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Almost Too Far (Almost Bad Boys, #3)

Almost Too Far (Almost Bad Boys, #3)

4.8 25
by A.O. Peart


A martini glass of sizzling romance, a jigger of suspense and crime, perfectly shaken with a twist of wacky humor.

Where would you draw the line between love and trust?

When Colin’s feisty great grandma Helga mysteriously disappears, Natalie and the gun-toting Svetlana rush to



A martini glass of sizzling romance, a jigger of suspense and crime, perfectly shaken with a twist of wacky humor.

Where would you draw the line between love and trust?

When Colin’s feisty great grandma Helga mysteriously disappears, Natalie and the gun-toting Svetlana rush to the rescue. With the help of Russian mafia goons and Natalie’s girlfriends, they get more than they bargained for. Natalie invites trouble into her life all over again. She could find herself questioned by the police, or worse, her relationship with Colin could become rickety once more.

And so the race begins: with grandma Helga on the loose, Colin turns to the police for help, and Natalie is a stiletto heel tip outside of the law. But being in the wrong has never felt so vindicated.

*Warning: due to sexual situations, nasty language, and a high dose of sarcasm this book may not be appropriate for readers under 18 years old.
Not intended for prudes who get easily affronted*

**Almost Too Far is the last installment in the Almost Bad Boys series. Spin-offs with Ali and Svetlana as main characters are in the works!

***The books in the Almost Bad Boys series are best read in order. They are not stand-alone books, although these are three different stories/no cliffhangers:

Almost Matched (book 1)
Almost Broken Up (book 2)
Almost Too Far (book 3)

The Almost Bad Boys series are the stories of four feisty twenty-something women who refuse to let their past drag them down.

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Almost Bad Boys , #3
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Meet the Author

A.O. Peart writes romantic comedy, romantic suspense, paranormal, and urban fantasy novels.

Resist Me has been listed as #1 in several Amazon categories and on bestseller lists, including the Movers & Shakers.

Books in the NA contemporary romantic comedy series Almost Bad Boys were nominated by the Indie Romance Convention 2014 for four different categories, including The Best Indie Upcoming Series, while Angela was nominated as Best Indie Author of the Year 2014 http://indieromancecon.com/nominations/.

Almost Matched was voted as #36 among "The 50 Best Self-Published Books Worth Reading 2014" http://www.indieauthorland.com/50-self-published-books-worth-reading-201314-40-31/

Angela lives in the Seattle area with her family and a chronically curious cat Cinnamon. 
You can often spot her in one of the countless Seattle Starbucks locations, feverishly typing on her computer and sipping coffee with cream—or rather cream with some coffee in it. Don’t be surprised when a paperback you ordered from her arrives “decorated” with coffee and chocolate stains (kidding).

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Almost Too Far (Almost Bad Boys, #3) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 25 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Colin's Great Grandmother Helga has disappeared from her own Birthday Party. So Colin and Natalie have got to find grams. But before they can Natalie and Colin have a disagreement. So Colin heads to find Grams, while Natalie heads towards trouble. This Series has made my emotions go all over the place. I have laughed so hard. I love Natalie and Colin, there so in love with each other.. Sure they have there disagreements but what couple doesn't. This is an adventure you definitely want to be on!! Will Great Grandma Helga be Found?? A.O.Peart is one of my Favorite Authors. This is a Must Read!!¿
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This books starts with a bang, and its a hot one. This books introduces you to Colin's zany great grandmother and hilarious friends. And then she comes up missing at her own party. With Svetlana coming to the rescue you know things are about to get crazy. The situation also makes some issues come to light for Colin and Natalie which they must face or lose their relationship. If you haven't read the first two in the Almost Bad Boys series, its a must. There are things in this you won't understand otherwise. Also this is a novella so no complaints that its short. As always this is an adult book with adult situations so be forewarned.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Angela Orlowski-Peart has some amazing talent!! This is the third book in the almost too far series and I swear each book I read keeps getting better than the last!! I absolutely love these books, they never fail to keep me entertained and completely captured in the book. They are the kind of books once you start you can't put down. In this book we meet Collins family and I love the group of old ladies who still like to have fun no matter how old they are. This book takes you on an adventure and makes you wish you grandmother was this much fun. I hope there's more books to come in this series I'm not finished reading and wondering what they will do next
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Almost Too Far is another great installment into the Almost Bad Boys Series. It will have you roaring with laughter and squirming in need. Colin is as hot as ever and shows us a softer side in this book. He introduces his family to readers and the craziness that is them. They’re hilarious and will draw you into their circle in no time. Natalie and her friends join in the fun as they search around for more trouble. Each page will elicit laughter of some sort which is only rivaled by its sexual intensity. If you loved the previous books you will fall completely in love with Almost Too Far.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I can not get enough of this author and Natalie's story! There have been so many times I really felt like one of the girls in these books and that doesn't change in Almost Too Far. The dialogue is amazing, banter is hilarious and the chemistry between Colin and Natalie is HOT! We are introduced to Colin's family in this one and let me tell you those little old ladies have some spice still left in them and I LOVE IT! They know how to party! But when a decision by Colin's Grandmother, 85 yr old Helga, causes the house to turn to chaos it is up to Natalie and her, not so sober, friends to save the day *wink*. This book was a quicker read than the last two but it was perfect for what needed to told. If you haven't read Almost Matched and Almost Broken Up I encourage you to grab a copy and follow A.O Peart's characters from the beginning! Book Flirts by Jessi
Angelacf7 More than 1 year ago
Angela has done it again with a funny comedy. It was beginning to end non-stop to put down. Parts will leave you laughing and you have to keep on reading to find out where these grandma's went off too with hidden twists and turns. I cannot wait for the next one in the series.
Joey44 More than 1 year ago
Almost Too Far continues with Colin and Natalie still happily in-love. They are going to Colin's great grandmother, Helga's, 85th birthday party. A couple of hours into the party, everyone notices that Helga is missing and so is her friend, Stella. Colin, Natalie and the rest of Helga's friends start searching for them and phoning everyone they know trying to find the pair. Natalie calls her girlfriends to help with the search too. Natalie finally tracks Helga to a casino so she takes off to get her. Once she gets there, she see that not only are her friends there but Helga's friends are there too. When Natalie and her friends are together, they always have a great time and it's always funny. But when Helga's friends get in the mix, it's hilarious! The escapades they get into are unbelievable. The adventures of all these ladies are hysterical! The name they have given themselves is terrific - The Female Solidarity Club. Natalie and her friends are great characters and I love the addition of the Silver Female Solidarity Club members (Colin's great grandma and her friends). All of these ladies are so well thought out and developed that you really get to know and love them. And, of course, there is Colin who helps spice everything up. Peart is a very illustrative writer who creates an entire world for her audience to get lost in. Every aspect of this novel is fully developed in a manner that you can’t help but picture.  I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Flowergirlzmom1SW More than 1 year ago
' I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review' Once again another great book by this author. The books in this series are ones that I cannot put down once I start reading them. They are sexy, sassy, and friggin hilarious all mixed into one. I adore Colin and Natalie together. I think that they area great couple. Colin's Grandma Helga and her friends are a riot. I have a group of great friends myself and I could only hope that if we all ever got together for a night out we would as adventurous and mischievous that group of ladies. They are Natalie and her group of friends years later for sure. I like that Natalie calls Colin out on how she see's the way that he treats her at times. I have loved every book that I have read from this author and I will definitely be reading more. I highly recommend although you do need to start from the first book as they do need to be read in order. 'Read and Reviewed by LSK Sweetheart Reviews'
LoriGarside More than 1 year ago
This book is HILARIOUS. Colin, Natalie, and the gang are back in this, the third novel in the 'Almost A Bad Boy' series. Action, sex, and tongue in cheek, witty banter abound in this funny fast-paced favorite! We are introduced to Colin's family - a spunky group of senior citizens who believe in living their lives to the fullest. Most notably his great grandmother, Helga; his grandmother, Libby; and their friends Stella, Agatha, and Melba. While everyone is celebrating Helga's 85th birthday, she and Stella disappear. Colin is understandably confused and worried (heaven knows that he has knight in shining armor disorder - but that's why we love him). Natalie, Colin, Libby, Stella, and the rest of Natalie's BFF's (including Svetlana)join the chase to find the missing octogenarian. What follows is some of the best written, slapstick comedy that I've read in YEARS! There is still good amount of steamy sex, one of the funniest road trips ever, and all the snarky banter that a reader can hope for! Another fabulous book by an author who is fast becoming one of my favorites!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wendy Ward's review of Almost Too Far by A.O. Peart I received a complimentary copy of Almost Too Far in exchange for an honest review. The characters in this book are charismatic, Colin’s great grandma Helga in particular. She’s a sassy soon to be eighty five year old who digs reading Harlequin romance novels and playing cards with her friends. When Helga goes missing, Natalie and a few of her friends, including Svetlana, go on the search for feisty golden girl. You’ll have to read Almost Too Far to find out just how much fun is had in searching and finding Colin’s great grandma.  I loved every minute of Almost Too Far. The sex scenes between Colin and Natalie were steamy and enticing (more please). I was also equally entertained by all the scenes with Helga and her elderly friends. It was a truly entertaining balance between Colin and Natalie’s love story and the comedic element provided by Helga and her pals. Don’t we all wish we are going to be as cool as Helga at that age? A.O. Peart’s talent is truly evident in this story. I could read it again and again and find it just as entertaining and refreshing as if reading it for the first time. 
Albinomex More than 1 year ago
Hilarious, Hot, & Action Packed! This story is hilarious, hot, & has plenty of action. Although the beginning felt as though we were walking in mid scene, quickly becoming hot & heavy, I consider this the best yet of the series. I've enjoyed joining these characters on their adventures, & believe me they have plenty! I could not contain my laughter!! Nat's ability to attract trouble astounds me while Svetlana & her "escorts" bring more spunk to this tale. If you're looking for a quick read that's jam packed with an array of comical chicks on a mission, hot boyfriends who know how to push your buttons, partying that turns suspenseful, & some "sweet old ladies" that will have you reconsidering everything then buckle up & enjoy the ride! 
ICanOnlyBeHele More than 1 year ago
Writing Style: What amazes me about A.O. Peart's writing style in this series is her ability to squeeze such a wildly crazy fun story in such a small number of pages and have everything just feels so right. These books never disappoint, you won't believe how much can happen in under 200 pages. My Opinion: Let me put it to you straight, if you pick up this book make sure you have nothing planned to do because once you pick it up you won't put it down! It's becoming pretty customary for me to read any books in the Almost Bad Boys series in one reading session, they are just that good! I frequently find myself cursing myself for not being able to read faster, my excitement to know what will happen keeps me on the edge. The craziness that is Natalie's life fascinates me. This one opened and finished with a bang! This book didn't have as many scorching sex scenes, but don't worry the two sessions it does have make up for it. The scenes were a bit longer with some pretty kinky material, so be prepared to run to the nearest shower to cool yourself down. Almost Too Far includes another disastrous adventure presented by the ever so lovely Female Solidarity Club as I now like to call Natalie and her friends (I was so excited to see all of them make an appearance this time!)... These ladies sure do know how to get themselves into some mischief and I love it! This time around Colin's great grandmother and her group of feisty lady friends join in on the fun. What happens when you get a group of adventurous ladies together? Pure wild delight, lots of drinking, and loads of hilarious situations... can somebody say hell yes? If only I could be part of their inner circle, I know I would fit in quite nicely. I also have a knack for finding trouble and mischief, it's in my nature. What I enjoyed most about Almost Too Far is the way Natalie compares her and Colin's relationship to the situations happening around her. It's like a light bulb goes off in her head and she figures out the reason behind the friction their relationship experiences. I feel that this really connects the story together with Almost Matched the first book. As the readers we knew why they had issues and it was great to see that they finally realize the problem and now can begin to strengthen their relationship. They truly do make a perfect couple and when you finish reading this book you will see why. A beautiful ending the one I was rooting for! Yay!
ajenkins979 More than 1 year ago
OMG! Loved this book. By far the best in the series, but I do hope there is more to come. Natalie and her girlfriends were freaking hilarious!! I laughed so much through this book. Ms. Peart starts this book out hot and steamy for sure, no holding back. Then kicks into fun, then action and then more fun only to finish it out with more hot & steamy!! I read this so quick, only because I just couldn't put it down. It felt very short but fully loaded. We get to see the whole gang again, not just Natalie. And OMG, get all the girls together and you never know what you are gonna get. We also meet Colin's great-grandma, and her gang of girlfriends. Those old ladies are even more fun than the younger gang!! Look-out. The only other thing I can say about this book, is you have got to read it. But I think it would be best you read the first 2 books before starting this one. This series is great, and gets better with each book. I was given an early copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
HRWKristina More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. Of course I fell in love with Natalie the first time I met her but my love for her has grown. Her feisty spirit, sarcasm and the friendships she has are great. Not only are all her friends along for an adventure but we meet another group of female friends that are a bunch of spitfires. There is laughter, a little drama and a whole lot of fun. Also, there is Colin, hot hot, Colin. Where can I find a Colin of my own? Another home-run in my book. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
Bravo! Great story line that flowed smoothly from the first page to the last. Amazing sex scenes that really brought out the alpha in Colin. YUM! Hilarious adventures from the grandma's and their friends. You just know that Natalie and her friends can not stay out of trouble either. This was a sexy, fun, feel good book. I hope other characters will have a chance to get their book too. I look forward to what comes next for this fantastic author! I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review.
stylnunicorn More than 1 year ago
OMG this book was so many things hard to put into words in order to do it justice. First off I must say I have big big cover love going on its really really sexy and hot. I have read this author's YA books wow totally different writing and man can she write. This book was hot hot hot smoldering hot. Certain things the author wrote about in the book I can never look the same way again. (Clothes dryer) lol. I love how the author mixed sexual scenes with comedy. It gives multi-dimensions to the book where it can hit on subjects that attract many different types of readers. I absolutely loved the little old ladies in the book almost wishing I had a grandmother that bold, hip, and funny. I realize this was book 3 but I couldn't wait to read it. Now I'm going back to read the first two books now. It was so well written in my opinion it could be a standalone I was not disappointed and could easily follow along with the story. I highly recommend this book and the authors other stories. She has proven to me repeatedly she can definitely tell a story in any genre. I will definitely be following all her books in the future. I received a complimentary copy in exchange for a honest and unbiased opinion of the book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Colin, Natalie, and all their friends are back in a new installment in the "Almost Bad Boys" series. They have overcome most of their issues that haunted them from the past and start this book a solid couple in love. It's incredibly fun to read. One of the things I love about this series is you can really see how the characters grow in personality as time goes on, and how friendships remain rock solid throughout, especially including Colin's great grandmother, Helga, and her friends. They parallel Natalie and her friends and are just a riot! It's nice to see a love story where the two main characters don't forget they are the only people in the world that exist. I think so many romance novels seem to follow a pattern these days, but THIS series breaks the mold completely. It's a fast paced, easy to follow story that plays out like a television show in my head, due to the excellent and vivid descriptions. I recommend this whole series to anyone eighteen and older who enjoys a down to earth love story. 5 stars! **I was provided a copy of this ebook from the author for honest review**
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the book. The best book in this series. It was wonderful to see the serious yet also fun side of Colin and Natalie's relationship. They aren't perfect but they love hard. The friendships both old and young are just awesome. Helga and her friends are a riot and it seems Natalie and her friends follow the same path. You can tell just how much love is shared throughout all the relationships in the book. Such a refreshing read that followed lives that weren't perfect but were their own. Thanks for the wonderful read A.O.Peart.
CRISSYM More than 1 year ago
This book was a great way to end the Almost Bad Boy Series. I enjoyed this book as much as the first two and I recommend this series to anyone looking for a good funny and steamy read that will make you laugh and have you wanting more. Colin definitely shows how much he loves Natalie and you can't help but love him just as much. Helga and her friend are just as funny as Natalie and her girls. We know that what happened with Faith is in the past but will always play a part with who Colin is and what he does. I recommend this series to anyone who loves reading romance books.
Nena71 More than 1 year ago
I received a complimentary copy from the author for an honest review.  Natalie and Colin heading to his great grandmother's 85th birthday party. In the middle of the party, Helga, his great grandmother disappears. Everyone starts to search for her with no results. They finally find out where Helga is at, she is at a casino. Natalie leaves Libby's house to meet up with the girls, She tells them everything and they leave to get Helga. Like always trouble finds Natalie and her friends. This is truly a must read it is hilarious. I laughed so much.
Honolulubelle More than 1 year ago
Ms Peart has done it again! This is the 3rd installment of the Almost Bad Boys series and the fun and mayhem continues unabated. Ms. Peart is adept at writing steamy yet sweet love scenes for Natalie and Colin – I find myself nearly panting as I read them. In addition, the fun and madcap adventures continue for Natalie and her assortment of friends, which this time include a bunch of elderly ladies and Colin’s feisty grandmothers. I chuckled and smiled many times while reading, my only complaint being that I wanted more, more, more! Hurry up with #4
weluvdopey More than 1 year ago
Great Book!!! This is the third book in this series and it is great. It would be best if you read these books in order so you can understand what has happened in first two books. I love all of the characters in this book and loved the older ladies. I can see how the older women are an older version of Natalie and her friends. I loved reading how Natalie and Colin’s relationship has grown. I love how Natalie and her friends always find trouble and it is so funny. This book has it all humor, action, and romance. Once you start reading this series you will not want to put it down! A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sexy with some Action!!! Wow these books keep getting better. Natalie, Colin and their friends are back! This book was a bit smoother then the others as you already have a good handle on most of all the characters. Going to a birthday part of Colin's great grandmother Helga who is over 80 years old and is feisty as hell. Helga and her friend seem to go missing. Natalie and friends end up tracking her to a casino. This is where it starts to get awesome. I love how funny these books are its amazing to read a book with so much humor. The things these characters get into and the trouble they stir up is a wonder to read. You really need to read these books to understand what im saying. Please read these books its a wonderful change from other books i read. Who doesn't want to read about a feisty great grandmother. i enjoyed being introduced to Colin's family. Sexy, Funny and just all around entertaining 
cjlps231 More than 1 year ago
Five star Appeltini's Appletini's anyone, yes they are back and this time they've bought along a silver haired version of the gang, except the older ladies like their whiskey not Appletinis. This is the third in the series and it's one of the series that you have to read in order, but they are all well worth the read so if you haven't read the first two go and grab them as fast as you can in stilettos and with an Appletini in your hand. Colin and Natalie are moving ahead in their relationship but there are still a few issues that need to be worked out but as the final words in the story say “Maybe we’ll never be perfect together. After all, who is? But we, as hell will try our best. We just need to learn how to forget our past and let the trust take over. It may be a while before we get there, but I’m ready to give it a try. And I think he is too.” All the girls are back including Svetlana and this time, just for fun there is the senior girls solidarity league led by Colin's great grandmother. So grab hold of your wigs, call the taxi and hold on for another instalment in this delightful sexy romantic comedy that will have you giggling as you find yourself unable to tear yourself away until you have read the last word. I received a free copy for an honest review