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All The CARDINALS MEN: A heart-wrenching story of religious paedophilia and murder...

All The CARDINALS MEN: A heart-wrenching story of religious paedophilia and murder...

by J J Barrie


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The young boys had nowhere to go, no one to trust.
Victims at twelve, they could not comprehend the systematic abuse and excruciating pain. They cried until there were no more tears left - then they escaped!

An engrossing story of priests, paedophilia and murder could be anywhere where institutions have ignored or covered up for the predators in their ranks preying on boys in their care.

The families exhibit all the colour and harshness of life in post-war inner Sydney. Alcohol and austerity, petty crime and truancy add to the severity of their early lives. A rapid progression into the welfare system, aggravated by bureaucracy and a lack of compassion, control or interest, the boys were sent to a church-run boys' home adjacent to a Roman Catholic Seminary.

The association the priests and seminarians had with the home, made for an explosive mix. The inevitable occurred - boys were abused. The failure of the church hierarchy to ensure the safety of the boys in the care of their priests and subsequent concealment by the celibate hierarchy - provides the background
Throughout the church, all over the world, this conspiracy has proved to be true.

Some of the trainee priests have a game... and a prize - the Cardinal's Cross.
The object - to systematically rape boys in the homes - and score points. When one boy is killed, accomplices hide the body in a culvert.

Six years later, with the seminarians now ordained as priests, the discovery of the remains initiates a murderous vendetta, and a homicide investigation. A young male prostitute relentlessly pursues those he sees as responsible and one by one the priests fall victim to the killer.

The hunt for the killer and the unusual ending makes for an intriguing plot.

'A marvellously well-plotted, topical novel - a cracker of a tale...
A sensitive treatment of the subject of paedophilia - and murder.'
Tom Flood. Miles Franklin Award winning author, novelist and editor.

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ISBN-13: 9781481801966
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/19/2012
Pages: 266
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.56(d)

About the Author

J.J. Barrie, Australian born author and novelist, writes fulltime. His debut crime novel was published in 2009. A second historical novel published the following year introduced Paul Davaine and the Ladybird, Europe's finest jewel thief, in an intriguing robbery of the Mona Lisa. The sequel, Curse of the Diamonds is in current release.
His abiding interest in history continues with the publication of the first book of the trilogy The Emigrants - The Brothers Five. The second volume, Gold & Glory - will be released next year and The Sisters Three - in 2014. The award-winning topical thriller involving religious paedophilia and murder has recently been released in a new edition - All the Cardinal's Men
Extensively travelled through much of Europe and Asia, his historical crime thrillers each have a particular affinity with their locales, notably The Shelford's of Shelford set in England planned for publication next year.
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