Alphabet Success: Keeping it Simple - My Secrets to Success

Alphabet Success: Keeping it Simple - My Secrets to Success

by Tim Fargo


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From a heartbreaking bankruptcy in 1991 to the founding of Omega Insurance Services in 1996, and it's eventual sale in 2003 for $20 million, Tim Fargo traveled many trails. In Alphabet Success, he has distilled the lessons of those years to what he feels were the key elements driving him and the business to its ultimate success. Whether you want to maximize your career search or are an entrepreneur at heart, Alphabet Success provides timeless gems that will turbo-charge your quest for peak performance.

While many business books focus on some "magic formula", Fargo believes that success and failure lie in the foundation of your business or career. To truly succeed you need to execute on the basics. To illustrate each topic he has divided the alphabet into nine acronyms which will guide you to the essence of what drives success. Alphabet Success is the rare book that will transform your everyday thinking into everyday action.

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ISBN-13: 9781456404703
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/13/2014
Pages: 106
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.25(d)

About the Author

Tim Fargo is an entrepreneur, and two time Inc. 500 winner, and author of "Claimants, Lies and Videotape - A Claims Handler's Guide to Surveillance". A book which became the investigative standard for the insurance industry on the use of video surveillance. Fargo has also written articles for Claims Magazine, Risk and Insurance, and been featured in Inc. Magazine, The Maddox Report, the St. Petersburg Times as well as Fox News. He has lectured people from students to CEOs all around the world. He lives in Florida, Poland and South Africa.

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Alphabet Success: Keeping it Simple - My Secrets to Success 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
clahain1 More than 1 year ago
Author Tim Fargo created a successful insurance fraud investigation company and sold it for big bucks. But this happy ending didn't  happen without some failure along the way. Fargo mines the good and the bad and presents (via a riff on the alphabet) an uncomplicated outline for building a business that works. A lot of his advice is also applicable to people outside the business world. I like that Fargo acknowledges from the beginning that he's always wanted to be rich. It made me say to myself "Well, whatever I may  think of his book, at least he's honest." What sets Fargo apart from other "How to Succeed in Business" coaches is that he clearly  differentiates fancy toys (say a Ferrari) as a motivator or symbol that spurs one towards a goal and the goal itself. The distinction is subtle, but it makes the difference between a life filled with money and cool stuff and one built on accomplishment that (as a by-product)  allows one to enjoy money and stuff. I like the way Fargo balances up-to-the-minute technology (e.g. computer programs that track the handling of customer complaints) and old-fashioned good customer service (sending a client a real birthday card rather than an email or e-card).  He's a man who knows that tracking and quantifying the value of a given account is important, but so is maintaining meaningful contact with the individuals behind the account.   In the end, I think that's what sets ALPHABET SUCCESS apart from so many books in its category--it never forgets that a business is at its foundation a human interacting with other humans. So, there's room for mistakes as well as growth. Mistakes MAKE for growth.   And if this isn't enough to get you to give this book a try, all of the proceeds of the book generated in 2014 will go to support children in Africa via Save The Children. How's that for putting a human face on success?