Am?rica invertida: An Anthology of Emerging Uruguayan Poets

Am?rica invertida: An Anthology of Emerging Uruguayan Poets

by Jesse Lee Kercheval (Editor)


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América invertida introduces twenty-two Uruguayan poets under the age of forty to English-speaking audiences for the first time. Kercheval paired poets and translators to produce a rich volume based on a multicultural dialogue about poetry and the written word. América invertida presents Spanish poems and their English translations side by side to give readers an introduction to Uruguay's vibrant literary scene.

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ISBN-13: 9780826357250
Publisher: University of New Mexico Press
Publication date: 09/15/2016
Series: Mary Burritt Christiansen Poetry Series
Edition description: Bilingual
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Jesse Lee Kercheval is the author, editor, and translator of thirteen books, including Cinema Muto, My Life as a Silent Movie: A Novel, and The Invisible Bridge / El puente invisible: Selected Poems of Circe Maia.

Table of Contents

Jesse Lee Kercheval

América invertida: An Introduction xi

Miguel Avero, translation Jona Colson

Sea Breaking Open / Mar descascarado 2

Waters / Aguas 4

Argument / Argumento 6

Like a Sheet / Como una lamina 8

That Sea / Ese mar 10

Martín Barea Mattos, translation Mark Statman

From By Hour, by Day, by Month / de Por hora, por día, por mes 14

Horacio Cavallo and Francisco Tomsich, translation Geoffrey Brock

Hermes I / Hermes I 28

Hermes V / Hermes V 30

Icarus III / Icaro III 32

Icarus V / Ícaro V 34

Games V / Juegos V 36

Martín Cerisola, translation Keith Ekiss

From Something Naked / de Algo se desnuda 40

[It's there-in the fire.] / [Es allí, desde el fuego.] 46

Laura Cesarco Eglin, translation Lauren Shapiro

Downpour / Aguacero 52

Agency / Agenda 54

If the Storm Can / Si la tormenta puede 56

Pasta with Tomato Sauce / Tuco con una buena pasta 58

Photogenic / Fotogénica 60

Laura Chalar, translation Erica Mena

Avenida 18 de julio / por dieciocho 64

Montevideo / Montevideo 66

Helsinki / Helsinki 70

Guest / Huésped 72

Poligrillo / Poligrillo 74

Andrea Durlacher, translation Anna Rosenwong

[I'm not like other ladies:] / [No soy como otras damas:] 78

Life Is as Much the Same as It Is Profane / La vida es tan mimísima como profana 80

[I begged the clock] / [Yo le rogaba al reloj] 82

[I left a trail like Hansel and Gretel's] / [Hice como el camino de Hansel y Gretel] 84

Victoria Estol, translation Seth Michelson

Flesh and fingernail / carne y uña 90

Airport / Aeropuerto 92

[Dearest,] / [Estimado:] 94

Minefield / campo minado 96

[two guys and me] / [dos varones y yo] 98

Javier Etchevarren, translation Don Bogen

Glue / Pegamento 102

Punta Carretas / Punta Carretas 104

Lungs / Pulmones 106

The Despicable Man Watching TV / Hombre vil frente a la televiseón 108

Garbage Dump / Basural 110

Paola Gallo, translation Adam Giannelli

Words Like Knives / Palabras como cuchillos 114

The Kiss / El beso 116

I Smell of "Amber Parenthesis" / Huelo a "Ámbar Paréntesis" 118

The Wave / La ola 120

Written from the Cave of the Predator / Escrito desde la cueva del depredador 122

El Hoski (José Luis Gadea), translation Kevin Gonzalez

Silence / Silencio 126

Benedetti Is a Good Grampa / Benedetti es un abuelo bneno 128

On a Plane There Were / Iban en un avión 130

Leonardo Lesci, translation Christopher Schafenacker

Río de la Plata / Río de la Plata 138 /140

Milonga-Folk-land / Milonga-Fblk-land 142

River plate fresh meat company / river plate fresh meat company 146

Saltwater River / Río salado 148

Thalweg / Thalweg 150

Agustín Lucas, translation Jesse Lee Kercheval

Plaza de los Bomberos / Plaza de los bomberos 154

General Flores without Flowers / General sin flores 160

The Hour of the Birds / La hora de los pájaros 164

River Runs / Río va 166

Elisa Mastromatteo, translation Orlando Ricardo Menes

As Simple as That / Tan simple como eso 170

Game / Juego 172

That/ Eso 174

A Before / Un antes 176

Hideout / Escondite 178

Alex Piperno, translation Vicente Marcos López Abad from Sahara / de Sahara 182

Colony / Colonia 186

From "the lovers" / de "los amantes" 192

From "Ars poetica two" / de "ars poetica dos" 194

Alicia Pkeza, translation Julia Leverone

Sacrilege / Sacrilegio 198

Déjà Vu / Deja vú 200

The Spell / El hechizo 202

Olivetti / Olivetti 206

Scaffolding / Entramado 208

Sebastián Rivero, translation Catherine Jagoe

No Name / N. N. 212

Mud / barro 220

Juan Manuel Sánchez, translation Cindy Schuster

From For the Seals / de Para las focas 228

[Across a sea of grassland they came] / [Llegaron a traveacute;s de un mar de pasturas] 236

Fabián Severo, translation Dan Bellm

From Night Up North / de Noite nu norte / Noche en el norte 240

Paula Simonetti, translation Catherine Jagoe

Isabel / Isabel 254

Nelson / Nelson 256

Gisela / Gisela 258

Ramón / Ramón 260

What the Sad Say / En la boca de los tristes 262

Karen Wild Díaz, translation Ron Paul Salutsky Thread of Blood in the Sky / Hilo de sangre en el cielo 266

Shelter from the Sky / Protege del cielo 270

The Sky Knows No Walls / El cielo no conoce las paredes 272

A House without the Sky / Una casa sin cielo 274

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