All the Way to Italy

All the Way to Italy

by Flavia Brunetti

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Until her dad died, Little considered herself a Californian. Now, thanks to half a letter, a symbol she can’t quite remember, and writer’s block, she finds herself back in Italy, the country of her birth. In a headlong rush to return to her beloved San Francisco, Little will journey throughout Italy, hoping to find the answers she needs to move on with her life so she need never look back. She’ll enlist the help of the woman who raised her, Sira, her father’s sister; but Sira has secrets she’s kept for decades, and Little underestimates the power of the country she fled years before.In this powerful story of mixed cultures in a world trying to globalize, one girl’s struggle to leave her home behind will lead her back to the women in her family and the memories each of them has safeguarded through the generations. From war-torn Italy to the belpaese of today, All the Way to Italy is a tale for those in search of a balance between wanderlust and the necessity to come home, a reminder that although we may be fragments, we are never a lost cause.

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ISBN-13: 9788833460826
Publisher: Ali Ribelli Edizioni
Publication date: 04/21/2018
Sold by: StreetLib SRL
Format: NOOK Book
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Table of Contents

Travels back

Chapter 1, 1

Present day.

Top Ten Points You’ll Hear Most Often If You Grew Up With Sira (Or, How to Survive Life)

Chapter 2, 9

Rome, Italy. Present day.

Chapter 3, 15

San Francisco, California. Three months earlier.

Chapter 4, 19

Rome. Present day.

Chapter 5, 35

Rome. Present day.

Chapter 6, 39

Sperlonga, Italy. Present day.


Chapter 7, 61

Rome. 1970.

Chapter 8, 67

Rome. Present day.

Chapter 9, 73

Rome. 1983.

Chapter 10, 77

Rome. Present day.

Chapter 11, 83

Rome. Present day.

Chapter 12, 95

Rome. 1995.

Chapter 13, 99

Rome. Present day.

travels throughout

Chapter 14, 111

Tivoli, Italy. Present day.

The Elements

Chapter 15, 121

Rome. 1995.

Chapter 16, 127

Florence, Italy. Present day.

What Sings in the Night

Chapter 17, 133

Naples, Italy. Present day.

Chapter 18, 149

Naples, Italy. Present day.

Chapter 19, 151

Rome. 1996.

Chapter 20, 153

Naples. Present day.

Chapter 21, 155

Naples. Present day.

Chapter 22, 157

Orvieto, Italy. Present day.

travels forward

Chapter 23, 171

Rome. Present day.

Chapter 24, 173

Rome. Present day

Chapter 25, 177

Sperlonga. Present day.

Chapter 26, 181

Sperlonga. Present day.

Chapter 27, 185

Sperlonga. Present day.

Io ho il diritto ed anche la responsabilità

(The Colosseo, the Golden Gate, and everything in between that matters)

(It all matters)

Chapter 28, 189

Sperlonga. Present day.

Chapter 29, 193

Sperlonga. Present day.

Fragments from the Belpaese

An article by Little (pen name), contributor to the Florentine Gazette


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