All Thoughts Are Equal: Laruelle and Nonhuman Philosophy

All Thoughts Are Equal: Laruelle and Nonhuman Philosophy

by John O Maoilearca


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ISBN-13: 9780816697359
Publisher: University of Minnesota Press
Publication date: 09/03/2015
Series: Posthumanities Series , #34
Pages: 344
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

John Ó Maoilearca is professor of film studies at Kingston University, London. He is author of Post-Continental Philosophy: An Outline and Philosophy and the Moving Image: Refractions of Reality and coeditor of Laruelle and Non-Philosophy.

Table of Contents


Introduction: Laruelle and the Nonhuman in Five Remakes
The Authority and Victimization of Philosophy
‘It is Necessary to Abandon the Philosophical Usage of Thought’: From Position to Representation
Performative Inconsistency
Material Thinking
The Structure of Decision and Postural Mutation
Hypotheses of Real Science
Anthropomorphism and Extended Thinking
A Film of Philosophy: The Five Obstructions
The Horror of the Nonhuman
Outline of a Structure, with Tangents
1. Philosophy, the Path of Most Resistance
The Black Box of Philosophy
Philosophy’s Dystopias: The Victims of Thought
A Non-Philosophical Tangent: The Most Miserable Place in the World
Tu Quoque
or, You Too Are One of Us
Deleuze and Badiou: Two Perfect Philosophers
The New Realism
Laruelle is No Kant: From Determination-in-the-Last-Instance to the Mutational Transcendental
Residual Objects and Invisible Victims: The Philosophical Essence of Cinnabar
2. Paraconsistent Fictions and Discontinuous Logic
Logic, Optics, Cuts
Performative Realism: On Derrida
A Photographic Tangent: Thinking, Fast and Slow (The 12 Frames Obstruction)
Logical Contradiction and Real Identity: Inside Meinong’s Jungle
From Contradiction to Paraconsistency: Trivial Explosions
The Cinema of Discontinuous Thought: A Non-Hegelian Movie
Philosophical Boxes and Impossible Boxes
3. How to Act Like a Non-Philosopher
Remaking the One
Five Takes on Decision
A Behavioral Tangent: Being True to the Idea (A Film du Look)
Posture, Photography, and the Game of Positions
Radical Behavior
Three Distances: Withdrawal, Hallucination, Orientation
Miming Philosophy: A Game of Postures
Crux Scenica: Philosophy’s First Position (Versus the Human Posture)
4. The Perfect Nonhuman: Philosomorphism and the Animal Rendering of Thought
Every Anti-Communist is a Dog: Indefining the Human
Individuals, Strangers, Posthumans
An Idiotic Tangent: Animal Obstruction (The Stupidity of Animation)
Protecting the Human
Pet Theories: On Philosomorphism
Radical Equality
Politicized Animals: From the Man-in-Person to the Animal-in-Person
Cinematic Animals: The Horror for Nonhumans
Transcendental Idiocy, Or, the Insufficient Animal
Democracy of Vision
From Cosmological Perspectivism to Radical Anthropomorphism
Towards an Animal Philosophy: From Sloterdijk to Flusser
5. Performing the Imperfect Human
A Performance Philosophy
A Performative Tangent: This is How the Perfect Human Falls (The Radically Passive Obstruction)
The Spectra of Performance: From Nonart to Not-Acting
The Specter of Performance
Hopeful Monsters: Evaluating Performance
Thinking Personally:Non-Philosophia ad Hominos
Reflection as Mutation: Unconditional Reflexes (A Final Tangent)
Conclusion. Making a Monster of Laruelle: On Actualism and Anthropomorphism
Coda. Paradise Now, Or, The Brightest Thing in the World: On Nonhuman Utopia

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