Almost Depressed: Is My (or My Loved One's) Unhappiness a Problem

Almost Depressed: Is My (or My Loved One's) Unhappiness a Problem

by Jefferson Prince M.D., Shelley Carson


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ISBN-13: 9781616491925
Publisher: Hazelden Publishing
Publication date: 10/22/2013
Series: Almost Effect Series
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Jefferson B. Prince, MD serves as the director of child psychiatry at MassGeneral for Children at North Shore Medical Center and is an instructor at Harvard Medical School. Shelley Carson, PhD is a Harvard research psychologist and lecturer, whose research focuses on the interface between psychopathology, creativity, and resilience.

Table of Contents

List of Tables and Figures
Series Foreword: The Almost Effect

Part One - The Grays: More than Just "the Blues"
Chapter 1: What is Almost Depression?
Chapter 2: Understanding the Depression Continuum
Chapter 3: Almost Depression and the Role of Stress
Chapter 4: Almost Depression…Or Something Else?

Part Two - Moving from the Grays to Bright
Taking the Behavioral Pathway

Chapter 5: Enhancing Your Mood through Movement
Chapter 6: Improving Your Mood through Meaning-Based Action
Chapter 7: Improving Your Mood through Creative Activity
Chapter 8: Improving Your Mood by Reducing Stress

Taking the Psychological Pathway
Chapter 9: Challenging and Reframing Your Depressive Thoughts
Chapter 10: Improving Your Mood by Applying Mindfulness Strategies
Chapter 11: Using Mindfulness to Diminish Shame and Foster Self-Acceptance

Taking the Social Pathway
Chapter 12: Increasing Your Social Engagement and Support
Chapter 13: Improving Your Social Skills

Taking the Biological Pathway
Chapter 14: Improving Your Sleep and Diet
Chapter 15: When You Need More: Drugs, Supplements, Light
Chapter 16: Stepping into the Light: Increasing Your Positive Emotion

Appendix A: DSM Disorders on the Depression Continuum
Appendix B: The Biology of Stress
Appendix C: Negative Thinking Patterns Associated with Depression

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