Aloysius: Royal Wishing Pig

Aloysius: Royal Wishing Pig

by Dr. Marvin C. McMaster

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The Aloysius Chronicles is a collection of 3 novels and 3 short stories of the adventures of the Royal wishing Pig of Northumber/Bothamly. Aloysius lives in a universe where magic works; his kingdom parallels Scotland and England. Aloysius is a 15th Century forest pig gifted with the ability to speak and to grant wishes, neither of which he wants, but must use to keep the bacon out of the fire, his personal. Book 1- Wishing Pig relates his efforts to escape from people who demand his wishes. He flees a greedy king, travels the world, and eventually returns to rescue his kingdom from invasion. Trying to go home, he finds that a badger has taken his den and decides that a job in the palace might be acceptable. Book 2 – Power Pig. Aloysius is companion to Ritchie, the 9 yr, old heir to the throne, a royal wishing resource, and defender of the kingdom. The prince is kidnapped, Aloysius goes to rescue him, and the kingdom is invaded from within. The Pig and Prince flee seeking aid to save the kingdom. Aloysius learns the flavors of magic and understands that an enemy magician is blocking his magic. They go in search of a third from of magic to overcome the opposition. In a magic duel at the end all magic is lost. Book 3 - Sir Pig. Aloysius, Ritchie, and Meg are seeking allies to build a coalition army to re-invade and restore the kingdom to the King. They fight off intrigue and assassination attempts, while a star-crossed romance complicates matters. Eventually they successful save the kingdom and Ritchie comes to the throne.

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