All You Ask For is Longing: New and Selected Poems

All You Ask For is Longing: New and Selected Poems

by Sean Thomas Dougherty

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All You Ask For is Longing: New and Selected Poems by Sean Thomas Dougherty

For over twenty years Sean Thomas Dougherty has negotiated between modernist and avant-garde writing and more populist traditions that extend back to Walt Whitman. His subject matter ranges from basketball to Bjork, from blue collar workers to Biggie Smalls, from Luciano Pavarotti to women waiting at a diner outside a prison in Upstate New York. Selecting from the best of eight previous collections, this New and Selected reveals the powerful arc and development of Dougherty's writing and establishes him as a voice of dissent for the future.

A former Fulbright fellow, Sean Thomas Dougherty works at Gold Crown Billiards in Erie, Pennsylvania.

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ISBN-13: 9781938160318
Publisher: BOA Editions, Ltd.
Publication date: 04/21/2014
Series: American Poets Continuum
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 208
File size: 697 KB

About the Author

Sean Thomas Dougherty is the author of Nightshift Belonging to Lorca, a finalist for the Paterson Poetry Prize; Except by Falling, winner of the 2000 Pinyon Press Poetry Prize from Mesa State College; and BOA titles Broken Hallelujahs, Sasha Sings the Laundry on the Line, and All You Ask For is Longing: New and Selected Poems.

His awards include two Pennsylvania Council for the Arts Fellowships in Poetry. Known for his electrifying performances, he has toured extensively across North America and Europe. He received an MFA in poetry from Syracuse University and lives in Erie, PA where he teaches writing workshops.

Table of Contents

New Poems

Dear L, The Choruses We Lost Along the Coast 13

The Blues Is a Verb 15

Dear L, Our Diminishing 16

Dear L, Am I Another Exchanged for Yes 17

Poem to Be Put in a Drawer After Telling 18

Song for My Father 21

Poem Written on a Chain-Link Fence 27

Against Economics 29

What Singing Left We Wrote Was What Was Sung 31

Dear L, I Don't Know How Across the Grass Our Daughter Runs Balancing Life (a ball a blade a) 33

Most of My Life Is Gnawing the Most Remarkable Lies 34

Our Limping 35

Meth Music 39

At the Toss of a Coin a Dream like a Jaguar Walked into Jorge's Cue 40

Double It 42

Jorge's Uncle 44

Dear You Who Never Returned 45

Drawn in Blue Light and Broken Glass 47

Deserted Parking Lots with Faded Lines 48

We Once Were Stolen Skateboards 49

What Is Lost Is Never Said 50

Waiting to Be Shot in the Back 53

Decatur Chevy 55

Dear L, I Cannot Spell 57

Dear L, I Am Your Scar 58

Insomnia of the Broken Clock 59

The Door Shuts the Rain 62

Everyday Our Tattered Wings 63

Dear L, The Moon Is White and Blue as Ripped-up Lottery Tickets 64

The Mercy of Sleep (1994)

Tears for Saint Catherine 69

Like the Wings of White Moths on Moonless Nights 70

Wounds of Blood and Light 72

Love Song of the Young Couple, The Dumb Job (1995)

At Mike's Pub and Grub 75

Tiny Griefs 76

Danger Flammable 79

The Sweeper 81

I'm Looking for Lorca in Your Letters 83

The Body's Precarious Balance (1997)

Beyond the Chain-Link Fence 89

Poem for Anthony Otherwise Known as Head 90

Days of 1984 91

Long Coats with Deep Pockets 92

Insert Your Name Here 93

An Iron Spiral 94

Cocoons 96

Moon-Grief Utterance 97

The Coat 98

Clay 100

Except by Failing (2000)

Excerpt from Spoken Blind to a Break Beat While Drinking 105

Untitled at Hong Fats 107

Told to the Time of a Falling Leaf 108

Alphabet That Ends in Bubbalicious 112

The Somnambulist Waltz 113

There Is Nothing to Offer My Breath 116

Lamentation 117

The Body Is the Water 120

Bodega de Booty Canzone 121

Nine Innings to Go 124

The Biography of Broken Things (2002)

In the Biography of Broken Things 131

Prisons 132

Them 133

Halls 134

At a Certain Hour. On a Certain Day. 136

Spread Your Wings 138

In the Rain 139

Nightshift Belonging to Lorca (2004)

Invocation 143

Erotic Poem 144

Swoon 145

Oranges 146

Fuck Me like Being Born 148

Sean Thomas Dougherty 150

Against Green 152

Snowglobe 153

Testimony 155

In the Gloaming 157

Broken Hallelujahs (2007)

Dear Pistachio 161

The Sky Inside 162

All You Ask for Is Longing 163

My Father's Fro in the Mode of Romare Bearden 165

Oberek for Etheridge Knight 167

The Day Biggie Smalls Died 168

Embraceable You 170

Kowalski: A Historiography 171

What We Keep 173

Hinges 174

After the Election 175

Sasha Sings the Laundry on the Line (2010)

Arias 179

The Opposite of Elegy 181

Dear Tiara 183

Our Love as an Origami Crane 185

Raphael 186

Shell 188

Untitled on Someone Else's Anniversary 189

Duet 191

Acknowledgments 194

About the Author 197

Colophon 202

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