by Nick Hush


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Jon Malone is a werewolf.
He is unlike any werewolf.
He is known as The Alpha...
The most powerful werewolf in existence.
A legend to his kind.
The one that will lead the werewolf revolution...
His blood is the key...
Tonight is when he will decide...
Tonight is when his destiny will begin...
Tonight is when everything will change...

Let the revolution begin...

Alpha is about werewolves that live among humans in secret. However, in order for them to exist among humans without being discovered, all werewolves take a pill mandatorily, known as Morph Inhibitor, to stop them from uncontrollably morphing and exposing their existence. Within the werewolf community there is a prophecy of "The Alpha", a werewolf that CAN control his morph, from human to wolf and back again and doesn't need the Morph Inhibitor pill. The legend is "The Alpha" will lead the werewolf revolution against humans and save their kind from extinction, in turn freeing them to exist without hiding. Little do the werewolves know that "The Alpha" is real and is a boy named Jon Malone.

The story follows Jon throughout his childhood where he discovers his unique ability to his adulthood where he hides attempting to escape the pressures of his destiny. His existence is made known to two secret societies; one that protects werewolves, known as Wolf Watchers and one that hunts them, known as Wolf Hunters. Both sides want to get their hands on his blood, more particularly the gene that allows him to control his morph. The Watchers, The Hunters, and Jon meet on top of desolate mountaintop in the middle of a West Texas blizzard. Trapped a top the snow covered Emory Peak, Jon must deal with not only his destiny and The Watchers and Hunters closing in on him but a love triangle between him, the girl he loves and another werewolf. Through all the car crashes, broken hearts, violent werewolf fights, and gunfire Jon discovers his true destiny as "The Alpha" and how the fate of his kind lay in his hands...

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ISBN-13: 9781465245144
Publisher: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company
Publication date: 12/12/2014
Product dimensions: 3.90(w) x 6.40(h) x 0.50(d)

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