All New Square Foot Gardening: Grow More in Less Space!

All New Square Foot Gardening: Grow More in Less Space!

by Mel Bartholomew


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Do you know what the best feature is in All New Square Foot Gardening?

Sure, there are ten new features in this all-new, updated book. Sure, it's even simpler than it was before. Of course, you don't have to worry about fertilizer or poor soil ever again because you'll be growing above the ground.

But, the best feature is that "anyone," "anywhere" can enjoy a Square Foot garden. Children, adults with limited mobility, even complete novices can achieve spectacular results.

But, let's get back to the ten improvements. You're going to love them.

1) New Location - Move your garden closer to your house by eliminating single-row gardening. Square Foot Garden needs just "twenty percent" of the space of a traditional garden.
2) New Direction - Locate your garden "on top" of existing soil. Forget about pH soil tests, double-digging (who enjoys that?), or the never-ending soil improvements.
3) New Soil - The new "Mel's Mix" is the perfect growing mix. Why, we even give you the recipe. Best of all, you can even "buy" the different types of compost needed.
4) New Depth - You only need to prepare a SFG box to a depth of 6 inches! It's true—the majority of plants develop just fine when grown at this depth.
5) No Fertilizer - The all new SFG does not need any fertilizer-ever! If you start with the perfect soil mix, then you don't need to add fertilizer.
6) New Boxes - The new method uses bottomless boxes placed aboveground. We show you how to build your own (with step-by-step photos).
7) New Aisles - The ideal gardening aisle width is about three to four feet. That makes it even easier to kneel, work, and harvest.
8)New Grids - Prominent and permanent grids added to your SFG box help you visualize the planting squares and know how to space for maximum harvest.
9)New Seed Saving Idea - The old-fashioned way advocates planting many seeds and then thinning the extras (that means pulling them up). The new method means planting a pinch- literally two or three seeds—per planting hole.
10) Tabletop Gardens - The new boxes are so much smaller and lighter (only 6 inches of soil, remember?), you can add a plywood bottom to make them portable.
Of course, that's not all. We've also included simple, easy-to-follow instructions using lots of photos and illustrations. You're going to love it!

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ISBN-13: 9781591862024
Publisher: Cool Springs Press
Publication date: 02/14/2006
Pages: 271
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Mel Bartholomew was the founder and inventor of Square Foot Gardening and the author of All New Square Foot Gardening, the best-selling gardening book in America for a generation. The book has sold 2.5 million copies since Bartholomew wrote the first book in 1981. He hosted a PBS TV show for five years, and then was telecast for three more years on the Learning Channel and Discovery Network. Bartholomew presided over the nonprofit Square Foot Gardening Foundation, which encourages every household around the world to have a small garden and eat fresh, healthy vegetables that are uncontaminated. He passed away in May, 2016.

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"Bartholomew, author of the popular Square Foot Gardening (1981), has refined his original square-foot gardening concept by adding ten improvements, including a new location for the garden that is closer to the house, a special soil mix, and six-inch deep, 4' x 4' above-ground boxes with grids. His techniques do not require heavy digging or fertilizers and feature advice on using vertical gardening to save space. He clearly explains the square-foot concept, from the rationale behind it (the square-foot garden takes up much less space than traditional row gardening and saves time, money, and aggravation) to how to plan the garden, build the boxes and vertical supports, and employ his planting and cultural techniques. There are also helpful charts for succession planting and spacing plants and a schedule for starting seeds indoors. Despite its somewhat annoying tendency to read like an infomercial, this attractive, easy-to-understand, and well-organized book for both novice and experienced gardeners is recommended for all libraries." — Library Journal

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All New Square Foot Gardening 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 116 reviews.
Lizzy59 More than 1 year ago
WOW, is the best way to describe this book. I have been gardening since I was just a little girl, and if I only knew then what I know now. This book is the perfect example of how gardening should be. In a nutshell, if you read this book and apply it. You will save more money than you could ever imagine, less time will be spent in the garden, less water, no weeding, more yield, and no back breaking work, and it is a beautiful site to look at. I applied this technique to a 40x40 piece of land in my backyard, and I am simply amazed at the process. This makes the perfect gift. I have shared it with all of my family and friends and they couldn't be happier. This is an absolute must for your library.
Nullifidian More than 1 year ago
This is an exceptional book on many different levels. My kids and I built three of the garden boxes one weekend, and not only has the whole experience been a great family activity, it's also a fabulous way of introducing them to gardening, because they get to experience the joy of planting and harvesting their crops without the huge downer of spending hours weeding like they would with a regular garden. They have found that veggies taste so different when the are picked from our own yard, rather than bought from the store. My daughter is using part of her box to grow annual flowers, and I would love to adapt this concept to growing perennials. Just wondering how much deeper the soil would have to be to keep the plants from freezing over the winter. Anyway, a great idea, a fun and educational activity, and the results are fabulous. I intend to give this book to relatives as gifts.
Momnipotent More than 1 year ago
I have followed Mel's system of gardening for years. I started as an urban gardener with a small yard. I wanted to get the most for my space in the vegetable patch. I still use the system even though I am on 10+ acres of land now. The system is easy to use, can be used as part of an overall landscaping plan, and takes minimal time to maintain. I started small (with just a couple of 2 foot by 3 foot beds) and have expanded to over a dozen beds. It makes it easy for me to rotate my "crops" to avoid depleting my soil of needed nutrients. I have also been able to give over small boxes to my children and now my granddaughter for them to start their own little Eden. The design of the beds is perfect for setting up mini greenhouses that extend the growing season in northern climates (I live in northern Minnesota). I can start my seeds earlier and leave crops in the ground later by making a simple greenhouse over the top of the beds using PVC pipe and clear plastic from the hardware store. Fresh garden tomatoes in October where I live are almost unheard of but are possible with this system. The graphics and the section on planting that is dedicated to individual plants is very helpful. Knowing how many seeds or plants to put in each square foot of space gives you the most bang for your buck. I teach math and have had a great time giving problems to my students to figure out how many bean seeds to get from the bulk seed bin at the garden center if I can plant 9 seeds per square foot and have a 4 X 6 foot bed to plant. And, yes, I do stand stand at the bin and count them out... So, this system is also great for tightwads like me. This book makes a nice gift for a first time homeowner who is interested in starting some small scale gardening. I often give it as a housewarming gift, and will leave a copy on the kitchen counter if/when I move from my home. Enjoy the book. I have gone through several copies since the first edition came out because I keep loaning mine out or leaving it on the side of a bed I just planted where it got rained on. If I were to suggest one thing to improve the book, it would be to make it a two volume set, one with the background information and another that is water/weather resistant for the individual planting instructions. Happy gardening!
lovesqftgardening More than 1 year ago
The original reason I bought the book was based on my need for a raised garden box as I am disabled. I looked over the book, went on-line and the more I researched the more I felt this book was my best resource. Hubby built my garden box based on the Sq ft gardening theory and I am pleased to say my garden is thriving, works very well for my needs and DD loved it so much she had her hubby build a regular 4 x 8 box for her. She was so impressed with the Sq ft gardening methid she is building 2 more for her garden area. The book is well written, very informative, good pics, and the additional information ( tables for seed starting, planting guides etc) in the back of the book made it easier to use at a glance as I planned my space. It would make a great gift. The only thing that would make it a better gift would be to add the wood and addition materials to make it a complete set for a Sq ft garden!! It also shows how much we waste in a traditional gardening method. The old fashioned row type gardens. For those with limited space, special needs or huge areas to devote to a garden this will accomodate all of them. I am still amazed at how much we got into a 2 x 16 ft garden area. This was truly a great investment!!
RhiannanTH More than 1 year ago
This is by far the best gardening book we have ever read. It is full of helpful and informative information on back-yard gardening. If you don't have too much space for planting, there are many, many ideas on how to utilize the space you have. It goes into great detail on using every square foot that is available to you. There are many pictures and diagrams to get you started.
CynthCU More than 1 year ago
I had not gardened in years, and again had opportunity, space and interest. This book & technique was referred to me. I am so happy I tracked it down and ordered the updated version. It is an interesting and most helpful guide, square foot or box gardening was new to me. But I now have several veggie boxes, several sizes with a wood chip walk ways between, and you should see the veggies thriving! I think I will have a bumper crop to share with family. Needed in times like these. Thank You!
busymomLM More than 1 year ago
This book contained in depth information on the whole process from start to finish on square foot gardening. It included step by step photos as well as recomended products to use for building, filling, and growing your own square food garden. It was well organized to ease in planning and execution. It went through different ways to grow vertical to save space and listed the amount of space required for the vegetables and plants I intend to grow. Each chapter was filled with useful information and helpful tips to get the best yield for minimal effort. I have shared this teqnique to many colleagues and am very excited to get started!
kingsplace4kids More than 1 year ago
I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in gardening. It is very much laid out,step by step even for the beginner garderner. I love the whole idea of him showing us exactly what to plant and how much to plant. By him doing that it takes the guess work out of it for me. I know exactly how much to plant based on the needs of my household. The square foot gardening will allow me to be able to manuver around the garden much easier,since it does not take up alot of space. It will also help me cut down on wasted food. My neighbors built two boxes, and are very pleased. Like I said before anything that takes the guess work out and is so pratical is for me. I am a family child care home provider, and I feel comfortable using this with my students and letting them tend to their items easily.
HarryHarry More than 1 year ago
This is a really good and well thought out book. I was able to feed a family of 12 from 24 square feet in 3 short weeks!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
WOW! Thanks for the easiest way to garden. Family-friendly, easy, wonderful and exciting. I am excited to garden this year. Thank you thank you thank you!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
-Informative and easy to read. -Great book for a beginner and immediatetrying to fine tun technique. -Solid concepts and good illustration for newcomers. -great to consult -good book for garden libary
overdue4cafe More than 1 year ago
Easy read for a novice gardener! It was inpsiring and his method of gardening sounds so easy and it makes total sense! Definitely recommend a browse through this book!
Herbs More than 1 year ago
There is a good reason this is such a popular garden book. Square Foot Gardening is a great way to save time and money and have fun while gardening. This updated version is even better. I have used this method for years and still refer to this book regularly because of all the information it contains. Whether you live in a house, townhouse, or condo in the U.S. or anywhere in the world this book can help you grow a little or a lot of your own food. Mel tested his new methods for about ten years before coming out with this book so he knows from experience what really works.
Kelly_L More than 1 year ago
I have always wanted to garden but never thought I could. I never had the time or space. I wish I had found this years ago. I thought I couldn't garden because I didnt have land. I finlly have some space and was still intimidated at all the work of a traditional large row garden. After reading this book I am not only confident but excited and being a gardener. I can't wait to harvest my first crops this summer. I would recommend to this to anyone with an interest in gardening , especially if they thought they couldn't do it.
Franz886 More than 1 year ago
It makes gardening much easier. The illustrations are good and the charts are very useful to plan ahead.
rpayne075 More than 1 year ago
I purchased this book after seeing it recommended in several seed catalogs. I wish I had gotten it sooner. We have a raised bed garden system for which we purchased soil to fill, but I didn't think about the combination of elements that Mel recommends. What we have works, but his would probably be better (weed free for one!). I do wish he didn't use sphagnum moss in his blend as the farming of it destroys bogs. Something more sustainable has got to be out there. The best part of the book in my opinion is in the back of the book, where he lists planting times and harvest periods. It is extremely helpful for utilizing crop rotation within the same year (and the same plot). For example, radishes can be grown in one space and after they are harvested, you could plant beans or another summer crop in it's place, and follow that with a fall crop such as broccoli. It was an enjoyable read as well as informative and helpful. I recommend it highly for those just getting into gardening.
lonepinefarmer More than 1 year ago
fun reading in the winter; cannot wait for spring to come to get started on this year's garden
texasjane More than 1 year ago
This book is a great resource for gardeners, even if you are not a gardener! I am purchasing one for my dad so he can have an easy to do garden!
kvmn More than 1 year ago
I had a garden years ago and it was a lot of work. I knew I wanted to try to do a raised garden, but wasn't sure how to go about it. This book gave me all of the info that I needed to build it. I now have a thriving, great looking garden that requires very little maintenance.
debbiek345 More than 1 year ago
For years I have done straight row gardening and was always limited to my tiny space. I have just created some square foot gardens and cannot believe how much I was able to plant. It also looks so professional that my neighbors keep coming over to admire. The book was so helpful and has all of the necessary pictures to create everything you will need! I strongly recommend this concept to anyone with limited space!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Often new editions are slightly changed - a new illustration here or there - a sentence or two rewritten. This is not the case with Mel's new edition. WOW. I have the old edition (much marked up) and am using this new edition exclusively.
Beepers More than 1 year ago
As a Master Gardener, I found this method of growing to be easy and effective. I did not follow it to the letter, but used some of the knowledge obtained in my training to change some of his recommendations. I still believe a soil test is in order because all compost is not the same and all plants do not require the same nutrients. I also feel that for proper drainage, you must take into account what type of soil the raised beds are over and allow for some drainage enhancement, especially with clay soil. Otherwise, what I read sounds good. It is well put together and easy to follow.
Graceabounds More than 1 year ago
I'm a book addict; I confess. I'd walked past Mel Bartholomew's book All New Square Foot Gardening a hundred times before I finally picked it up. The book is easy-to-read, devoid of fru-fru, generally, but spends a lot of time debunking the "conventional wisdom" of the row-crop-crowd. Basically, it's container gardening with a purchased growing mix: vermiculite, peat moss, and mixed compost inside 4' x 4' x 6" frames. Bartholomew goes into great detail about how to prepare the frame, then the foot-square grid which forms the basis of the "Square Foot" rationale. Bartholomew recommends close planting (16 per square foot for radishes, 1 per square foot for cabbage) and planting different choices in every square for variety. As soon as each square makes its crop, a new and different plant is started in that square. Square Foot Gardening is designed to provide a continuous produce over the course of a growing season, but not really to provide extra. To expand production, just make more frames. Bartholomew also describes how to extend the growing season by constructing fitted cages, "hoop" houses, and row covers to protect from animals, extreme weather, and pests. Planting charts at the end make this a one-stop reference for the novice gardener. The method benefits from a small footprint and would be suitable for patios and small yards. Bartholomew's method would work well for beginners or those with space limitations. This book would be a valuable guide.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The nook book has been great so far, I haven't finished it yet. I did want to warn others that you can't read this except on the nook. I bought this because it was well reviewed, which I agree, and I also wanted to try one of the "Page Perfect" nook books. I use the Nook apps quite extensively, as most of my reading is done on my XOOM tablet. I was really disappointed to find out that I can only read this on the nook. My girlfriend uses the nook color most of the time so it has been great to be able to use the apps (for PC and Android) for reading. I was not impressed with "Page Perfect" on the Nook Color as it is like reading a PDF file. I would prefer a regular nook book over this format.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am sure the book is excellent, but I bought it for use on ipad with the nook ap so it would be larger. However, when I try to open it, it says unable to view on device. Bummer. If it says that in fine print I did not see it