Always Remember: World War II Through Veterans' Eyes

Always Remember: World War II Through Veterans' Eyes

by Dr. John David Ulferts

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During the 1990s, 140 veterans of WW II, including 20 Medal of Honor recipients, shared their stories of valor and sacrifice with the author who promised to keep them alive through the classes he taught and the pages of this book.

Iwo Jima, 1945.

“How bad am I hit?” Sergeant George Barlow questioned his buddy, John Snyder.

Barlow had just saved the lives of everyone in the squad by throwing himself on a grenade the Japanese had hurled into the GI machine gun emplacement. As he cradled Barlow’s head in his arms, Snyder told him he’d been hit pretty bad. Barlow’s lower torso had been blown away.

“You’re not going to leave me here to die?” Barlow asked softly.

“No, George,” Snyder promised.

Snyder knew that without help, Barlow wouldn’t last till morning. With the Japanese entrenched everywhere, Snyder set off in the black night to find the company medic. Though he managed to find G Company’s Captain McCarthy, Snyder was told it was too dangerous to risk a corpsman’s life to go back with him to help Barlow. Dejected, Snyder somehow made it back to Barlow, and was by his side when, just before daybreak, Barlow died.

Snyder was the only member of his squad to survive the hell of Iwo Jima. Snyder honored his promise not to let Barlow die on Iwo Jima by telling Barlow’s story to anyone who would listen.

The voices of WW II have grown silent as the greatest generation has all but slipped away. Through the pages of Always Remember - WW II Through Veterans’ Eyes, 140 veterans speak again, their stories of heroic sacrifice kept alive, never to be forgotten. Together their first-person narratives tell the history of WW II when the future not only of the U.S., but of democracy itself, laid in the balance. Pearl Harbor survivors share how disbelief turned to shock as the Japanese surprise attack left their battleships burning wrecks. Paratroopers recall the terror of combat jumping at night weighed down with at least 150 lbs. of gear and ammunition, even as anti-aircraft shells exploded all around them. The chaos of the D-Day landings is described by veterans who could never forget the incoming artillery and shells that slaughtered wave after wave of young American boys on Omaha beach. POWs share their desperate struggles to survive, one captured by headhunters in the Pacific, another imprisoned for a time at Buchenwald concentration camp. Buddies lost in the meatgrinders of Tarawa, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa are remembered. Even the horrors of the battlefield could not prepare the liberators of the concentration camps for the ghastly sights and odors they discover at Dachau and Buchenwald concentration camps. African American veterans who served on the USS Mason and Vernon Baker, the only black Medal of Honor recipient to survive the war, recall fighting two enemies - the Nazis and racism within the US Armed Forces. Medal of Honor recipients Desmond Doss, Walter Ehlers, Clarence Craft, Jefferson DeBlanc, Walter Ehlers, Arthur Jackson, Jose Lopez and many more tell the riveting accounts of the action that resulted in their receiving the Medal of Honor. These veterans don't glamorize the war, and share stories not found in any other history books.
As long as their names are spoken and their stories are told, the veterans of WW II will never die.

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About the Author

Inspired by their sacrifices, Dr. Ulferts wrote WW II veterans during the 1990s thanking them for their service and vowing to keep their stories alive if they chose to share them. For every letter Dr. Ulferts wrote, he received more responses than expected, as veterans passed the letters on to their buddies and printed them in reunion newsletters. Before long, 140 veterans had shared their stories with Dr. Ulferts, including twenty Medal of Honor recipients. As a Superintendent-Principal and Adjunct Professor, Dr. Ulferts used the veterans' letters as part of his instruction for years, but always knew this book had to be written. Dr. Ulferts is committed to keeping his promise to the veterans and believes as long as we speak their names, and tell their stories, they will live on. He has done so in this book, as well as in the numerous free multimedia presentations he has done for various museums, clubs and organizations. You may email him at

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