All Her Pretty Little Piercings and More (bundled piercing erotica)

All Her Pretty Little Piercings and More (bundled piercing erotica)

by Layla Lewis

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All Her Pretty Little Piercings and More (bundled piercing erotica) by Layla Lewis

In A Larger Hole Than Most, Shannon finally decides to go ahead and get her nipples pierced, dragging along the man who seduced her from her virginity weeks ago. But what she doesn't take into account is how the thrust of the needle through her skin will arouse her so greatly that she succumbs to the attentions of three hot pierced men. Before she knows it, two of them have her on the floor in a spit-roast, the third man masturbating violently at the sight of Shannon's voluptuous body being taken so roughly.

Featured acts include body modification fetishism, fresh nipple piercing play, fellatio on pierced cocks, an fmmm foursome, and more than one guy coming in the same hole.

Then, in All Her Pretty Little Piercings, Shannon isn't expecting her sometimes-lover Daniel when he shows up banging on her door. But letting him in only leads to him pinning her against the wall and slaking their mutual need for hot, rough sex. Still, were that the end of it, the adventure would be nothing unusual for the couple. Daniel, though, has further plans that begin with arousing Shannon's curiosity enough that she'll get in his car and let him blindfold her for a “surprise.”

But when the “surprise” is that he's scheduled her to have not just one, but three brand-new genital piercings poked near and through her clitoris, can she really say yes? With the piercer waiting on her consent, with her body throbbing just from the idea of it, will Shannon really let a stranger ram needles through her genitals three times over? This story features male dominant/female submissive themes, body modification fetishism, nipple piercing play, genital piercing play, and masturbation of a freshly pierced clitoris.

Then, elsewhere in another time and place in Rite of Penetration, Oma trusts her clan's healer, Mato, absolutely. But when even he has his doubts about a new ritual to treat her epilepsy, the decision rests solely with her whether to go through with it or not. Sure, there's a certain amount of sense in the idea that female orgasms look quite a bit like her “shaking sickness,” but will letting three different men take her virginity at once really drive out the illness that's stalked her so long? And though Oma's long been fascinated by a neighboring clan's pierced earlobes, just what role do genital piercings play in her novel treatment?

Ultimately, though, as a nineteen-year-old woman, Oma is plenty well equipped to choose her own fate. Though there will undoubtedly be pain and blood involved, even beforehand, she suspects there will also be a great deal of pleasure to be had. Little does she know then just how much desire can erase pain and turn it into even greater arousal as Mato shoves piercing after piercing into her most tender skin. Nor does she suspect that Mato himself has gone through nearly the same thing and now also wears jewelry in his private area.

Overall, this erotica bundle totals over 16,500 words and, compared with buying the stories individually, it saves you nearly 20% and the hassle of buying short stories one by one.

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BN ID: 2940149053124
Publisher: Elio Books
Publication date: 12/11/2013
Series: Holes Barred
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Layla Lewis is both the pen-name and former name of Elio Lewis (first name pronounced “EHL-ee-oh”). Elio has now put out over eighty erotic or romantic short stories, not including bundles, comprising over half a million words total on these topics. In addition, Elio can be found on YouTube putting out the Downloading My Brain series of videos on topics ranging from the ManKind Project to spiritualism and from My Little Pony to non-binary gender. You can contact Elio with comments, thoughts, or suggestions at

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