All the Right Places

All the Right Places

by Jenna Sutton

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The first in a brand new contemporary romance series starring the men and women who are determined to keep the billion-dollar denim dynasty, Riley O’Brien & Co, on top, but aren’t about to let success stand in the way of love…

Amelia Winger is a small-town girl with big dreams of becoming a successful designer. So when she gets a gig designing accessories for denim empire Riley O’Brien & Co., it’s a dream come true. Amelia can handle the demanding job, but she isn’t quite prepared for sexy CEO Quinn O’Brien. She’s doing her best to keep things professional, but the attraction sparking between them makes it personal. And so does the secret project she's working on behind his back...

Quinn’s not interested in the new accessories, but he is interested in the woman designing them. Amelia is smart, sexy, and talented, and he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her since they met. Mixing business and pleasure isn’t wise, but that doesn’t stop him from coming up with excuses to spend time with her. He thinks he understands the risk he’s taking when he gets involved with Amelia. But he doesn’t know he’s risking a lot more than his heart.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780425279953
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 06/02/2015
Series: RILEY O'BRIEN & CO Series , #1
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.00(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Jenna Sutton is a former award-winning journalist who traded fact for fiction when she began writing novels. Surprisingly, the research she conducted for her articles provided a lot of inspiration for her books. She lives in Texas with her husband.

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Chapter 1

Derrière. Ass. Back porch. Badonkadonk. Rump. No matter what you called it, the butt was Quinn O’Brien’s favorite part of the human body.

Yes, he had the typical male appreciation for the female form, but truly, most of his interest was professional. In fact, some would say it was part of his DNA. He was the fifth generation of O’Briens to be involved in the family business, Riley O’Brien & Co., proud designers and manufacturers of blue jeans since 1845.

“Pay attention to how our jeans conform to the wearer’s body, especially the butt,” his father had schooled him and his younger brother when they were kids. At the time, Quinn hadn’t realized scoping out every backside within sight might cause problems, especially when he stared just a bit too long at a crooked seam on a stranger’s rear.

And right now, that’s exactly what he was doing—staring at a stranger’s ass hard enough to make his eyes cross. Who could blame him, though, since it was right at eye level above him on the escalator? And oh, what an ass it was—high and tight, yet still nicely rounded.

He sighed. The woman in front of him might have a great ass, but she wasn’t wearing Rileys. That was a big mark against her in his book.

Shifting his gaze from her curvy backside, he reviewed the brown leather belt encircling her slender waist. Embellished with beads and intricate stitching, it was eye-catching, not gaudy at all.

But it wasn’t nearly as eye-catching as the red corkscrews of hair that fell down her back almost to her waist. They glinted with gold and amber from the early morning sun shining through the skyscraper’s windows. Her hair was so curly it kinked in some places, creating sharp angles that made him want to pull on a strand just to see how quickly it would recoil.

The woman stepped off the escalator into the reception area of Riley O’Brien & Co.’s global headquarters, cutting his perusal short. Unlike most high-rises in downtown San Francisco, Riley Plaza’s first floor was filled with retail space, including the requisite Starbucks and a small shop that sold Riley merchandise. From the first floor, an escalator brought visitors and employees to the mezzanine level, where they checked in with reception or headed to their offices.

He pulled his gaze from the woman in just enough time to avoid tripping over the escalator lip and crashing onto the floor. Yeah, ogling asses could be hazardous.

As the redhead made her way to the reception desk, Quinn held up a hand and called out a greeting to the security guard posted by the double doors that led to the executive offices.

“Hey, Frank, did you see the new commercial last night?”

Riley O’Brien & Co. had recently launched a new advertising campaign featuring several well-known male athletes. The first commercial highlighting Quinn’s best friend, Nick Priest, had debuted last night during Sunday night football.

Priest and Quinn had played football together at the University of Southern California. While Quinn’s football career had ended when he graduated from USC, Priest had gone pro. He was one of the best wide receivers in the NFL, and his talent transformed every team he joined.

“Yeah, I saw it,” Frank answered. “If you wanted to make women all over America lust after Priest even more than they do now, you succeeded.”

Quinn laughed. “So, you thought Priest looked hot?”

“Hell, no,” Frank barked. “But the wife couldn’t take her eyes off the TV while he was on-screen.”

“Who can blame her? She’s had to look at your ugly face for more than thirty years. She needs a break.”

Frank grinned and shot him the bird. “Get to work, son.”

Quinn pulled open one of the heavy wood doors to the executive wing, and as he did every morning, he took some time to enjoy the walk along the polished concrete floors to his office. A timeline highlighting the major milestones in Riley O’Brien & Co.’s history stretched from one end of the hallway to the other. It started with the founding of the company prior to the California Gold Rush, and old sepia images, black-and-white pictures, and a handful of color photos brought it to life.

He could see glimmers of himself in some of the images on the wall. All the men in his family had hair so dark it was almost black. And like his grandfather’s, Quinn’s hair was slightly wavy.

It was hard to tell from the early pictures what color his ancestor’s eyes were, but legend had it that Riley O’Brien’s eyes were so cold a glare from him could stop even the roughest of gold prospectors in their tracks. No doubt, he must have been one mean son of a bitch to build a successful business at a time when California was nothing but a territory full of wild and avaricious men.

Quinn turned his attention from the timeline and entered his office. Before he could sit down, a sharp knock sounded on his door, and his sister’s dark head poked around it.

“Do you have a minute?” Teagan asked, slightly breathless. Her blue eyes were wide behind the black-framed glasses she wore.

“Sure. What’s up, T?”

She slipped inside his office, shutting the door behind her. Her black dress crossed over the front of her body and tied on the side. Dotted with big red cherries, it was a perfectly nice piece of clothing, but he was immediately pissed off she wore it.

“Why are you always wearing a damn dress?” he growled.

“You don’t like it?” she asked, feigning confusion.

“Our family fortune was built on jeans,” he reminded her. “Can’t you put on a pair once in a while?”

It was a discussion they’d had many times, and her answer was always the same. He could have repeated it verbatim, and now he got to hear it again.

“Rileys look good on you. They look good on most men. But they do not look good on most women. They especially don’t look good on short women. Or women with big butts, big thighs, or big anythings. Ergo, they don’t look good on me.”

Quinn held up his hands, sorry he’d brought up the subject. “I don’t want to get into another argument about the women’s division,” he backtracked hastily. “Your dress is fine. You look very pretty.”

Ignoring Teagan’s rude snort, he settled in his chair and propped his feet on his desk. “What did you need?” he prompted her as he inspected his new boots.

She eyed him for a few moments before answering. “Amelia Winger has agreed to design our new line of accessories.”

He dropped his feet to the floor and sat up. The accessories were all Teagan’s idea, and the little sneak had gone behind his back to make them happen.

She had wanted to revamp the entire women’s division, and when Quinn refused, she had persuaded their dad to give his stamp of approval for the line of accessories. Now Quinn had to suck it up and play nice with the new designer until their dad officially resigned and handed the reins over to him.

“So she’s definitely going to do it?” he asked.

“I think so. She requested a meeting with you, since you’re going to head up the project, but as long as you don’t blow it, I think she’s on board.”

He huffed out a breath in annoyance. “Why would I blow it?”

“Quinn, you can be really intense about Rileys. It’s . . . well, it’s a turnoff to some people.”

He nodded, agreeing with Teagan’s assessment. He was intense. He was devoted to protecting the Riley O’Brien brand, and he never forgot every single pair of Rileys ever produced was branded with his last name.

He realized Teagan was still talking. “. . . knew you were going to be in the office today, so I told her it would be okay.”

“Wait, what did you say?”

Looking down, she tapped her fingers against her bottom lip. He tensed. She was a terrible liar and an even worse poker player because she always tapped her lips when she was nervous or unsure.

He stood. “Tell me,” he demanded when she stayed silent a beat too long.

“I told Amelia Winger you would be available to meet her this morning.”

“Shit, Teagan! You know I hate it when you ambush me with things like this. . . .”

She stopped tapping her lips and started tapping her toe, never a good sign for innocent or not-so-innocent males nearby. “This is a priority, Quinn,” she shot back. “I’ve already worked out all the legal details with Amelia. All she wants is a meeting with you. So it’s not on your calendar. Deal with it.”

“When will she be here?”

“She’s already here.”

“Of course she is,” he said dryly. He ran a hand through his hair before smoothing the mess he had made. “Let’s go get her.”

With Teagan click-clacking alongside him, he made the trek down the hall. He wasn’t looking forward to this meeting, and not just because his sister had sprung it on him. The women’s division limped along like a three-legged dog, and he doubted some new belts and purses would make a difference.

“Are you sure Amelia Winger is the right person to design our accessories?” Quinn asked.

He’d reviewed the information Teagan had provided about the designer, but he still had his doubts, especially since Amelia Winger had no formal design training, and she’d never done any work for a company like Riley O’Brien.

“I’d never heard of her before you mentioned her,” he continued. “Just because her best friend is a country music star and wears her designs doesn’t mean Amelia has any real talent. It just means she’s smart enough to capitalize on Ava Grace Landy’s success.”

“Ava Grace doesn’t wear Amelia’s designs just because she’s her best friend. She wears them because they’re incredible.”

Pushing open the door to the reception area, he ushered his sister through it before following. Frank turned at the sound, winking at Teagan.

The security guard tilted his head toward the only person sitting in the reception area. “There’s your girl,” he said with a smile.

Teagan hurried toward the woman with her arms outstretched. “Amelia, it’s so nice to see you again!” she exclaimed.

The woman dropped the magazine she’d been reading and quickly rose from her orange chair. It clashed horribly with her long red hair, and his heart kicked in his chest as Teagan gestured toward him.

“Amelia Winger, this is my brother, Quinn O’Brien. Quinn, this is the fabulous designer we talked about.”

Amelia released Teagan’s hands and stepped forward to greet him. “It’s nice to meet you,” she said, offering her hand to him. Her voice had a slight twang to it, betraying her Texas roots.

Clasping her hand, he gazed down at her. She couldn’t have been more than an inch or two above five feet tall because the top of her curly head didn’t even reach his shoulders. Her brown eyes crinkled as she smiled, and he noticed a slight gap between her top front teeth.

Her smile wobbled a bit as he stood there silently, staring into a face sprinkled with freckles that reminded him of brown sugar. Finally, he spoke, but when he did, it wasn’t exactly what he had intended.

“Nice ass,” he said.

Damn. Did I really say that out loud?

Chapter 2

Amelia’s mouth dropped open. Had Quinn O’Brien just said “nice ass”? Maybe her anxiety about this meeting had affected her auditory nerve, and it had sent the wrong signals to her brain.

As she stood there staring at him, he squeezed her hand. His fingers were warm and slightly callused.

“Nice to meet you,” he said, one side of his mouth lifting in a hint of a smile.

She’d obviously misunderstood the “nice ass” comment. There was no way a guy as hot as Quinn O’Brien would meet her for the first time by telling her she had a nice ass.

She took a deep breath, pulling in a lungful of Quinn’s cologne. Oh, God, he smelled delicious.

Had anything ever smelled so good? Yes, Ava Grace’s red velvet cupcakes smelled that good. And they tasted good, too, with their decadent cream cheese frosting. Ava Grace was always generous with the frosting.

As her mind wandered, she wondered how Quinn would taste. Better than cupcakes, she’d bet.

Teagan cleared her throat, startling Amelia from a fantasy involving Quinn and baked goods. What was she doing? She was blowing the biggest opportunity of her short career!

She shook her head, and that small movement was like a jump-start to her brain. She withdrew her hand from his clasp.

“I’m really excited to work with a company as iconic as Riley O’Brien,” she said, and to her surprise, she actually sounded normal. She had expected to sound like a tween girl at a boy band concert. “I can’t wait to get started.”

“I’ll let you two talk,” Teagan broke in. “Call me when you’re finished.”

She scowled at Quinn before stalking to the elevators. He turned his dark blue eyes back to Amelia, and for just a second she actually forgot where she was and why she was there.

“I wasn’t expecting to meet with you this morning, and unfortunately, I don’t have time to give you a tour,” he said apologetically.

She had been so nervous about meeting Quinn she hadn’t paid any attention to the office. She glanced around, taking in the décor, which was an unexpected mix of rustic and industrial.

Metal sheeting covered the sections of the wall that weren’t glass, and the concrete floors were stained a dark bluish gray. Exposed wood beams stretched overhead, studded with huge metal rivets.

Noticing the direction of her gaze, Quinn said, “The interior designer thought it would be fun to use rivets in the office design. Sort of a way to pay homage to the jean rivets that were patented by Riley O’Brien in the late 1800s.”

“That’s clever. I really like the colors, too,” she added, pointing to the bold pops of orange and dreamy shades of blue and green that teased her visual senses.

The office gave off a trendy, hip vibe—a kind of energy she’d never experienced before. Of course, she spent more of her time in her workshop than in a high-rise office.

The elevator dinged, and a large group of employees streamed out, laughing and chatting. She noticed they all wore Rileys. With their distinctive button flies, seamed pockets, and black pocket tags, the jeans were not only recognizable; they also had a certain element of cool—for guys, at least.

“Everybody’s wearing Rileys,” Amelia noted. “Is it some kind of dress code?”

Quinn grinned. “Let’s just say it’s implied. It’s not like we’d tar and feather someone for wearing something else, but we might get out the whip for wearing another brand of jeans.” He shot her a teasing glance. “I noticed you aren’t wearing Rileys.”

She battled the urge to reach behind her and cover up the pockets of her jeans, which were clearly labeled as non-Rileys. Why, oh why, hadn’t she thought about that earlier?

A quick look at his long legs confirmed he also wore jeans. She couldn’t tell what kind because he’d left his shirt untucked and it covered his rear—more’s the pity—but she had no doubt they were Rileys.

Along with his dark-wash jeans, he wore a black western-style shirt with pearly snaps down the front and on the pocket flaps. Although it wasn’t tight, the shirt highlighted the width of his shoulders and chest along with his well-muscled arms and flat stomach.

She had a momentary fantasy of undoing a couple of those snaps and running her hands across his abdomen and down to the waistband of his jeans. She wondered if his Rileys had a traditional button fly or if he preferred the newer zipper design. She clenched her hands at her sides, worried for a moment her fingers might reach out and grab him.

“My office is this way,” he said, gesturing toward the double doors.

They entered the executive wing, the heavy door banging shut behind them. Her steps slowed as she took in the living history displayed on the walls of the hallway. The lighting cast a glow over the images and glinted off objects in shadow boxes.

The display was breathtaking, and it spurred a pang of wistfulness deep inside her. She wondered what it would be like to have such deep roots, to have a birthright that was beloved throughout history and a name that was recognizable in nearly every household over several generations.

One of the oldest pictures caught her attention, and she leaned closer to get a better view. The shaggy-haired man in the sepia photo towered over the other people in it. He looked as if he could break a grown man in two with his bare hands.

Realizing she no longer followed him, Quinn turned. His eyes lit up when he saw what had captured her attention.

“You’re looking at the original Riley O’Brien, my great-great-grandfather.”

“He’s huge.”

“Yeah, he was a giant,” he agreed, pride tingeing his voice. “Most of our memorabilia was destroyed by the earthquake and fires in 1906, but a pair of his jeans survived. And based on the size of them, we know he was almost seven feet tall and had a fifty-inch waist.”

She was stunned. “Whoa!” she breathed. “You’re so much smaller.”

She squeezed her eyes shut in embarrassment. She’d made it sound as if Quinn were a midget, when he was at least six three. But compared to his mountainous ancestor, he was small.

When she opened her eyes, his gaze held a wicked twinkle. “I’ve never had any complaints.” His full lips quirked in amusement. “In fact, I’ve been told I’m bigger than”—he paused before finishing with a roguish grin—“average.”

Amelia could feel her face turn red as she imagined all the places where Quinn might rival his great-great-grandfather. Flustered, she switched her attention to another photo on the wall.

Dated 1953, the black-and-white image showed a tall, dark-haired man with a small boy perched on his shoulders in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. The man had a big smile, and he was missing an arm.

“My grandfather, Patrick, and my father when he was two years old,” Quinn said, his voice rumbling a rich baritone close to her right ear.

While she’d been preoccupied with his measurements, he’d moved behind her, close enough for her to feel his breath on her hair and the heat of his body. A small shiver of awareness chased over her. The back of her nape prickled, her nipples hardened, and her stomach tingled.

“My grandfather was just a few years older than me when this picture was taken,” he continued. “He lost his arm in World War II, but at least he came home. His three brothers died in Europe.”

She tried to concentrate on what he’d said. “Do you remember him?” she asked, shifting her big leather bag to her right shoulder to put some space between them.

“Yes. He and my grandmother both died when I was a teenager,” he answered gruffly, obviously still affected by their deaths.

Since she didn’t want to bring up painful memories for him or delve into her own regret that she had never known her grandparents, she redirected the conversation.

“You could be his twin,” she noted, referring to his grandfather.

She had no doubt Patrick O’Brien in the flesh had been just as gorgeous as his grandson. She heard a huff of laughter from Quinn and turned to him.

He leaned against a nearby doorframe and crossed his arms over his chest. His sleeves were rolled up, showing off ropey forearms dusted with dark hair. A chunky silver watch encircled his left wrist.

“Did I say something funny?”

“Grandpa Patrick was a real ladies’ man before he met my grandma Violet,” he said, his blue eyes glinting in the shadows cast by the hall lights. “Legend has it he was so good-looking, women pretended to faint just to get his attention.”

“That seems a little extreme. Was your grandmother one of those women?”

“No. She said she had other ways of getting his attention.”

She laughed. “I can imagine.”

He smiled slowly. “Since you think I look just like him, are you going to swoon at my feet?”

She knew she was in trouble when she saw that smile. Oh, yes, Quinn O’Brien was well aware of the effect he had on women. It was a wonder he didn’t swagger.

Like his grandfather, he probably attracted women like flies to honey. In fact, she wouldn’t be surprised if scientists eventually discovered men like him had a special strand of DNA that compelled women, regardless of their age, to lose their minds, discard their morals, and drop their panties.

Since she wanted to keep her panties exactly where they were, she moved the conversation back to business. “I don’t need to pretend to faint. Because we’re working together, I already have your attention.”

His eyes roamed over her face. “Yes,” he agreed in a low voice, straightening from his slouch against the door and moving closer to her. “You definitely have my attention.”

His reply sounded like both a warning and a promise.

Chapter 3

Amelia’s big brown eyes widened. Surrounded by long lashes several shades darker than her hair, they reminded Quinn of dark chocolate. The expensive kind, not the cheap crap.

Glittery gold eye shadow covered her lids, which should have made her look like a stripper or a showgirl. Instead, it just made her skin glow and shimmer.

He couldn’t remember if Teagan’s report had mentioned Amelia’s age, but he figured she was in her mid-twenties. Her face was unlined, and her skin was clear and smooth.

She licked her lips, leaving them shiny and wet. He wanted to put his thumb right in the center of that lush lower lip, opening her mouth just enough for him to lean in and taste her.

Everything about Amelia, from her cinnamon-colored hair and dark-chocolate eyes to her brown-sugar freckles and creamy skin, made him think of dessert. And he wanted to take a big bite.

As he and Amelia had made the trip to his office, he had been preoccupied with the way her jeans shaped her ass, which had made the fit of his own pants a bit tight behind his button fly. He’d had no idea he had checked out Amelia Winger while he’d been on the escalator, and he wanted another look at that shapely behind.

Truthfully, he wanted to do more than look. He’d like to pull her into his body, wrap his hands around those plump curves, and give them a hard squeeze.

His mouth had clearly been on the same wavelength when Teagan introduced him to Amelia, and it had malfunctioned. It was the first time he’d ever greeted a woman by telling her she had a nice ass. He could only pray it also was the last time.

Teagan would have plenty to say about his blunder when she got him alone. He winced at the thought. Even though she was three years younger, her rebukes always left him feeling like a preschooler relegated to time-out. The thought of Teagan’s displeasure was enough to remind him that Amelia was here to do a job, not serve as his dessert.

He turned and strode to his office. Pushing open the door with the heel of his hand, he waited for Amelia to step inside before closing it behind him.

“I just realized I haven’t offered you a drink. Would you like a cup of coffee before we get started?” he asked.

“No thanks, I don’t drink coffee.”

“No coffee in the morning?” He shuddered at the thought of that kind of deprivation. “How can you function?”

“I drink juice.”

“Juice,” he repeated incredulously.

She laughed. “Yes. Juice. About a year ago, I read an article about juicing and its health benefits, and now I’m addicted. I splurged on an outrageously expensive juicer, and I drink my own concoctions every morning, or at least I do when I’m at home.”

He imagined drinking liquefied spinach, and his stomach lurched. Yuck.

But maybe juice was responsible for her shiny hair and gorgeous skin. If so, he wholeheartedly supported her addiction.

“So what’s your favorite?” he asked, trying to make some small talk so she’d feel comfortable and relaxed. He wanted them to have a productive discussion about what he expected from her.

“Definitely my tropical fruit juice, which has mango, pineapple, kiwi, and a splash of coconut water.”

“That sounds good, but not nearly as good as a mug of dark roast,” he said before inviting her to take a seat.

She moved forward, her gaze slowly roaming his office. Her mouth curved when she saw the sofa against the far wall. It never failed to catch the attention of whoever visited his office.

Upholstered with hundreds of Rileys jean pockets, the sofa was a piece of art and history rolled into one oversized piece of furniture. Adorned with large, puffy pillows, it was a patchwork of different shades of denim, from powder blue to deep indigo. He loved that sofa like a mother loved her firstborn child.

“How do you like my sofa?”

“It’s definitely unusual.”

“You know how jeans feel once you’ve broken them in and the denim is all soft and worn? My sofa feels exactly like that.”

She looked longingly at the sofa. He could tell she wanted to see if he told the truth.

“Go ahead, try it,” he urged.

Amelia walked over to the sofa, but instead of sitting, she ran her nails along the fabric before smoothing it with a caress. The action made him think about her fingers on his skin, and he swiped a hand across his damp forehead.

He couldn’t remember the last time he’d felt this kind of overwhelming attraction, and he was slightly resentful she’d managed to distract him so completely and with no effort. He was acting like a horny teenager instead of an adult male who received more than his fair share of female attention.

He’d been propositioned by women twenty years his senior, cornered by aggressive co-eds, and used by hard-as-nails businesswomen. He knew when a woman wanted him, and Amelia hadn’t given off any “do me” vibes.

“I bet you’ve spent a lot of afternoons on this sofa,” she teased.

Did she think he was a lazy bum? Well, she was right, at least about the time he spent on the sofa. He worked hard, but he also stretched out on it every time he needed to work through a problem, personal or business.

“It comes in handy.”

She gave the sofa a final stroke before taking a seat in one of the distressed leather chairs facing his desk. She leaned over to put her bag on the floor, the movement straining the buttons on her aqua-colored shirt.

He fervently wished at least one would give up the fight so he could get a peek at what was under her shirt. Did she prefer the sensuality of lace or the sportiness of cotton?

When he realized what he was doing—staring at Amelia’s chest and daydreaming about her bra—he gave himself a mental kick in the ass. What the hell was wrong with him? Hundreds of women had sat in his office for business meetings, and he hadn’t imagined any of them topless. He shouldn’t be thinking about Amelia that way, either.

He dragged his eyes back to her face just as she sat up and crossed her legs. It was then he noticed her cowboy boots, which were so spectacular he momentarily forgot all about her breasts and what might or might not cover them. They were made of pale blond leather, a creamy color like freshly churned butter, and featured a pointy tip and a three-inch heel embellished with studs.

Elaborate stitching in contrasting dark-chocolate thread covered the vamp and toe area. The expertise of the craftsmanship was obvious, as was the quality of the materials.

“Did you design those?” he asked, pointing to her boots.

“Yes, I did, along with the belt I’m wearing and my bag,” she answered with no small amount of pride. “I wore them today because I thought it would be a good idea to show you the goods, so to speak.”

Quinn had an obscene thought that involved her showing him her goods, but pressed his lips together to make sure none of his stray musings escaped him like they had earlier this morning. He rose, rounding the desk to stand in front of her.

“Do you mind if I take a closer look?” he asked, kneeling at her feet to get a better view of the boots.

When he put a hand near her ankle to push up the leg of her pants, she jerked. “I’ll just take them off.”

“Let me help,” he offered, and she reluctantly placed her foot in his hands.

After a couple of tugs, the boot came loose, uncovering her pink camouflage-print sock. He leaned back on his heels to study her boot more closely but was distracted when she stood.

Her new position put his face almost nose-deep in her cleavage, and when she realized it, she stumbled backward, barely saving herself from a fall by grabbing the back of the chair. Before he could say anything, her hands went to her waist, and she began to unbuckle her belt.

What the hell is she doing?

Just like that, all his efforts to keep his thoughts firmly in PG territory drained away in a wave of lust so powerful he had trouble catching his breath.

•   •   •

Amelia was more flustered than she’d ever been in her life. She could only think of one other occasion when she’d been so rattled, and that was the night Ava Grace had sung her heart out to win the American Star title.

She was off balance because she wore only one boot, and her fingers felt numb, which was not only alarming but inconvenient, too. She needed to take off her belt so Quinn could study it without getting any closer. He had already been too close. Her body flushed when she thought about the graceless move that had forced her girls into his face.

He still knelt on the concrete floor, and the office was so silent she could hear his breathing. His chest moved in a deep, fast rhythm.

She leaned against the chair. After a moment, her fingers worked again, and she resumed unbuckling her belt.

“So what do you think?” she asked, referring to the boot he still held in his hands.

Her voice sounded just like Marilyn Monroe’s when she’d sung “Happy Birthday” to JFK, and she cringed in embarrassment. When he didn’t reply, she glanced up from her belt.

His head was bowed, his knuckles white where they clenched her boot. Finally, he responded.

“I think you should stop fiddling with your belt,” he said roughly.

She froze, torn between running and staying exactly where she was. If the air had been heavy with sexual tension before, it now crackled with it. She had never felt anything like it, and she definitely didn’t want to feel it with this man.

She waited a beat before speaking. “May I have my boot back?”

He relinquished his hold on her footwear, and she moved to the sofa to pull it on. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw him get to his feet and make his way toward the windows.

He stared down at the street below, one hand propped on the window and the other rubbing the back of his neck. “Teagan thinks you’re the right person for this job,” he said without turning.

His voice was hoarse, and he cleared his throat. “I’m inclined to agree with her. I like what I saw here today.” He stopped abruptly, muttering something under his breath. “I like your designs,” he clarified.

He turned from the window, his face blank. “You asked for this meeting. Is there anything in particular you wanted to discuss?”

“Yes. I’m curious how much supervision you plan to give to this project.”

He smiled, a quick quirk of his lips. “Haven’t you heard? I’m a terrible micromanager.”

She tensed, shuddering inwardly at the thought of him hanging over her shoulder, watching her every move. Her dread must have been visible because he chuckled.

“Relax, Amelia. I’m far from a micromanager. I trust people to do their jobs, at least until they give me a reason not to trust them. And you’ve not given me any reason not to trust you.”

“So you aren’t going to provide a lot of supervision. What kind of involvement do you expect to have with the design process?”

“What would you say if I told you I didn’t want to be involved?”

At first, his answer delighted her because it meant he wouldn’t bother her while she worked. But then she was a little disappointed. This was his family business. Where was his sense of responsibility?

“I’d say it’s very unwise to not be involved.”

“Really?” he asked, his dark eyebrows winging up his forehead. “Why would you say that? I’m not the expert in women’s fashion. You are.”

“I get the sense the women’s division is suffering from benign neglect.”

“You’re probably right. It has been largely ignored, almost since it was first created. But partnering with you for this line of accessories is the most attention I can give it.”

“Don’t you want the women’s division to be successful?”

He sighed loudly. “If you think about Riley O’Brien & Co. as a big oak tree with deep roots and long, thick branches, the women’s division is nothing but a short, skinny branch.” He grimaced. “It’s rotting, and it might be time to take a chainsaw to it.”

She digested his comments. Now she had a much better understanding of why Teagan had felt compelled to take matters into her own hands, or rather, put matters into Amelia’s hands.

And it also explained why Teagan refused to supervise the project. She believed Quinn’s involvement in the accessories would make him more connected to the women’s division.

Amelia addressed the next item on her mental list. “I estimate the design process will take three to six months because each piece will need to be tweaked and approved,” she said, looking for confirmation because she wasn’t sure how the process worked at Riley O’Brien & Co.

“That’s about right,” he said, leaning against the window. “You’ll also need to work with our purchasing department to make sure each piece is constructed of materials that can be sourced easily and inexpensively. And you’ll need to work with our manufacturing folks to make sure your pieces can be made on our existing equipment.”

Teagan had neglected to share those specific details. Amelia was a little intimidated at how extensively he expected her to be involved in the process once her designs were completed and approved.

“That would mean my involvement would last well beyond six months.”

“Is that a problem?”

Yes, it was a problem, a huge one. If she got this worked up simply by being in the same room with Quinn, she needed to make sure she did most of her design work far away from him. Several states away, preferably.

Rising from the sofa, she returned to the chair she had vacated so abruptly. “I’m not willing to be away from Nashville for that long.”

“Why? Do you have a man who wants you by his side day and night?” he asked, a hint of sarcasm in his deep voice.

She stiffened. This was not the way she wanted the meeting to go. She wanted them to be allies, not enemies, so she did her best to lighten the mood.

“Not just one man. The entire defensive line of the Tennessee Titans is at my beck and call,” she quipped.

When he scowled at her, she held out her hands, palms up. “If you want me to produce samples, I need to have access to my workshop.”

“Believe it or not, we actually have workshops here,” he replied dryly.

Realizing she wasn’t getting anywhere with her argument, she clenched her fists in her lap. “Do you have a problem with me doing the majority of the design work in Nashville?”

“Is it a deal breaker if I do have a problem with it?”

Her mouth went dry. Was it a deal breaker?

She knew she’d do her best work in an environment where she felt comfortable and confident, but she could work anywhere. Was she going to lose the biggest opportunity of her career because she was afraid she couldn’t control her hormones?

She struggled to find an answer, ashamed she even had to think about it. Her lustful thoughts about Quinn shouldn’t factor into her decision. Her career was more important than sexual attraction.

After several seconds of silence, he sighed. “Fine. You can do the majority of the design work in Nashville. But I expect you to be here to get the project off on the right foot.”

She went limp with relief. He had given in. “How long did you have in mind?”

After a brief pause, he said, “Four weeks.”

A month on-site wasn’t ideal, but she didn’t think he was being unreasonable with his request.

“You also need to make time to tour one of our manufacturing facilities. And I want you to present the samples in person.”

When she didn’t answer immediately, he asked sharply, “Is that acceptable to you?”

“Yes, that’s acceptable to me, as long as you pay for my airfare, lodging, and food while I’m here.”

She couldn’t afford the expense of flying back and forth from Nashville to San Francisco along with the high hotel rates in the Bay Area.

Quinn’s eyebrows shot up. “Of course. That’s a given.”

She knew she had exposed her lack of previous business experience. Covering her gaffe with a big smile, she said, “I have to finish up another project before I start on yours, but it shouldn’t take long, only a couple of weeks.”

His broad shoulders lifted in a shrug. “That’s fine.”

She stood and offered her hand to seal the deal. He looked at it for a moment, and when it was obvious he had no plans to take it, she tucked it into her pocket.

“Are we finished?” he asked, pulling out his mobile.

He had already dismissed her, and instead of being offended by his rudeness, she was relieved. She turned to grab her bag, but his words drew her attention.

“Teagan, hey . . . Amelia and I are finished,” he said into the phone. “Come and get her and then treat her to an early lunch.” He paused for a second before answering, “Okay. See you in a second.”

Disconnecting the call, he placed the phone on his desk. “Teagan’s on her way.”

Amelia nodded before bending down to pick up her bag. As she turned to face him, she noticed his eyes were focused on her lower half. She was almost certain he’d been checking out her butt.


His eyes jerked to her face. “I’m sorry,” he said, a tide of red sweeping over his face. “I missed what you said.”

Oh, yes, he definitely had been checking out her butt. She should be insulted, but surprisingly she wasn’t. Instead, she was flattered a hot guy appreciated her anatomy.

But not just any hot guy. This hot guy.

“Can you repeat what you said?”

“I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity,” she said sincerely. “I think it’s going to work out great.”

Quinn smiled, but it looked more like a grimace. “Yeah, I’m sure it will.”

Chapter 4

“So, how did it go?” Teagan asked as she and Amelia made their way along Market Street.

Teagan had promised to take her to one of the best lunch spots in the city, and they were heading to a place called Zuni Café. Although they had walked silently for a few minutes, Amelia had yet to figure out the best way to describe her meeting with Quinn, so she deflected Teagan’s question with one of her own.

“Is the weather always this gorgeous in September?”

This business trip was Amelia’s first visit to San Francisco, and she was surprised by the warm, sunny weather. Like most tourists, her knowledge of the city was gleaned primarily from movies. As a result, she had expected fog, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz.

“Yes. Most people don’t know it, but we have Indian summers here. October is even nicer.” Teagan gave her a sidelong glance. “Are you going to tell me how your meeting with Quinn went or are we going to keep talking about the weather?”

Amelia smiled wryly. She liked Teagan, but she wouldn’t say they were friends. They had only known each other a few months, and their discussions had been limited to business with a bit of Teagan’s family history mixed in.

Ava Grace had introduced them at a concert to raise money for the nation’s largest hunger relief organization. Teagan had been there because Riley O’Brien & Co.’s charitable foundation was one of the event sponsors, while Ava Grace had performed at the concert along with several other country and rock musicians.

“The meeting wasn’t bad,” Amelia said finally. “Quinn was pleasant. Nice, even.”

Teagan snorted. “First of all, if that were true, you’d be damning him with faint praise,” she retorted. “Second, my brother is a lot of things, but ‘nice’ is not an adjective most women use to describe him.”

“How do most women describe him?” Amelia asked, eager to gain some insight into Quinn from such a reliable source.

Teagan made a sound of disgust. “Hot.” Her red lips twisted. “But I think ‘hardheaded’ is a better adjective. Although ‘clueless’ also works.”

Amelia laughed. “Maybe you’re right. He’s still blissfully unaware of our real plans.”

“So he still has no idea you’re going to reimagine our women’s jeans, in addition to creating some new styles and expanding the product line?”

“No, we only talked about accessories,” Amelia confirmed. “He noticed my boots right away, and I think they convinced him that I was up to the challenge.”

“I knew they would. He likes shoes even more than I do, and I’m a shoe whore.”

She looked down at Teagan’s heels. “Yes, you are,” she agreed with a laugh.

The red suede peep-toes were a perfect complement to Teagan’s wrap dress, which clung to her considerable curves. “That’s a fabulous dress, by the way. You remind me of a 1940s pinup.”

Teagan smoothed a hand over her dark, wavy hair. “I always wear dresses or skirts to work.” She sighed wistfully. “I would love to wear jeans, but I can’t wear the competition to the office. Can you imagine? It would be like cursing during Mass. And I refuse to wear Rileys. I hate the way they fit.”

Amelia nodded. “Me, too. They’re too long for me, and I have to go up a couple of sizes for them to fit my butt, which makes the waist too loose. Even Ava Grace looks bad in them.”

“And they’re so uncomfortable in the crotch.”

Amelia snickered. “The dreaded camel toe.”

“Ugh,” Teagan groaned. “If you can find a way to design a pair of jeans that prevent camel toe, you’ll be doing the whole world a great service.”

Teagan shifted her red Gucci bag to her other shoulder and stopped in front of a storefront topped with a bright yellow awning. “This is it,” she announced, ushering Amelia through the door.

Soon after the hostess seated them in a booth near the window, their server came by to take their drink order. Amelia was surprised when Teagan ordered a dirty martini.

“I know it’s early, but talking with Quinn about the women’s division always drives me to drink,” Teagan noted with a scowl. “The men in my family are so stubborn. I really thought things would change once Quinn stepped in to run the company when my dad got sick, but he hasn’t done anything to help the women’s division. It’s infuriating.”

The server delivered the drinks to their table, and Teagan took a moment to reduce him to a quivering mass of hormones with some over-the-top flirting. When she finished with him and the poor guy had stumbled away, she raised her martini.

“To a successful redesign,” she toasted.

When Amelia didn’t raise her glass, Teagan frowned. Sighing loudly, she returned her cocktail to the table with a sharp click.

“I know you feel guilty about going behind Quinn’s back,” Teagan acknowledged. “But he needs to realize how important the women’s division really is.”

“I do feel guilty. I’m not a naturally deceitful person.”

“You just need a little practice.”

Amelia shook her head in exasperation. While Teagan didn’t seem to have any hesitation about working behind her older brother’s back, Amelia continued to struggle with her decision.

Initially, Teagan and Amelia had only talked about accessories. When Teagan had broached the subject of working on a comprehensive redesign, Amelia hadn’t been interested because of the secrecy required.

But Teagan had been very persuasive, agreeing to fund Amelia’s longtime dream of owning a chain of boutiques where she could sell her designs exclusively. Teagan’s investment was contingent upon Amelia’s success. Quinn had to agree to put her designs into production or she didn’t get anything for her efforts.

Amelia met Teagan’s eyes. “Are you sure you want to do this? I only spent a short amount of time with Quinn this morning, but I have no doubt he’ll be furious when he finds out what we’re doing.”

Going behind Quinn’s back made Amelia feel as if she was compromising an important part of herself in her quest for success. She had the unpleasant notion this was exactly how executives devolved into criminals. Little by little, they put money and success ahead of character and integrity.

“My dad ignored the women’s division, and Quinn doesn’t think it can be successful, no matter what,” Teagan grumbled, her frustration evident. “He refuses to listen to me, and I have to do something big to make him see the potential.”

After taking a sip of her martini, Teagan said, “I’ve been thinking about the best way to tell Quinn about the redesign. I know we’ve only talked about sketches, but maybe you should create samples, too. Then we could have a mini fashion show.”

Amelia considered Teagan’s suggestion. “I think that’s a good idea. But I’ll need extra time to create the samples.”

“How much time?”

“At least twelve weeks . . . maybe more,” she replied, knowing her answer would disappoint Teagan. “And that doesn’t include the initial design process.”

Sure enough, the other woman’s mouth turned down in a disappointed frown. “So January at the earliest?”

Amelia nodded apologetically. “I know it will be hard to keep the project a secret from Quinn for that long.”

“We don’t have any choice. We have a much better chance of gaining his support if he can see your designs on real bodies. You know what they say: seeing is believing.”

“There’s still a good chance he won’t put them into production,” Amelia warned.

Teagan nodded. “You’re right, he might not. And if he refuses to see it my way, I’ll take it to the board.”

Amelia pondered Teagan’s statement. It sounded as if she was willing to push Quinn out of the CEO suite if he didn’t go along with her ideas.

“Just to be clear, do you want to take over the company?”

Teagan frowned. “I doubt it would come to that.”

“And if it did?”

“I don’t want to take Quinn’s job from him. Let’s just hope he eventually sees the light.”

•   •   •

Quinn stabbed the down button on the elevators leading to the parking garage below Riley Plaza. Since it was nearly seven in the evening, no one else waited for the elevator. He impatiently slapped his leather messenger bag against his hip, eager to be on his way home.

This morning’s unscheduled meeting with Amelia Winger had messed up his routine. After handing Amelia off to Teagan, he’d immediately rushed into a meeting with the head of real estate, Sam Sullivan.

During the meeting, he and Sam had discussed the possibility of opening more Riley O’Brien retail locations. Currently, the company employed a multichannel distribution model, selling its products in bricks-and-mortar locations, online, and through print catalogs.

Customers could purchase Rileys from big-name department stores, regional clothing chains, and smaller boutiques, along with Riley O’Brien–branded shops. While online sales were growing, most people still bought their jeans from a retail location.

In general, neither men nor women liked to buy a pair of jeans without trying them on. In fact, market research showed most people considered several different brands and tried on multiple styles before buying even one pair of jeans.

The elevator arrived with a ding, its doors swishing open. Stepping inside, he pushed the button to take him down to the third level. While most companies reserved prime parking spaces for executives, Riley O’Brien & Co.’s coveted spaces were awarded monthly by lottery. The process served as a constant reminder that all employees were valued equally.

Arriving at the designated floor, he made his way to his Audi Q7 and clicked the remote to unlock the doors. He’d bought the luxury SUV on a whim one rainy Saturday afternoon a few months ago.

Since he hadn’t been seeing anyone romantically, and his brother, Cal, had been out of town, he’d been bored out of his mind. He had been watching ESPN when an Audi commercial had come on, and he had decided to visit the local dealership.

When Cal had seen his new toy, he’d pointed out that most people went for a run or to the movies when they were bored. His brother had concluded Quinn needed a hobby, or even better, a honey, and then he’d begged to drive it.

Teagan, meanwhile, had said he had too much time on his hands and too much money in his bank account, something he didn’t bother to dispute. “You should try volunteering,” she’d suggested snidely before demanding that he take her for a spin.

Opening the door, he tossed his bag in the passenger seat and jumped in. The smell of expensive leather enveloped him, and he clicked his seat belt in place.

After connecting his iPhone to the car radio, he turned it on. He’d been edgy and agitated all day, and loud, angry music always helped him decompress.

As he drove home, he tapped his fingers against the steering wheel to the thumping beat of Godsmack’s “I Stand Alone.” The music was suddenly silenced as the car’s console lit up to let him know he had a call. He pressed a button to connect it, and Teagan was immediately there with him, in voice if not in body.

“Quinn, where are you?” Her voice came through the speakers loud and clear, much to his displeasure.

“I’m heading home.”

“You avoided me all afternoon,” she accused.

“You think so?” he replied, knowing his answer would irritate her.

“I know so, you jerk.”

He grinned. Annoying his little sister was so much fun, and he did it as often as he could.

“And here’s more proof you don’t know everything,” he mocked. “I had meetings all afternoon, and it was just a happy coincidence I was able to avoid you at the same time.”

Teagan’s rude snort echoed throughout the car. “I wanted to talk to you about your meeting with Amelia.”

Quinn sobered. He’d been trying not to think about that meeting all day.

“What about it?” he asked cautiously.

Her questions flew at him with the rapid staccato of a machine gun. “How did it go? Did you like her? What did you talk about? Were you satisfied?”

Thinking about Amelia made his gut tighten with renewed arousal. No, he definitely hadn’t been satisfied.

“It was fine.”

Teagan sighed loudly. “You’re just as bad as Amelia. She barely said two words to me about the meeting.”

Quinn’s curiosity was piqued. “What did she say?”

“She said you were nice.”

Nice? Now he felt like ramming his head into a brick wall.

“What did you think of her?”

That was a good question. What did he think of Amelia? She hadn’t been anything like he’d expected, and he found her interesting, smart, and sexy.

In the short time they’d spent together, she had shown interest in his family’s history and an appreciation for the company’s traditions. She had a sense of humor, and she was a hard negotiator, not giving up on her desire to work from Nashville despite the pressure he’d put on her.

He had definitely been impressed with her design skills. He had underestimated her talent by assuming she had achieved her success solely because of Ava Grace Landy. Her boots had been works of art, and he was sure she would be able to come up with some kick-ass accessories for the company.

But he was less sure he’d be able to keep his hands to himself, especially when he thought about her round ass, shiny hair, and pink lips. His extreme reaction to her was worrisome since he shied away from any personal relationships that might jeopardize Riley O’Brien & Co.

“When will Amelia be back?” Teagan asked.

“Didn’t you two discuss that during lunch?”


Apparently, Amelia had left it to him to explain their agreement to his sister. She wasn’t going to like what he had to say, and Amelia owed him for taking fire for this. He had a vision of her showing her appreciation on her knees with his hand fisted in her fiery red hair and her plump lips wrapped around his cock.

“When will she be back?” Teagan repeated, rudely interrupting his fantasy.

“In two weeks. But she’s only going to be here for a month. She’s going to do most of the design work in Nashville.”

He expected a verbal explosion from Teagan, and he didn’t have to wait long.

“Are you serious, Quinn?” she burst out furiously. “She needs to be here!”

He cut her off. “Look, Amelia was ready to call off the deal if I didn’t agree,” he explained, wondering why he bothered to defend himself when he hadn’t done anything wrong. “Since the accessories are your bright idea, I thought you’d be happy I saved them. Instead, you’re bitching at me.”

Reaching his driveway, he pushed the button to open the garage doors situated below his trilevel Victorian and drove in. Teagan had been silent for so long he wondered if the call had dropped.

“Are you still there, T?”

“Yes, I was just thinking. Maybe we should throw a party to announce the partnership with Amelia. It would generate some buzz for the new accessories.”

“Why don’t you talk to Cal and see what he thinks?”

“I will.”

He shifted the Audi into park. “Are we done?”

“We should offer the penthouse to Amelia. That might entice her to do more of the design work here.”

Quinn sighed. He doubted anything would convince Amelia to spend more time in San Francisco than she had to. He was pretty sure she wanted to avoid him.

Despite his efforts to hide it, his desire for her had been obvious. He was just glad his jeans had concealed his erection. He had no doubt she would have ended the meeting if she had seen it. Riley O’Brien & Co. would have been forced to find another designer, and now that he’d met her, he definitely wanted Amelia.

In more ways than one, a little voice inside him whispered.

He scowled, annoyed by his surprising and inconvenient attraction to Amelia. He needed to get his shit together and focus on what she could do for Riley O’Brien & Co. She was an extremely talented designer. He needed to give her the same level of respect he would give any other professional.

With that in mind, he said, “I don’t see a problem letting Amelia use the penthouse as long as it’s not booked for someone else.”

“I’ll double-check, and if it’s open, I’ll go ahead and reserve it for the next few weeks.” She cleared her throat. “Quinn, is there something I should know? Did something happen during the meeting?”

Leaning his head against the headrest, he closed his eyes and squeezed the bridge of his nose. He wasn’t in the habit of lying, especially to his sister, and he wasn’t going to start now.

“Working with Amelia is going to be interesting,” he finally said. “I’m home. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

He disconnected the call before she could say anything else.

Chapter 5

The buzz of Quinn’s alarm clock pulled him from a deep sleep the next morning. Covering his eyes with his forearm, he debated whether to lounge in bed an extra hour or get up and go for his regular morning run.

He’d gone to bed way too late after spending several hours online searching for information on Amelia Winger. He was intensely curious about her, but he hadn’t wanted to quiz Teagan because his sister was smart enough to smell smoke where there was a little fire.

Unfortunately, his research had uncovered very little about Amelia, although she showed up briefly in a number of articles where Ava Grace Landy was the main subject. He’d discovered she and Ava Grace were from a town in Texas called Electra, population 2,772. The pair had been friends since kindergarten, and they were both twenty-six years old.

When Ava Grace had won American Star three years ago, she moved to Nashville, and Amelia came with her. They now shared a house outside the city, although he wasn’t exactly sure where.

With so many pictures of Ava Grace on the web, Amelia’s designs were everywhere, and he had reviewed them with interest. In Ava Grace, Amelia had found the perfect canvas to showcase her designs. With her long, lean body, the country music star was a living mannequin, and no matter what she wore, she looked stunning.

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All the Right Places 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 30 reviews.
MaimeosAngelsEL More than 1 year ago
Jenna Sutton is a new author to me and I have no idea why that is. Quinn is the CEO of Riley O’Brien, a Jean company and as such he is a workaholic doing his best to make the family business a success. When Amelia is hired to design accessories for the business by his sister, Quinn is against the idea, particularly as he is immediately attracted to her. There were times that Quinn and his sexist remarks really annoyed me; what redeemed him in my eyes was how he fell hard and deep for Amelia. Unbeknownst to Quinn, Amelia has an arrangement with his sister which is in opposition to Quinn’s future plans for the company. Amelia being equally attracted knows that she should avoid personal involvement with Quinn at all costs but finally gives in to temptation. What will happen when the truth is finally revealed? Ava Lucas did a fabulous job of narrating the characters in a variety of voices and this absolutely enhanced my listening enjoyment.
TheSassyBookster More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars! Growing up in a small town, Amelia Winger had big dreams of becoming a successful designer but her lack of a formal education has always been a barrier until she gets the opportunity to design accessories for the famous denim brand, Riley O’Brien & Co. However, she is not prepared for Quinn O’Brien, the sexy CEO and the attraction between them. She is determined to achieve her dreams and despite her fight to keep things professional, the attraction between them is too hard to resist. I loved everything about this book! The characters, the romance between Amelia and Quinn, the family dynamics between Quinn and his siblings, the family history, everything! Amelia is smart, intuitive about fashion and very independent. Quinn on the other hand is a complex man, torn between the weight of his heritage and his duty to uphold and improve what his ancestors built. Quinn has devoted his life to Riley O’Brien and Co. until Amelia enters the picture and now he finds his attention divided between the company and his desire for home and hearth. Sometimes, I find myself liking one character more than the other but in this case, I actually liked both Quinn and Amelia. Amelia is a mix of sweet and confident with a dash of insecure while Quinn is a delicious and charming hunk of man! I love the gradual build-up of both the romance (which is very sweet, by the way) and the sexual tension between Amelia and Quinn. I love the mix of sweet and spicy in their relationship. The history of the Riley O’Brien & Co brand is a very central part of this story and I love that it was well-researched but not overdone. Family is also at the core of Quinn and Amelia’s story. Quinn has a wonderful family, which is something Amelia, whose only family is her best friend, has always wanted. I’m very vocal about not liking a lot of angst in my books and I love that there was very little of that in this book. Issues were quickly resolved and both Amelia and Quinn were very mature and worked to make their relationship successful. All the Right Places is a slam-dunk start to a series and Jenna Sutton has just become one of my favorite authors. For a first book in a series, All the Right Places does not suffer from information overload. In fact, even the hints of the upcoming romances of the other siblings are so subtle that you could blink and miss them! Source: I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
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All the Right Places by Jenna Sutton is her debut novel, which is the 1st book in her Riley O’Brien & Co. series. This was an enjoyable sexy romance, and written very well by Jenna Sutton, which was very impressive, as it is her debut novel. I will be reading her next book in this fun series. The focus of this series centers on Riley O’Brien & Co denim empire. Quinn O’Brien is our hero and immediately caught our attention, as he waits for the elevator to bring him to his office. While he waits, he stares at the backside of a young redhead; after all that is his favorite part of the human body. :) His company does sell jeans, and the perfect fitting makes Riley O’Brien at the top of their field. But Quinn is not too happy to see that this nice butt does not have the Riley O’Brien label. Amelia Winger is our heroine, and I thought she was great. Amelia is working on becoming a successful designer, and has been offered a position to design accessories for Riley O’Brien to help increase sales for the women’s division. Quinn’s sister, Teagan has been after him to allow her to change the face of jeans for woman, which has become a disaster. The men’s jeans are perfect, but they are not good for women. Amelia agrees with Teagan, and she not only will design new accessories, she will secretly design new woman’s jeans, which Teagan will push at the right time. But Amelia doesn’t plan on falling for the sexy Quinn, and does everything she can to avoid him at all costs. Quinn can’t resist Amelia, and in a short time, they secretly have an affair that is sizzling all the way through. There was a bit of erotic in their romance, which was so well done, and I loved Quinn and Amelia together. Amelia rightfully worries that once Quinn finds out about her working with his sister, she will lose him. What happens when Quinn discovers the deception? This was such a wonderful delightful, steamy, and fun romantic story. All the secondary characters were great, and added nicely to the story. The background of the denim business was very well done, and the family oriented storyline was great. I found myself totally immersed into this fun story, enjoying it all, which I read it in one day. Jenna Sutton has done such a great job in writing this wonderful romance, and if this is her debut novel, she certainly has a wonderful career ahead of her, and I’ll be there reading her books as they are released. I wholly recommend you to read All the Right Places, as it was a fun, and sexy romance.
SRS2002 More than 1 year ago
Loved this debut by Jenna Sutton--sooooo well-written, fluid, and easy-to-read!  Amelia is so spunky, and I love that she's not your classic beauty--and Quinn loves that too!  ALOT!!!!  And, Quinn, Holy Mother!!!!  He's the whole package: smart, driven, domesticated--a family man by nature, smokin' hot!!!!  He's got the right amount of swagger and confidence without being arrogant.  And, the plot is different--thank the Good Lord!   So, I loved the romance, but there's so much more to this book: insight into the runnings of a large corporation, the impact consumers have on different industries, the connection of our pasts with our present and future, juicing, my list could go on... Sutton has a way with words and dialogue--I laughed out loud reading this book, and, for me, that's rare.  To paint such a picture of the characters that the reader can just feel, hear, see the scenes happening is truly a gift.  Yes, Sutton is a gifted storyteller, and I can't wait for the next installment in the series!
asgoodrich More than 1 year ago
All the Right Places proved to be an entertaining read that was smart, funny, and steamy… in all the right places. As the first book in the Riley O’Brien & Co. series, Ms. Sutton does a nice job of introducing us to the O’Brien siblings and their denim dynasty while moving the story along so that we get straight to the heart of the book – the relationship that develops between Quinn O’Brien and Amelia Winger. In what has to be one of the funniest opening scenes I have read in a while, we meet Quinn as he is checking out Amelia’s butt – strictly for market research purposes only…RIGHT! But seriously, as the acting-CEO and heir apparent to Riley O’Brien & Co. Quinn is frequently checking out how peoples’ jeans fit and he finds himself pleased by the derriere in front of him while at the same time appalled that someone would dare walk into his family’s company headquarters while wearing the competition’s denim. Little does he know that said rear belongs to the woman who is about to turn his world upside down – both professionally and personally. I adored Amelia’s character. As a self-taught fashion designer, what Amelia lacks in formal training she makes up for with sheer talent and has quickly become a fashion icon. Despite her success, she remains a small-town girl at heart and soon finds herself regretting the deal she made with Quinn’s sister Teagan – to redesign the women’s division of Riley O’Brien & Co. without letting Quinn know about it. While Amelia may not have any formal education past high school, she’s smart enough to know that entering into a personal relationship with Quinn while lying to him professionally won’t end well. But despite her best intentions, Quinn proves to be too much of a temptation for her to pass up and with the heat these two produce, the sex scenes were absolutely riveting (come on, that was funny). One of the things I appreciated about All the Right Places was that the author didn’t try to pass off instant lust as insta-love. While insta-love can be the perfect vehicle for moving a relationship (and book) along, it has no place in a book this length. I liked that both Quinn and Amelia admitted their attraction to one another and didn’t try to play it off as anything else in the beginning. This enabled the author to treat readers to some seriously hot sex scenes while building the relationship between the two gradually. It was because of this that when the proverbial excrement hit the fan, I was torn between agreeing that Quinn’s feeling of betrayal was justified, while at the same time understanding where Amelia was coming from and the position that Teagan had put her in. Needless to say I was heartbroken for both of them. I loved the resolution the author provided Quinn and Amelia and really enjoyed the Epilogue. I found All the Right Places to be an enjoyable read and I’m looking forward to reading the sequel, Coming Apart at the Seams, so I can find out what happened between Teagan and Nick. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads. ~ Wicked Reads Review Team ~
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
KahlanMercy More than 1 year ago
Riley O'Brien & Co Book One. Quinn O’Brien is passionate about his family's jeans company, Riley O'Brien & Co. He is the acting CEO while his father is ill, but he will soon be the official CEO. Until then, he doesn't want to rock the boat and make any major changes, especially with the lives of all of his employees on the line. However, unknown to him, Amelia Winger has been hired by his sister, Teagan, to revamp the women's line. Amelia needs Quinn to sign off on the change so that Teagan will invest in Amelia's boutique. All of this is the backdrop for Quinn and Amelia, though. The two work well together, and eventually they also get together. Who could resist a guy who buys her a juicer and the fruit to go with it? If you're looking for a fun contemporary romance with an interesting business idea, this is the book for you!
Robin55 More than 1 year ago
Really good a must read. ZJR
DebDiem More than 1 year ago
All The Right Places by Jenna Sutton is a fabulous contemporary romance. Ms. Sutton has provided readers with a well-written book. The characters are outstanding and just plain lovable. Amelia is a designer enlisted to help save the women's branch of Riley O'Brien & Co. Quinn is the acting CEO of Riley O'Brien & Co while his father is fighting cancer. Amelia and Quinn's story is packed with drama, humor and sizzle. This book captured me at Badonkadonk and didn't turn me loose until the end. I totally enjoyed reading All The Right Places and look forward to reading more from Jenna Sutton in the future. All The Right Places is book 1 of the Riley O'Brien & Co Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
GJRA. I really liked all of the characters in this 296 page novel. I don't blame Teague for her part as she knew what she was doing and turned out right. I don't think normal people have sex all night and day, of course I may be wrong since I have been married to the same love for 58 years, it was just too much sex for 5 stars and the g.d. almost made it 3 stars. GJRA
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good plot easy quick read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Strong characters and lots of conflict in the storyline.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A woman with low self-esteem, visits her insecurities on everyone, and thinks she knows what everyone is thinking. Quinn deserves an equal partner not some bimbo that has to be placated all the time. I'm so disappointed in the female that I doubt I will continue series fearing that this type of female character will be repeated. Additionally, this is an updated version of an old book with little changes that don't make much difference in the outcome of the story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Quinn, Amelia and the rest are a fun tangle of action and spice. It's addictive!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was an awesome story . Great writing .
Cynthia181 More than 1 year ago
Beautiful This is a wonderful story about how love finds it's way when you least expect it. Quinn was learning how to run the family company before his father announces his retirement. His sister is bringing in a designer for women's accessories. Amelia is beautiful and smart. What happens next helps them all.
julieford More than 1 year ago
Jenna Sutton writes a story that shows that you are not defined by your problems and that you can achieve anything that you set your mind to. This is a great book with realistic characters and a storyline that flows. Amelia grew up in poverty with an amoral mother and now she is designing clothes and accessories for an iconic business. Quinn is running the long established family business and stressing over every decision. Quinn's sister hires Amelia to design accessories for their jeans and to secretly revamp the women's line. Quinn and Amelia start out as a business relationship but quickly realize sparks are flying between them. Love and secrets don't mix and they have to overcome many issues to have a true love.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it
Faerie-bookworm More than 1 year ago
Cute story! Title: All the Right Places Author: Jenna Sutton Genre: Contemporary Romance Format: Paperback Pages: 313 Rating: 4 Setting: San Francisco Main Characters: Amelia, Quinn Supporting Characters: Cal, Teagan Summary: Up and coming designer, Amelia, gets the opportunity of a lifetime when she gets a contract with Riley O’Brien & Co. Surprised by her attraction to the CEO, Quinn, she tries to keep their relationship professional but he has other plans. Thoughts: This was a really cute story. The characters were relatable and very easy to like. It was a little predictable, man meets woman, attraction, hiccup, HEA. I think it was because the hiccup was obvious, it was just when would it happen that was unknown. The writing was good and I did enjoy reading it. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very good read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very excited about this new author. Typically I am not a romance novel reader, but picked this up and read it and am now hooked! Can't wait to read the next books in the series. I felt the characters were well developed, complicated enough, without too much angst, interesting and likeable. The book moved at a good pace and was I was certainly rooting for Quinn and Amelia to get together. The sex scenes were steamy but the book was so well done, they were just an added bonus.  Watch for Jenna Sutton- I have a feeling she will be a best selling author!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a book that I will be recommending to my friends for sure.  I fell in love with the characters and found myself unable to put this book down because I wanted to find out what happened next.  It was clever, funny, and I found the heroine to be charming and witty and just a nice all around real girl.  I really appreciated that. It had a great tempo.  The transitions were smooth.  I found myself actually laughing out loud at a few parts.   I also have to add (only because it's a romance novel after all) that the sexy scenes were "oh my god" hot.  I mean, HOT.  Wonderfully descriptive, natural feeling, and made me realize I was pulling for them to work out their differences and end up together.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Once I started this book, it was hard to put it down. I really enjoyed the attraction and friction between Quinn and Amelia. I thought the story was very well written, and I could have picked Amelia out in a crowd from the author’s colorful descriptions. This book will get a spot on my keeper shelf. Looking forward to the next book from Ms. Sutton.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this book! The heroine, Amelia, is smart, sexy, and sassy. Riley O’Brien & Co. is a denim dynasty, and new designer Amelia gets her big break designing Riley O’Brien & Co.’s new accessories line. On her way to the designer big leagues, Amelia feels instant attraction to her new boss, CEO Quinn O’Brien. Quinn is all business until he lays eyes on Amelia.  Amelia and Quinn’s journey is HOT! Five stars!