Allison Rides the Spanking Horse

Allison Rides the Spanking Horse

by Harry Lime

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BN ID: 2940154004562
Publisher: Chimera Books
Publication date: 05/21/2013
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 296,129
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Age Range: 18 Years

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Allison was adapting to her new position very quickly.

Her new boss, Senior Partner Jeffrey Axelrod, was very specific in his instructions and used his own methods to give Allison "on-the-job" training, although his methods would be frowned upon by any human resource department with an ounce of professionalism.

After several sessions on top of Mr Axelrod's desk, she felt a new sense of closeness to her boss. He was very intense in her training and her tender bottom forced her to stand on coffee breaks. She even had difficulty in doing her business in the ladies washroom.

On a cold, dreary Friday afternoon, Allison was perched precariously over a commode in the ordinary drone worker's washroom. She had never been in the executive washroom. Mr Axelrod would often go there and spend a long time inside. She wondered what could keep him occupied for such a long time. Her sore and reddened ass cheeks were shaking with the exertion of hovering just a few inches above the seat. It was very uncomfortable for her and she wished she had some of her soothing cream to rub on the affected area. It was not helping her very much on top of the bureau in her bedroom.

The sound of another worker entering and using the sink to wash their hands made Allison stop her whimpering about her poor, battered ass cheeks. She was a little bit miffed because she was anticipating a quick pussy rub to get off before quitting time. She was not certain if the other occupant had left or was still in the washroom. Allison could not wait any longer. She took out the high-lighter pen that Jeffery, her boss, had given to her that very first day. She had used it almost daily to masturbate with, while she thought of his hands on it. She imagined it in his mouth as he sucked the tip.

Driving the thick pen a little deeper into her pussy, she leaned on the stall door to get leverage on the pleasurable insertion. Her pussy was starting to leak steadily. Her ass cheeks were grinding a little dance of sexual anticipation as her orgasm started to build deep inside her core. She hoped the other woman had already left, because she could not contain her panting breath or the little whines that escaped her lips, then when the orgasm swept over her, her legs and ass cheeks trembled in divine release.

Allison wiped the pussy juice off the wonderful little pen. She kissed it to show her appreciation for a job well done. She dabbed tissue on her legs and bottom very gingerly. She replaced her lace knickers over her throbbing ass and smoothed her skirt down.

Allison exited the stall and was shocked to see the beautiful black receptionist waiting with a big smile on her face.

"I wondered if that was you. You are certainly getting adjusted to this place, little girl."

Allison was mortified. She knew the woman had heard everything she had done.

"I am so ashamed for my conduct. Please forgive me, Jasmine."

The only thing Allison knew about the attractive girl was her name and the fact that she originally came from the island of St Lucia. She seemed so refined and always came to work impeccably dressed and with her hair arranged perfectly.

"Don't you be sorry for nothing, girl. When a girl got to have it, she has to have it. You get that thing working for you, girl."

Allison had to smile. Her embarrassment was somewhat mollified.

"Thank you Jasmine, it has been a hectic day for me. My boss is very demanding sometimes and I'm trying my best to be a good secretary to him."

The classy looking girl applied a fresh coat of lipstick to her already sexy lips. She showed the tip of her cherry-red tongue to test the wetness. Allison found she was aroused at the thought of Jasmine's lovely lips against her skin. She was not heavily into girls, but was not unfamiliar with the pleasures of female to female lovemaking.

"Has that little devil Jeffrey been on your ass, girl?"

"Yes, I'm afraid he has been training me very strictly. I really have been doing my best to be a good secretary, but sometimes I make mistakes and Mr Axelrod is forced to give me a well-deserved correction. You should see my poor bottom."

"Wait just a second, you pretty thing."

Jasmine picked up a small floor sign that said Temporary Closure for Cleaning. Use Room Near Elevators.

She opened the door, put the sign outside and then turned the deadbolt lock on the inside of the door.

"Ok, now girl, get that skirt up and let me see the damage."

Allison was suddenly a little shy, but she pulled up her skirt all the way to her waistline. She bent over a sink and hooked her fingers in the band of her panties, pulling them down almost to her knees.

"My goodness, girl, that boy had been pounding on your ass pretty good!"

A little tear rolled down Allison's cheek. She felt a sudden sense of self-pity. In her heart, she knew her training was something she always secretly desired, and she was more ashamed of her own weakness and strange desire to be disciplined and controlled by a strong male figure. Allison knew she was driven to her submissive role and she would probably never change.

"Sometimes he spanks me so hard; I just have to yell out. He told me every time I make a sound I have to have two additional whacks on my ass. I really don't mind it so much. What I do mind is the fact he's not poked me in my ass or my pussy. I want it so bad sometimes, I get his desk all wet with my pussy juice."

Jasmine opened her purse and after rummaging around in the large bag, she pulled out a small black glass jar.

"You are lucky, girl. Mama is going to make your boo-boo all better with some of this special soothing cream. I use it on my pussy lips and nipples when a guy gets a little too rough with me. Bend over low now, girl. I'll be real gentle with your luscious little ass cheeks."

Allison felt Jasmine's gentle hands softly spreading the smoothing cream all over her inflamed cheeks. It felt so good. She felt special because the attractive woman was tending to her damaged posterior, and Allison wanted to do something to repay her.

Jasmine let her fingertips linger on top of Allison's tiny rear hole. The sexy secretary's ass was quivering in a sensuous dance at the soft touch of her manicured fingers. Allison looked over her shoulder at the receptionist and her face was filled with emotion. The combination of the soothing cream and the feathery touch of Jasmine's hands made Allison's legs shake with restrained passion.

All of her expectations and her naughty imaginings bore fruit when Jasmine's mouth rested lightly against her trembling pussy lips. At the very first touch Allison seeped pussy juice against Jasmine's beautiful face. She could not help it. Her glistening fluid coated Jasmine's chin.

Jasmine didn't mind at all. She pushed her tongue deep into Allison's dripping pussy and ate her sensuous cunt. She paid special attention to Allison's clitoris, pushing the folds open to lick her little button. Allison began to drift into an intense orgasm. It was an orgasm from which there was no turning back. It was an orgasm that made Jasmine fall into her release at the same time.

The two girls held each other tightly, still vibrating and convulsing involuntarily in the throes of their mutual orgasmic spiral.

There was a timid knock on the door. A girl's voice plaintively asked, "Will it be much longer?"

Allison and Jasmine stifled their laughter.

"Just a couple more minutes. I am finishing up right now," called Jasmine.

They straightened each other's clothing and made facial repairs quickly. Before she unlocked the door, Jasmine turned around and kissed Allison full on the lips. It was not a minor kiss; it was like a toe-tingling kiss that made Allison go all gooey inside and stagger a little as they exited the washroom.

There was a note on Allison's desk when she returned to it. It simply instructed her to report to Mr Axelrod immediately. She was a little worried about receiving another stringent training session so soon after her last one.

But Mr Axelrod was not on the warpath; he only wanted to show her something. He took her hand and led her to the executive washroom. She was surprised, but figured it was something good or he would not have gone to this much trouble.

He put a finger to his lips to warn her not to talk and led her to a closet area. Inside the closet one wall was completely mirrored, and she realized immediately what she was looking at. It was the ladies' washroom. It was the very same ladies' washroom in which she and Jasmine had just had an exciting adventure together. Jeffrey whispered in her hear that he enjoyed her "performance" very much.

A girl came into the ladies' as they watched, and Mr Axelrod closed the shade. Now she knew why he spent so much time in the executive washroom.

Then he took her to the workout room at the back of the washroom. There were several mechanical exercise machines that seemed expensive and very complicated. In a corner was one machine that looked a bit like a mechanical horse. Mr Axelrod told her it was, "A very special riding horse for naughty girls." She noticed the straps on the legs and realized they were to restrain the rider into position. It would be almost impossible to move after being strapped onto it.

His hand cupped her bottom, then pushed under her skirt and inside her panties, and he pressed his middle finger right on her little pucker hole. It felt so good to Allison. She wanted him to push his finger inside and feel the heat in her cock hungry rectum. She put her head on his chest and let him have his way with her willing ass.

"You want to be a good secretary, Miss McPherson?"

"Yes, sir."

"When your ass cheeks are recovered I plan to test your resolve right up here in this leather saddle. You will be allowed to experience the pleasure of full anal penetration both before and after your usual training session. Are you ready to assume the responsibilities of a fully trained personal secretary?"

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir. I will follow your instructions to the letter. Thank you for making me a good secretary."

Jeffrey's finger was now sliding in and out of Allison's still tender ass. It felt so good she shamelessly slipped her hand inside her panties and began to frig her pussy. The combination of his finger in her anus and her fingers rubbing her desperately tingling clitoris pushed her right over the edge into another intense orgasm. Her pussy juices seeped down onto his hand, the finger still buried in her clutching sphincter. She didn't want him to stop. In fact, she wanted his finger deeper inside her.

Allison knew Mr Axelrod's secrets now.

She knew about the two-way mirror into the ladies' washroom, and she knew about the special ass-training riding machine. But most of all, she knew Senior Partner, Mr Jeffrey Axelrod, wanted her ass and her pussy under his total and complete control.

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