program. Emily did not back down from his anger and anguish, but saw the scars and tattoos and pain he carried. And loved him, warts and all. Jessica Scott has penned a tale of sorrow, romance, redemption, and love--a reasoned look at what it means to grapple with the terror of war, and how love and care and support brings the wounded warrior home, to live another day.
Peachey04 More than 1 year ago
This is a true to life love story that I really enjoyed. A well written story about military life and the everyday struggles soldiers encounter. Anger, fear, sometimes alcohol or drugs become daily challenges. The author has brought powerful emotion to her characters, Reza and Emily as they move through their journey to deal with fears and emotional baggage to find love. I enjoyed this book and will read more by Jessica Scott in the future. Received copy for review.
aRomancelover More than 1 year ago
This story will touch you clear to your heart! Sergeant First Class Reza Iaconelli lives with the everyday stress of commanding men, training soldiers to survive in combat, and dealing with officers who don’t seem to give a rat’s ass about the men but only promotions and looking good in reviews. In addition to the everyday stress, Reza battles the demons from his past, from his multiple deployments, and the sense of failure that haunts him as he comes to realize he may be losing the battle on the home front as well as on the battlefield. He refuses to see the ghosts that haunt those around him until a tough little head doctor stands up to him and punches him in the gut with her feisty attitude and the truth. Captain Emily Lindberg joined the Army to escape a world where she felt she wasn’t doing any good as a doctor, and a family who wanted her to do things their way, including marry a man who cheated on her with her best friend. The Army wasn’t exactly what she expected, and neither are the men in uniform with whom she must deal. One man in particular is bigger than life with an attitude like a brick wall, but she’s sees something beneath that hard exterior and it’s touched something deep inside her that wants to help him help his men who are in trouble. Even more so, she wants to try to save the men who are the verge of destroying themselves, and one of those men might just be the one she’s come to care about the most. Jessica Scott writes with a passion that could only come from someone who truly knows her characters, inside and out, or having known someone who has walked in similar shoes. This is not to say that she suffers the same demons, but like anyone who has ever known or dealt with someone suffering traumatizing after affects or addiction; she’s seen things that once branded on our brains never fades away. Within Reza exists the hero warrior, the traumatized boy who saw more than he should have for one so young, and a man who questions his own actions every moment out of fear of causing another’s demise because he may not be paying attention when it’s most important. He drowns his demons, his fears, and his desires in alcohol and then curses the drink for making him weak when he needs to be strong to lead his men. Reza Iaconelli is a broken, torn man that we cannot help but commiserate with, fall in love with, and wish to save just as Emily Lindberg does in ALL FOR YOU. Jessica touches on subjects that most people don’t want to admit exist in our Armed Forces. Subjects that, as in ALL FOR YOU, are swept under the rug, ignored, or blamed on the drugs and alcohol used to self-medicate so that traumatized soldiers can sleep even a few hours a night. War is hell is an understatement – life after war is the true hell. I highly recommend ALL FOR YOU, book four in the Coming Home series by Jessica Scott because it’s more than just a touching and emotional love story but because it’s a look into the world of the soldier from a view we’d all much rather pretend doesn’t exist. In ALL FOR YOU by Jessica Scott, we watch as a young, inexperienced officer takes a turn in a shoot house that leaves her understanding that a lot of training goes into the making of a good soldier. We watch men who want more than anything to prove themselves good soldiers succumb to the pressures of Army life, and experience the heartbreak of a hero taking his life because everything is about to be taken away from him that he worked so hard to gain. ALL FOR YOU is a must read romance that will leave you with more than a happily-ever-after, you’ll find yourself wishing you could do so much more for our men in uniform. ***eARC provided by author via NetGalley as a win in a giveaway but I'm sharing my thoughts in an honest and unscripted review because I love this book!