All Hearts Come Home for Christmas

All Hearts Come Home for Christmas

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Christmas at Falstone Castle - Sarah M. Eden - The Dowager Duchess of Kielder eagerly anticipates spending Christmas with her son and his family. Though their relationship has been strained, the duchess is determined to heal the chasm. Even with the help of the widowed local vicar, her plan will take a Christmas miracle. But during this magical season, anything is possible . . . even two second chances for love.

The Heart of Christmas - Anita Stansfield - When a chance meeting brings together a gentle seamstress and a widowed banker, each lonely soul finds a first hint of hope. As their lives become entwined, it will take Christmas spirit to guide a broken family to love and healing.

’Tis the Season to Be Daring - Esther Hatch Elizabeth - Davenport has had quite enough of the London Season. Determined to evade a parade of unsuitable suitors, she seeks help from the one gentleman who has no regard for Society’s rules. All of Society knows Lord Hawthorne is not interested in marriage, yet he cannot deny Miss Davenport’s unique charm. And as the Christmas season works its magic, their charade begins to feel less like playacting and more like love.

The Christmas Dress - Joanna Barker - Seamstress Nell Addington is thrilled when her childhood friend Jacob Hammond commissions a dress for his sister. But when Nell realizes her feelings for Jacob run far deeper than friendship, an unexpected snowstorm—and some holiday cheer—may convince them both that love is worth fighting for.

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All Hearts Come Home for Christmas 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Anonymous 4 days ago
sweet and simple these stories are full of love and Christmas spirit.
HeyerFan1 18 days ago
Four Sweet Novellas. Christmas at Falstone Castle 4* by Sarah M Eden - a delightful story of redemption, family and love. The Heart of Christmas 3.5* by Anita Stansfield - Addie mends the broken hearts of a small family and makes a forever home for herself. ‘Tis the Season to be Daring 5* by Esther Hatch - Elizabeth has had enough for one season of her matchmaking mother embarrassing her. She takes matters into her own hands to scandalise her mother enough that she is retired for the remainder of the season but in doing so falls in love. Loved this story. The Christmas Dress 4* by Joanna Barker - Since the death of her father Nell has made her living as a seamstress but when she becomes reacquainted with Jacob, she dares to dream of a different life. A sweet story. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
mara1108 28 days ago
Reading this Christmas collection transported me, at least for a little while, from the sweltering heat of a deep South summer. Four authors, four wonderful and heartwarming Christmas stories to help you feel that special Christmas spirit. CHRISTMAS AT FALSONE CASTLE by Sarah M. Eden--I only discovered Sarah Eden's books within the last few years and haven't had a chance to read about the Lancaster family, but they've appeared in some of the Jonquil books I've read. This novella is from Adam's mothers point of view, and gives us more on the background of the infamous Duke of Kielder. Why he's the way he is. Once you get to know him he's not really so 'Dangerous'. I loved Adam's view of having mistletoe in the house, and his mother gets a happy ending too. This one will give you all the Christmas feels. THE HEART OF CHRISTMAS by Anita Stansfield--A sweet story about a seamstress and a banker who meet when he needs to have a button reattached to his coat. Theo hiring Addie to help with his household brings long awaited healing to a family. I loved how the broken heart ornaments were repaired like Addie helped repair the hearts of Theo, Marla, and Becky. This is such a sweet Christmas story. ’TIS THE SEASON TO BE DARING by Esther Hatch--This story had so many fun elements. Elizabeth Davenport and her schemes--to be daring enough to miss out on the balls, but not so daring as to ruin her reputation made me almost laugh aloud. I loved when Lord Hawthorne (Charles) taught her to drive a carriage through Hyde Park. This was a fun fake-relationship-turns-to-love story. THE CHRISTMAS DRESS by Joanna Barker--Not only is this a second chance romance, but Nell and Jacob are not on the same rung of the social ladder. They have a funny meet-cute when Nell's hat gets in a tree by the brisk wind. This is another lovely Christmas story of a family in need of healing. I loved Nell's attitude about life and her kindness towards Jacob's sister, Alice. This is a wonderful collection to give you all the Christmas feelings.
annelr 3 months ago
All Hearts Come Home for Christmas is an enchanting collection of novellas written by four different authors. Not having read any of these authors' works before I wasn't quite sure what to expect but each of the stories was delightful. They were easy to read and I truly couldn't put the book down. I read all four stories in one day. (It was a long day!) All four of the books were set in England, during the late 1700s to early 1800s. Each of the authors has a unique voice and using great dialogue and vivid descriptions, portrayed their characters and their situations well. They are stories about families, reconciliation, and of course, sweet romance. Readers who love stories set at Christmas and full of romance will not want to miss this collection. I definitely will be looking for more books from each of these authors. I won a copy of an advance reader copy and was not required to write a review. The opinions are my own.
SSTALEY 3 months ago
It's always exciting to read and review the first Christmas book of the season. I have several coming up in the next few months. Today I'm happy to tell you about a collection of sweet Regency Christmas stories. The four authors are ones that I've read before and love their previous work. They were all stories of promise, hope, and love. I especially loved Christmas at Falstone Castle because I have come to love the Lancaster family that Sarah M. Eden has created. It truly felt like coming home to spend Christmas with family. After you read, All Hearts Come Home for Christmas, I know it will get you ready and very excited for the holiday season. Each of these short stories was a pleasure to read. They have the perfect balance of humor, romance, hope, love, and forgiveness. All of the authors wrote emotional stories that truly touched me. I highly recommend this Christmas collection for you, your family, and your friends.
WishEnd 3 months ago
ALL HEARTS COME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS is a lovely novella collection of four historical romance stories set at Christmastime. Each is unique and can be read on their own, but it is a pleasure to read all four, leaving the reader with smiles and a heart full of warmth. Perfect for the Christmas season or any time a reader is seeking a little Christmas cheer. Christmas at Falstone Castle by Sarah M. Eden How I adored this story! Of course I'm familiar with all the characters having read Eden's previous books, which made this story so much fuller and endearingly sweet. Every time I read another story with Adam and Persephone it makes me want to go back and read Seeking Persephone again as it's still one of my favorite stories. Eden always does a marvelous job in inviting readers into the hearts of her characters and that is definitely the case here. Highly recommended! The Heart of Christmas by Anita Stansfield This story was sweet from beginning to end. It's like sitting and listening to a story being read that will warm your heart. The romance felt more friendly, like a love the blooms from daily friendship than from attraction and chemistry. This author's style is to tell the story more than to experience it with that characters and limited dialogue, but you can't help love her characters and enjoy seeing them find their happily-ever-after. 'Tis the Season to Be Daring by Esther Hatch Oh my gosh! This story! I could not keep a smile off my face with the antics of these characters, the flirting, and the outright chemistry that jumped off the pages. There were also moments of depth that the author masterfully woven among the humor and romance that touched my heart, pulling emotions and a yearning for love for these two characters. A story not to be missed! The Christmas Dress by Joanna Barker This story starts with such a humorous scene and I loved it! It grabbed my attention immediately and created an easy introduction to the two main characters. It was fun seeing the affect they had on each other and especially how Jacob felt his world shift. He was at a loss for how to right it and then realized he didn't want to. It was enjoyable watching him try to catch Nell when he could and the way Alice caught on. I almost felt like snickering myself. I also couldn't help wanting to cheer when Jacob saves the day again a meddling woman in the end. A fabulous read! In the end, was it what I wished for? I enjoyed each of these stories and definitely recommend grabbing this collection, especially at Christmastime. Each provided lovable characters, plenty of smiles, and the sweetness of a happily-ever-after amidst Christmas cheer. Content: Clean Source: I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, which did not require a positive review nor affect it in any way.
singing_librarian_books 3 months ago
A heartwarming novella collection about hope and family! These four historical authors, Sarah M. Eden, Anita Stansfield, Esther Hatch, and Joanna Barker, are fabulous by themselves, but bringing them together for a novella collection was a brilliant idea. This collection is absolutely delightful. Each author has a unique voice and charming story that compliments the others in the collection. This is a fabulous fun and easy holiday read that will bring the warmth of family and the reminder of hope to all. This is a wonderful collection that readers will absolutely not want to miss! Genre: holiday, Christmas, historical, romance Publisher: Covenant Communications Publication date: September 1, 2019 Number of pages: 304 A review copy of this book was provided by Covenant Communications. A review was not required and all views and opinions expressed are my own.
BookwormLisa 3 months ago
Oh, the joy of reading! This book was so much fun to read. Sometimes I get so bogged down in my reading list that I lose track of how much fun it is to read. This collection reminded me of the joy and contentment that come from reading a good book. This collection of novella's feature some of my favorite author's. Particularly, my favorite character of all time. Sarah Eden was brilliant when she created the character of Adam, the Duke of Kielder. "Christmas at Falstone Castle" revealed some of Adams past and laid a basis for his cantankerous, ornery, snarky self. Seriously, I considered the story a heaven of words. Anita Stansfield's story was sweet. It made me think of the joy of finding a home and people to love. The spirit of Christmas was present in the story. Self-sacrifice and acceptance of another make the season brighter. I think I think I may have a little book crush on Charles from Esther Hatch's story. The characters were light and fun. They were on the daring side of Regency behavior. I couldn't wait to get back to the story whenever I had to take a break. I was a very unconventional story. I relished every moment of it. Nell in "The Christmas Dress" was a wonderful character to read about. To continually look at the good part of life even when circumstances haven't treated you kindly is a gift. Her talents do not stop at being a seamstress. She breathes life back into a family in desperate need of cheer. My take on this collection? Read it! You won't be sorry. Source: I received a complimentary copy. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.
GeoLibrarian 3 months ago
I have a special fondness for Christmas stories. I eagerly gather new ones every year. Combining Christmas with the Regency Era and I was truly excited to read this book. And I was truly delighted by each of the four stories. I smiled throughout Christmas at Falstone Castle as I read about familiar and well-loved characters. I yearned for the characters in The Heart of Christmas to find happiness amidst their loneliness and sadness. I laughed at the antics of Elizabeth and Lord Hawthorne in 'Tis the Season to Be Daring. And I enjoyed the exchanges between Jacob and Nell in The Christmas Dress. If you enjoy characters old and new, laughter and tenderness, and some great banter all wrapped up with a bow in the Christmas season, I can highly recommend this collection of stories.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Christmas at Falstone Castle - Sarah M. Eden Falstone Castle, Northumberland - 1785 Adam Boyce was just 7-years-old when his father died and he became the Duke of Kielder. His mother had been around most of his life and is packing to leave again. He had loved his father and they had been close. Adam is conscious of some scars on his face, but is assured by his nurse that he is not ugly. Newcastle - 1816 Harriet Boyce, the dowager Duchess of Kielder, is thinking over her life. When she married her husband, it had been an arranged match. It has now been 30 years since she left Falstone Castle and her son, Adam. She regrets not seeing him since then. Adam is married and the father of 3-year-old, Oliver. Adam’s wife is Persephone and they are expecting another baby soon. Harriet wants to be there with them and show Adam the love she has not given him before. Adam is known to be gruff and has a temper, but his wife is kind and well liked. Roswell Duncan is the vicar of Falstone parish. The vicar is surprised to learn that the Dowager is coming for Christmas. It has been a long time since he has seen her. The Duchess invites the vicar to stay at the castle for Christmas as he is a calming influence on Adam who is also known as the Dangerous Duke. After she arrives at Falstone, Harriet decides to orchestrate a Christmas party for Persephone’s family. The party is a success and everyone is happy to be together. Harriet and the vicar have so much in common and an attraction sparks between them. When Persephone gives birth to a healthy baby girl on Christmas day, the family is so very happy. Could Harriet find a new love and new happiness with her son, Adam, his family, and the vicar? I found this story to be heartbreaking, yet healing at the same time. The shame Harriet must feel for leaving her son all that time must be horrendous. She certainly has a lot of making up to do. Hopefully, she will find new happiness and forgiveness in her life. I really like Persephone because she has love and kindness in boundless amounts. “The Heart at Christmas” - Anita Stansfield London - 1820 Adelaide (Addie) Moore is hurrying to open the dressmakers shop where she works. Her employer, Miss Glade, has given her room and board in exchange for doing basic sewing for the woman. A man walks in the shop asking her to sew a button on his coat. He introduces himself as Theodore (Theo) Hardwicke and he works at the local bank. Addie learns that he is a widower. As they chat, he offers her a job caring for his 9-year-old daughter, Becky, while keeping the house running. She will also be caring for his ailing aunt, Marla. She happily accepts the job and dives into running the house and catching up on some much-needed cleaning. She even enlists Becky’s help with setting the table and keeping her own room clean and neat. But Addie sees that Theo, Becky, and Marla are all sad and she enlists Becky’s help again to find ways to make them all happy. When Theo’s wife died a few days after Becky’s birth just at Christmas, none of them have wanted to celebrate Christmas. So Addie finds ways to get them interested in doing so and they all find excitement in Christmas again. Will Addie and Theo find an attraction to one another and they all become a family? A sweet Christmas story to show how while some people shun Christmas if it brings back back memories, it can be overcome and joy can be returned to this special day.
boss421a 3 months ago
I'm normally not a huge fan of novellas because they seem to just skim the surface of the story and it feels like I don't get to know the characters very well. I'm happy to say that this book is not like that at all. Each of the stories was well-written and I didn't feel like they were rushed at all. The Duke of Kielder is one of my very favorite characters, so I was really excited to read more about his family in Christmas at Falstone Castle, as well as getting to know his mother better. While I loved her story, I was also very happy to get a small glimpse into the lives of the other Lancaster siblings, because let's be honest, I've kind of missed them! I have also decided that I'm going to make "hug horde" a part of my regular vocabulary. (And I'm also not quite so patiently waiting for Artemis' story to come out.) In The Heart of Christmas, I enjoyed Addie's quiet strength and her determination to help the Hardwicke family heal. I'm always a sucker for "Cinderella" stories where people from different classes meet and fall in love, so this story and The Christmas Dress were right up my alley. I laughed out loud several times in Tis the Season to be Daring, due to Elizabeth and Lord Hawthorne's antics. The ride in Hyde Park was awesome. I also finally figured out what Snapdragon is, so that was fun. In The Christmas Dress, aside from being a heart-warming Cinderella story, I always like to read about seamstresses back in those days for some reason. It just fascinates me that all the dresses were painstakingly handmade, so it's fun to get to know the people who had that talent. All in all, I really enjoyed this book. Definitely one that I highly recommend and that I will read over and over again.
Anonymous 3 months ago
How could I pass up reading this book when it had the Dangerous Duke's mother in it? I've been wondering about her story since the very beginning, and this story will not disappoint. I love getting more insights into this family, and the other families in the series that I love. Eden seldom disappoints and Christmas at Falstone Castle will leave you with happy sighs and a smile on your face. It will also leave you with a desire to reread almost all the series to recall all those great moments this story brings back to mind. The Heart of Christmas was kind of of miss for me. It was pretty slow moving, and while it was a sweet clean story, I thought that as a novella it should move a little faster. I also didn't really get the relationship between Addie and Theo. I loved the relationship between Addie and the daughter and grandmother. Those moved along and were believable. Theo was just....I had a hard time getting a read on his personality, and he seemed a little bland, and the romance, while hinted at the entire story, still seemed to come out of nowhere. Tis the Season to be Daring made me laugh and smile and want to kick Elizabeth all at once. I loved Roses of Feldstone and getting to know Lord Hawthorne made me smile. Everything that was hinted at in Roses of Feldstone was explained, and I loved every minute of it. I enjoyed everything that Elizabeth got into, and I got frustrated at her lack of seeing Lord Hawthorne and his intentions. This is definitely something that I will be reading again and again. A feel good story is found in The Christmas Dress by Joanna Barker. The pace was believable, the friendships between Nell and Jacobs sister was lovely, and Jacob was a great lead. I enjoyed learning about dressmaking and who doesn't love a snow storm that gets the main characters together? Needing some holiday cheer? The Christmas Dress is not to be missed.
TimelessNovels 3 months ago
Christmas at Falstone Castle by Sarah M. Eden Sarah M. Eden always pulls you right in from the very beginning. The first chapter with little Adam is so heartbreaking. Seeking Persephone is one of my favorite books from Sarah. I love the characters! It was so great to see them again, especially with the addition of little Oliver. Adam and Persephone have such a sweet relationship, and I love seeing the dangerous duke’s sweet side with his son. Adam has the best dry sense of humor, and Persephone is so perfect for him. Coming into the story I viewed the dowager fairly negatively. She left her only child, and the few times she saw him she called him her poor boy while pointing out his flaws. While this was a story about the Dowager Duchess of Kielder and Roswell Duncan the local vicar, my favorite parts were with Adam, Persephone, and Oliver. --- The Heart of Christmas by Anita Stansfield Theo, his daughter Becky, and Aunt Marla have been living in the same house for almost ten years. They mostly live their lives separately, however. Theo is naturally shy and keeps his emotions to himself, and the aunt doesn’t like to talk about anything sad. Addie wants to do her job the best way she can, and in addition she really wants to help the people she works for come together as a family. She is often described as a kind person and hopes to improve the lives of others. I had a hard time getting into this book. I think a large part was because the book is almost entirely written as descriptions with not a lot of dialogue. I prefer more of a combination between the two. The characters also didn’t seem to have much of a connection to each other, and I didn’t feel any connection to them. --- ’Tis the Season to Be Daring by Esther Hatch Elizabeth fears she lives a boring life only knitting and embroidering. She doesn’t know who she can truly be until she meets Charles. I love the way Charles is with children. The scene with his niece was one of my favorites. It was sweet and funny and you see a whole other side to him than the moody one that avoids the matchmaking mamas in the ballrooms. These two are so adorable together! I sometimes have a harder time connecting to characters in shorter stories, but these characters were really well developed, and I loved them. There was a nice combination between romance and comedy. Charles and Elizabeth were able to have serious conversations as well as be comfortable and joke with each other. I liked the joke about the booties and the 12 children. --- The Christmas Dress by Joanna Barker Jacob and Nell grew up together, though they did not socialize a lot with each other. Years later they are reunited in an awkward yet cute way. They have now both lost their fathers. Nell lost her father years ago, but still fiercely misses him and remembers all the good times. Jacob just recently lost his father, but they didn’t get along, and Jacob hadn’t seen him in the five years before his death. It seems a little harsh for Jacob to not see someone ever again because they did not get along. Especially because that someone was his father and in staying away, he was also staying away from his sister. Joanna Barker is a newer to me author. I have only read Beauty and the Baron. I enjoyed “The Christmas Dress” and look forward to reading her other books.
TrixiO 4 months ago
Christmas at Falstone Castle by Sarah M. Eden I read “Seeking Persephone” as well as the Lancaster family series, so this was a particular favorite of mine to re-visit characters! The duke of Kielder is almost as grumpy as ever, but he seems to have mellowed quite a bit under the light of his wife & children. His relationship with his mother, the Dowager Duchess, however has been strained for years. Watching them get past the hurts and form a closer bond was delightful, as well as seeing her grandchildren blossom under her love & care. Not to mention the second chance love Harriet unexpectedly gets. A story of true Christmas miracles of reconciliation, family bonds, laughter and love. Very heartwarming! The Heart of Christmas by Anita Stansfield A chance meeting has all the makings of finding love at Christmas! I really enjoyed this one and getting to know Adelaide, Theodore and his daughter Becky. He's widowed trying to raise his young daughter and care for his ailing mother, which is difficult at best. Meeting Adelaide “Addie” has destiny written all over it! When she agrees to care for his family while he works, her soft heart sees the weight of grief in each one and desires to help heal them under her tender care. Reconciliation is sweet in this tale of healing and the stirrings of new love. Simply delightful! 'Tis the Season to be Daring by Esther Hatch This was a fun one! Watching the banter between Elizabeth and Charles as they pretend to be courting during the London season was the highlight for me. Thwarting her mother seems to be the highlight of Elizabeth's life and Charles is so unconventional he's the perfect candidate for her plans. But then her feelings get tangled up and it's no longer a game! Can these two find common ground and will love conquer all? A warm, witty, delightful Christmas tale! The Christmas Dress by Joanna Barker It's been years since Nell and Jacob have seen each other. When he commissions her to create dresses for his sister Alice, they find feelings still strong towards one another. But under the cloud of grief can Nell bring happiness and laughter once again to the Hammond house? Christmas has a way of working it's magic spell and stirring hearts. I loved watching Alice and Jacob let go of their burden and remembering the fun of past Christmases. These two blossomed under the care & concern Nell showed, and watching the love story unfold was an added bonus to this already heartwarming tale! Four stories of the magic of Christmas working it's miracles in hearts and lives made me smile, laugh and care about characters who become real in my mind. I knew Sarah Eden from other stories so it was wonderful to discover new writers in this collection of short novellas. Each one is perfect for the Christmas season & beyond. Sit down with a cup of hot cocoa, a throw blanket over your lap, and enjoy as these take you away to a different time & place! *I received a complimentary copy of this book from Covenant Communications and was under no obligation to leave a favorable review. All opinions are my own. *