Alternative and Complementary Treatment in Neurologic Illness

Alternative and Complementary Treatment in Neurologic Illness


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ISBN-13: 9780443065583
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Publication date: 04/12/2001
Pages: 325
Product dimensions: 8.03(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.62(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Methodological Aspects, Wayne Jonas, MD

Chapter 2 - Acupuncture, Dora Hsu, MD, Rex L. Cheng, MD

Chapter 3 - Shiatsu and Massage Therapy, Elaine Callender, PhD, Sharon Weinstein, MD

Chapter 4 - Herbal Approach to Neurologic Illness, Adrianne Fugh-Berman, MD

Chapter 5 - Homeopathy, Edward Chapman, MD, DHt

Chapter 6 - Ayurvedic Approach to Illness, Bala Manyan, MD

Chapter 7 - Yoga, Robyn Ross, CYT, Adrienne Jamiel, MA

Chapter 8 - Chiropractic Approach to Neurologic Illness, Scott Haldeman, MD, DC, PhD, Paul Hooper, DC

Chapter 9 - Osteopathy, Glen Wagner, DO

Chapter 10 - Aromatherapy, Alan Hirsch, MD

Chapter 11 - Placebo Effect, Anne Harrington, PhD

Chapter 12 - EMG - Biofeedback, Angele McGrady, PhD

Chapter 13 - Meditation, Sidney Kurn, MD, Rain Border, RN

Chapter 14 - Cognitive Therapy for Pain, Alan Witkower, EdD, CGP

Chapter 15 - Qigong, Kenneth Sancier, PhD, Linda Hole, MD

Chapter 16 - Auriculotherapy, Terry Oleson, PhD

Chapter 17 - Therapeutic Touch, Eric Leskowitz, MD

Chapter 18 - Medical-Legal Aspects of Alternative Medicine, Pat LePore, JD, MPH

Chapter 19 - Tai Chi, Timothy Hain, MD, J. Kotsias, MS, Clive Pai, PhD

Chapter 20 - Music Therapy, Paul Eslinger, MD, Suzanne Hanser, PhD

Chapter 21 - Laser Bio-Stimulation, Michael I. Weintraub, MD, FACP

Chapter 22 - Magnetotherapy, Michael I. Weintraub, MD, FACP

Chapter 23 - Neurohypnosis, Sam Kabbani, MD

Chapter 24 - KHT Acupressure, Linda Hole, MD

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