Already Gone

Already Gone

by Kristen Proby, K.L. Grayson

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Falling in love is easy...

New Hope, South Carolina is my home. It's where I grew up, got into trouble, and fell in love for the first time. Scarlett Kincaid was more than the girl next door, she was my best friend, until she decided that small town life wasn't for her.

The girl I used to fish with down at the creek is now the biggest name in country music, and I haven't seen her since she left. Until today when she sped through town in her fancy car. One look at her big brown eyes was all it took to stir up a whole slew of emotions. Emotions I'd long ago buried and sure as hell don't have time for.

It's the aftermath that's hard...

There are two things in my life that matter. My music, and my dad. Twelve years ago, I packed a bag and chased my dream. I never planned to return home, but my father needs me, and he always comes first. So, I cut my tour short and came home, despite having a sister who hates me, and a community that doesn't trust me. And then there's Tucker Andrews.

When he propped an arm on the roof of my car, pulled down his sunglasses and flashed his police badge, I nearly swallowed my tongue. Gone is the lanky boy who used to throw rocks at me and pull my pigtails. Tucker is now a six-foot package of brawny, sexy man wrapped in more muscle than I have hit singles. Did I mention he's a cop and a single dad?

My goal was to help Dad, and get back to my life. But what am I supposed to do when the life that used to strangle me suddenly fits like a glove, and makes me dream of things I never thought I'd have? I don't have room for a man much less love.


Because it's impossible to hold onto someone who's already gone.

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Publisher: Ampersand Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 08/27/2019
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About the Author

Kristen Proby is the USA TODAY bestselling author of the self-published With Me in Seattle series. She lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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Already Gone 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Anonymous 7 months ago
I'm wiping tears as I write this review. Such a beautiful story about family and fighting for love. This book has all the feels. Not only did I choak up with sadness but I laughed out loud and got all tingly during sexy times. Two of my favorite authors together in one story. Highly recommend this stand alone read. Well done ladies!!!
Anonymous 18 days ago
i enjoyed the story
BookAngel_Emma 6 months ago
Already Gone is one of those stories that brings out unexpected emotions and makes you contemplate your own life decisions and the way in which they have shaped your identity. Already Gone also has a heavy dose of warm and fuzzies just to top off the number of feels in one book. Scarlett and Tucker were secretly best friends in their youth; I say secretly because of Scarlett’s shallow behaviour placing her popularity over her friendship with Tucker while in public. However, Scarlett’s immaturity did not deter Tucker’s unrequited love of her and his determination to make her feel the same way. Sadly, Scarlett had to leave their small hometown in order to really find her own place in the world. Although it cost her some personal relationships in the process. Becoming an international country star with an incredibly demanding schedule filled the role of family and friends for many years for Scarlett, preventing her from analysing her aspirations beyond her career. It is only when the ill health of her father requires her to return to her hometown does Scarlett begin to realise that maybe there is a way to have a life outside of her career. Tucker is absolutely amazing; his feelings for Scarlett haven’t dimmed in the years she has been away but his life has altered considerably. Seeing Scarlett after so many years ignites the chemistry between them as well as bringing all of the dormant emotions to the surface. Scarlett does a lot of emotional soul searching and bridge mending during her time with her family and friends. However, the biggest barrier of all is still her career which takes her away from home on a regular basis. Is there a way for Scarlett and Tucker to have it all? Already Gone is where you will find all the answers you need as well as having your heart warmed
Sandy-thereadingcafe 7 months ago
ALREADY GONE by Kristen Proby and KL Grayson is a contemporary adult,erotic romance story focusing on thirty year old, country music sensation Scarlett Kincaid , and police officer Tucker Andrews. Told from dual first person perspectives (Scarlett and Tucker) ALREADY GONE follows the rebuilding friendship and romance between country music sensation Scarlett Kincaid, and police officer Tucker Andrews. Twelve years earlier Scarlett Kincaid left New Hope, South Carolina for the bright lights and fame of country music leaving behind her embittered and younger sister Alexis, and her father Richard Kincaid, but also breaking the heart of eighteen year old Tucker Andrews. Fast forward to present day wherein Scarlett, nearing the end of her current tour, must head home to New Hope following her beloved father’s stroke. Scarlett’s return to New Hope comes with bitter sweet memories, and an even more bitter sweet reunion with the man she has never stopped loving. Enter police officer Tucker Andrews. What ensues is the rebuilding friendship,relationship and romance between Tucker and Scarlett, and the potential fall-out as Scarlett’s time in New Hope, comes to a close. Scarlett Kincaid loves the life of a country music star but our heroine struggles between head and heart as it pertains to a life with Tucker Andrews. Returning to New Hope and falling in love comes with the possibility of giving up everything for which she has worked, including a life on the road. Tucker Andrews life is rooted in New Hope, Carolina, but rekindling his romance with Scarlett Kincaid forces Tucker to consider a future with the woman he loves. The relationship between Scarlett and Tucker is a second chance romance; a rekindling friendship and relationship that struggles with issues of trust and memories of long ago. With neither one willing to compromise Tucker and Scarlett’s relationship begins to spiral out of control.The $ex scenes are intimate, erotic and passionate without the use of over the top,sexually graphic language and text. We are introduced to Scarlett’s sister Alexis, and their father Richard; as well as Chloe Andrews, a young girl wise beyond her years. ALREADY GONE is a story of family, friendships, second chances and love. The premise is engaging, entertaining and energetic; the characters are impassioned and colorful; the romance is sassy and sexy. ALREADY GONE is the perfect story for a lazy sunny afternoon.
Honolulubelle 7 months ago
My Rating: 4.5 Favorite Quote: It took me until twenty to ditch the scrawny nerd appearance and start to look more like my dad and less like… well, my mom. My Review: These two clever wordsmiths tossed in all my favorite tropes with this delectably steamy small-town, second chance, friends-to-lovers romance. The storylines were engaging; the characters were endearing yet amusingly flawed; and the writing was well balanced between angst, conflict, romance, and humor. And written in my favorite dual POV. I was practically levitating with glee. Both authors have impressive backlists yet are relatively new to me - I really need to sharpen my focus and pay better attention.
AREEDAR 7 months ago
Scarlett Kincaid loved being famous. After leaving New Hope and never looking back. She is finally coming home after 12 years to care for her dad who had a stroke. Now she is realizing all that she left behind. Tucker Andrews was devastated the day his best friend left and never looked back or contests him again. Now Scarlett is back in town caring for her dad. Can they mend their fences and can Tucker finally get the girl he always wanted. Loved this book and couldn’t put it down. Sometimes fate gives you a second chance and you have to grab it by both hands and hold on tight!!
TheBookFairyReviews 7 months ago
A second chance romance with a twist. Scarlett and Tucker are sexy and steamy but also incredibly sweet and endearing. A reunion that has 12 years of separation bringing their feelings from long ago to the forefront. Love enduring time, pain and hurdles for them to come together. I love how Kristen gives us a glimpse into the sacrifices a starlet makes when rising to the top. The price they pay when they leave love ones behind to grab for that ultimate goal. Can you be forgiven? Can you recover what you lost? That and so much more is what is given to us in this amazing read. We get, joy, passion and tears but overall we get a book filled to the brim with love. Perfection!
HeatherLM 7 months ago
Already Gone was a sweet friends to lovers/hate to love story. Scarlett Kincaid is a famous country music star who left home at 18 and never looked back. She goes back to her small town when her dad becomes ill and she needs to be there for him. Her old best friend, Tucker, is now a police officer in their small town and he is not happy to see her. Scarlett and Tucker butt heads for a while, but eventually find their way back to their friendship and begin a romantic relationship. But Scarlett isn’t ready to stop performing and Tucker doesn’t want to uproot his daughter from their home. The two of them have to learn what’s important and how to make their relationship work. I really enjoyed this small town romance. I liked watching the two main characters get irritated with one another and I enjoyed them being friends again. The side characters were awesome too. Her dad and sister and his daughter, brother, and cousin. All wonderful costars. I think everyone who enjoys small town romance with very little angst will enjoy Already Gone.
KMariReads 7 months ago
Actual rating 4.5 Stars! Already Gone is written by another dynamic duo K.L. Grayson and Kristen Proby. I absolutely adore K.L. Grayson’s books and was stoked too see she had another one releasing. Kristen is a new author too me. I knew who she was, but I haven’t read anything by her. That changes now. I loved this! I have no clue who wrote which part, which makes me love it even more. It flowed perfectly. Told from dual POV’s, Already Gone is a mix of enemies to lovers/friends to lovers book that will leave you feeling full. It has the three “s” in my book, sweet, sexy, and swoon worth. Scarlett Kincaid is a famous country singer who left everything and everyone behind when she made it big. She’s stayed in contact with her family, but she’s never returned home until now, Twelve years later. She hurt a lot of people when she left, but will she be able to repair those relationships? Is coming home temporary or will Scarlett’s life take a dramatic turn? Tucker Andrews the boy next door who was Scarlett’s best friend growing up. He’s been in love with her all his life, but when she left she broke his heart. Now she’s back and the old feelings come rushing back, but will he forgive her for the past? Coming home wasn’t ideal for Scarlett, however once she’s home she sees everything she’s missed. Her sister, her dad, her home and Tucker. He’s the boy who was her one true friend. These two have so much to address to get past the hurt and once things are put to rest, truths are shared. What began as a friendship blossoms into a beautiful love story. A love story filled with miscommunication, sacrifice, finding ones true happiness, friendship, stolen moments, truths and steamy moments. These two together will fog up your kindle. I fell head over heels for these two and was rooting for them right after the first interaction. The secondary characters add some more depth to the story which was enjoyable and entertaining. I would love a few books out of a few of them. Overall, Already Gone was a sweet romance read that gave me the happy goofy smile at the end. It isn’t full of angst, and no over the top drama. It was a genuine love story and I adored all characters. If you love small town romances with a little twist, you will love this. I hope that K.L and Kristen do another collaboration because this was a hit!
RobynKFLNJ 7 months ago
Scarlett and Tucker are such a magnificent couple. They were friends as kids, but as soon as she could, Scarlett left their hometown to become a major star in Nashville. She has been on tour and has travelled all over the world performing for her fans. One day she gets a call that her father is not doing well and she leaves Nashville to go back to her hometown to help take care of her father. She has not been back home in a very long time, and she's not sure how long she's going to stay. There are so many things she has missed while she was gone, and she has to mend a lot of fences. Scarlett had to try to repair her friendship with Tucker, because her leaving left them both lost and alone. They learned to trust one another, and renew their friendship. This story had me going through every emotion, and I couldn't stop reading. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I highly recommend it!
DebiDG 7 months ago
A wonderful book filled with love and humor. Scarlett’s been away for over 12 years, but her memory is long. Will she and Tucker rekindle their friendship? Can the years really fade away to a distant memory? Or will careers rule their future dynamics? I loved the easy pace and the writing was seamless. For those that love a standalone and HEA...this is a must read!
GinThing 7 months ago
Oh. My. Days!! Where do I start?!! I finished this last night after not being able to put it down! Can I first say though, what a writing team!! Absolutely seamless, I could not tell you who had written what in this book it was that that smooth! Anywho! On to Tucker and Scarlett, holy moly! Scarlett is one sassy, independent, kicka$$ country music star. She left her hometown and didn't look back, or so it seemed. Fast forward 12 years and she rolls back into town but not before she gets pulled over by the local cop. Tucker gets the surprise of his life when he pulls over the red sports car as it speeds into town......but will she be speeding out as fast.....with his heart in tow? This couple melted my heart, so much and I loved the other characters too, although a certain sister made my blood boil on more than one occasion. Scarlett handled herself with poise and grace on those occasions! Absolutely loved this story, may be we will see more of New Hope, SC?
DannyJeffbooks 7 months ago
Already Gone was an enjoyable friends to lovers, small town romance. It was sweet, sexy and had just the right amount of drama thrown in to give it a little edge. I really liked Tucker and Scarlett and felt that they had great chemistry. The story was a wee bit predictable but that didn't bother me. I devoured this book and have to say it was a real fun read that left be warm and squishy. I love small town romances and this was one makes a perfect summer read and a book that I would be happy to recommend. I was provided with a copy of this book from the Publisher; there was no inducement or obligation and I opted to leave a review.
TraceyF 7 months ago
Reading Already Gone by Kristen Proby and KL Grayson was like listening to my new favorite song. Their voices blended together so beautifully it wasn't a duet, but a melody sang by one perfect voice chapter after chapter. Scarlett and Tucker, two childhood friends who felt so much more, spend most of the book trying to find just the right pitch in their relationship to do just that. She's the girl who left their small town for stardom and never looked back. He's the boy who stayed behind and dug roots that shouldn't be removed. But the one thing that can't be denied is the undeniable chemistry between them that time can't erase. The question is whether or not time has taught them their song can be beautiful even if it's not perfect? Readers of both Kristen Proby and KL Grayson should already have this ready to read. And if you're new to them, it's a great introduction to the feisty heroines and strong heroes both women are known for writing.
mamalovestoread22 7 months ago
A little over ten years ago Scarlett Kincaid packed her bags, and left home armed with a dream of seeing her name in the big lights in Nashville, not realizing how much her sudden departure would hurt those around her. While her move to the big music city paid off for her, it also drove a huge wedge between her and the ones she loved. With touring and her busy schedule she hasn't been home to visit in over ten years, and that is about to come back and bite her soon. After her father falls ill, and her overwhelmed sister begs for her help taking care of him, she decides it's time to take a break from her career. And focus on what is important... mending fences with those she loves and that love her. But minutes after returning to town, she earns a special one on one visit with one very agitated and sexy police officer. In her plans of returning home she forgot to add possibly running into old friends to her list... but no mental check list could have prepared for the moment Tucker Andrews would come walking back into her life. Already Gone is a story of second chances, forgiveness, and finding the courage to let love in, even when you are hesitant to believe you deserve a chance at it. Within the pages of this beautifully crafted novel lies a story that is certain to put a squeeze your heart, it's words will bring feels and swoons, and stir up moments that will leave you smiling and fill your heart with joy. It was evident that these two had something special, sure they had the undeniable chemistry, but there was also a something so natural and believable about there relationship, like they were the missing piece to one another lives. I loved every minute of this one, it's touching words had me completely entranced from beginning to end! I requested an advanced copy of this title from the publisher, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest and unbiased opinion.
gromine49 7 months ago
A great story but it was missing something that I can't put my finger on exactly. Great beginning that keeps your attention but I started to lose interest halfway through. Still enjoyable but not wow-worthy. Very predictable.
MireleDouradoPauly 7 months ago
A sweet love story. This is kind of a second chance romance between a single dad cop and country popstar. Scarlett and Tucker have known each other since they were really young, but after she left to pursue her dreams, he was left behind, as well as her family. When Scarlett's father gets sick, she is forced to face her hometown again and make some the ammends that are long overdue. It was sweet and funny, and the secondary characters were awesome (and I honestly hope we can get Dean and Scooter's books as well). But the point is that I loved them more than I did the hero and heroine. Scalett had a big heart, we could see that. But she was also selfish and spoiled. There were times I couldn't even believe she was a grown woman. Chloe could be even more mature, and she was only eleven. Tucker was an amazing father and he accomplished so much, but he was really insecured for a man who raised a kid all by himself and became a respected cop. Of course both of their careers were important, and I loved that they valued that, but Scarlett seemed to think that all she had to do was throw some money and everything would be all right, people would love, everyone would forgive her for being absent. In general, I liked the story and and enjoyed myself reading it. I mean, I love romance, and this book has it! But as I said, I loved the secondary characters more, so I can't wait to meet them again.
Teewee125 7 months ago
Sometimes we don't know what we're missing until we return. Scarlett left New Hope to follow her dream of being a country star and never looked back. Yes she flew her dad out to her concerts but she never returned home. Not until her dad suffered a stroke and she had to come home to take care of him. Now a decade later she is home. As time goes by she now realizes exactly what she left behind. One of the things she left was Tucker. True she was mean to him when people were around when they were younger but they were friends when they were alone. Tucker was more than hurt the day she left and now he finds that the feelings he had for her never really went away. During the time Scarlett helps her dad mend and get back on his feet she and Tucker rekindle what they once had. They don't really discuss the elephant in the room. What will happen when her dad makes a full recovery and she has to go back to Nashville and her fans and her career. They love each other but is it enough to do long distance or what kind of relationship can they have. They both have their own careers and responsibilities. What kind of compromise will they have to do. One thing this story showed me is you can never forget where you came from. Fans, fame, money are great things to have in life but love is so much stronger and fulfilling. Tucker reminds Scarlett of what is missing in her life and what she can now have in her life if she accepts his love and they find a way to make it work.
JenPH 7 months ago
When two bestselling authors decide to team up and write a book together, expectations are bound to be high. In the case of Kristen Proby and K.L. Grayson, both of whom have strong followings and loyal readerships and whose work I've read and enjoyed immensely over the years, their initial foray into the world of author team-ups was one that I would consider successful. The writing styles of Proby and Grayson meshed rather well, making it difficult for me to decide who wrote which parts. Already Gone is a standalone, but I hope it isn't the last we've seen of this new writing twosome. With a handful of angst, a healthy dose of humor, and a whole lot of romance, this novel is one that mustn't be missed, regardless of whether you're a reader of these two or love romance fiction in general. I'll be honest, I was afraid that this was going to end up with me giving this book a lower rating than what I ended up giving it. I was NOT a fan of Scarlett's for a good portion of this novel, with me going as far as being miffed at Tucker for being nice to her as quickly as he did. Heck, I even empathized with Scarlett's sister, Alexis, and understood why she was as ticked off as she was. But at the end of the day, Scarlett had her reasons for leaving, and when I took a step back, I got where she was coming from, although there's really no excuse for her staying away from New Hope for as long as she did, choosing her own methods to spend time with her father instead. Did she win me over? Yes, she did, but it took a good, long while to get there. Thankfully, I quite liked Tucker, even though I wasn't thrilled with his daughter, Chloe, and her less than respectful behavior. He was a really good guy with a forgiving nature and loved beyond measure. Now, there were a couple of supporting characters--namely Tucker's brother and cousin, Dean Andrews and Scooter Bennett, respectively--who piqued my interest that I'm hoping will get their own happily-ever-afters soonish. Fingers and toes crossed! Already Gone earns itself 4.5 stars. ♥
Theresakerch-28 7 months ago
I loved this book OMG this is such a good book. I could not put it down. I had to make myself stop to go to bed and then I finished at work. It is so good. I love Scarlet and Tucker and Chloe is an added bonus. Kristen Proby and K L Grayson wrote a brilliant book. I can’t wait for anything else from these two wonderful writers. Really 10 stars