Alternative Methods Of Instruction: Findings, Study Outcomes, and Recommendation

Alternative Methods Of Instruction: Findings, Study Outcomes, and Recommendation


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ISBN-13: 9781505274059
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/28/2014
Pages: 142
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About the Author

Dr. Jane Goretskaya is President of Lifelong Approaches Consulting firm, Organizational and Educational Consultant, and Certified Advanced Faculty/Facilitator in University of Phoenix. She is the author of many articles and several books, including the Anatomy of Teaching English Learners and Anatomy of the World of Education (2012) and 6 books of the education series (2012), and co-author of Anatomy of the World of Business and 7 books of business series (2012-2013). She also wrote and published 3 fictional novels (trilogy) Dance me When the Witnesses are Gone (2013), Dance Me & Lend Me Your Ear (2014), and Dance Me & Edit My Life (2015).
Dr. Jane Goretskaya is honored member of Cambridge Who is Who Association and many other associations. Dr. Goretskaya holds two Master Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Arts from the National University of Construction and Architecture and from Syracuse University, Syracuse NY and Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership from Phoenix University, Phoenix, AZ.
As a doctoral student, she founded consulting firm Lifelong Approaches in California and after graduation, in 2007, was invited to work as a faculty in the College of Humanity of University of Phoenix and soon became a Certified Advanced Facilitator. Developing her skills and knowledge through both education and experience, Dr. Goretskaya obtained ability to create business, teach, and provide quality consultations to management and administrative staff of both business organizations and educational institutions. Since opening, the consulting firm has earned recognition for the quality assessments of a variety situations and cases in business and educational institutions across the United States and providing leaders with solutions and recommendations for improvement. Dr. Goretskaya provides professional development workshops and seminars for both organizational and educational leaders on a variety of leadership and educational issues. Being a member of the American Psychological Association and CATESOL, she participates in conferences as a presenter of the results of her dissertation and post-doctoral research to improve education for disadvantaged and English Learners.

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