Almost Gone: A Novel in Stories

Almost Gone: A Novel in Stories




Brian Sousa leaves sentiment and saudade behind in Almost Gone, a linked collection spanning four generations of a Portuguese immigrant family. In this hardscrabble world, the youth struggle with the secrets left behind by their elders, as their parents fought through the pain and joy of assimilation. Told through various perspectives, Almost Gone is a working-class tale of survival that finds no easy answers, but cuts straight to the bone.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781933227450
Publisher: Tagus Press
Publication date: 02/12/2013
Series: Portuguese in the Americas Series , #20
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

BRIAN SOUSA’s stories and poems have been published in various journals and anthologies. He teaches writing at Boston College.

Table of Contents

Forward - Frank X. Gaspar
Fortaleza - Scott, 2010
Teach Me - Catarina, 2008
Away from the Mountains and Toward the Sea - Nuno, 2000
Believe - Claire, 2000
Almost Gone - Paulo, 2000
Smile - Hailey, 2010
Just One Night - Nuno, 1975
Plastic Chairs - Catarina, 2008
The Dog - Helena, 1965
Jerusalem - Scott, 2010
A Simple Thing - Paulo, 1976
All He Needed - Nuno, 1941
One Last Thing - Catarina, 2000
Fireflies - Mateo, 1941
Where To? - Scott, 2009

What People are Saying About This

Ben Brooks

“The stories in Sousa’s first collection present an intimate look at four generations of a Portuguese family’s assimilation into America. Spanning three continents—and by turns touching, violent, sad, sexy, and thoughtful—these stories offer both a panoramic view and a close-up view of the melding of cultures.”

Lise Haines

Almost Gone is an evocative, sensual journey that carries us from Portugal to America, by way of the human heart.

Flora M. Gonzalez Mandri

"With Almost Gone, Brian Sousa records the lives of Portuguese immigrants and their descendants in the United States with poetically-crafted prose. First generation characters Nuno, Helena, and Catarina fully display the pains and joys of adaptation to a new country as they look back to their early years rooted in small-town life. The narrative flows with great suspense through a series of interconnected vignettes that increasingly divulge deeply-kept secrets. A must-read!"

Steve Himmer

“The deceptively straightforward stories of Almost Gone sneak up to unfold in every direction, across distance and generations, as in raw-edged, pared-down lyricism Brian Sousa reveals a humming web of tragedy and wonder staked across the sprawling networks of modern life. In his resonant overlapping of characters losing and finding themselves he works magic, revealing those timeless in-between spaces where life—and art—mean the most.”

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