Amazing Matilda: A Monarch's Tale

Amazing Matilda: A Monarch's Tale

by Bette A. Stevens

Paperback(Large Print)

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AMAZING MATILDA by Bette A. Stevens (Ages 4-11 + grownups love it too) Friendship, patience and persistence are among the lessons learned in this gem of a tale featuring an amazing monarch butterfly. This award-winning picture book adventure follows the monarch butterfly's life cycle as Matilda embarks on a quest to make her dream of flying come true. Matilda emerges from her egg on a milkweed leaf-she stretches and yawns and knows she wants to fly. Sparrow tells her to follow her dreams. Toad and Rabbit laugh at a creature without wings who wants to fly. You'll be as amazed as Toad and Rabbit are as you follow Matilda from egg to imago. Science, art and wise lessons for children-all wrapped up in a tale the kids will want to read/hear again and again!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781470187668
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/02/2012
Edition description: Large Print
Pages: 34
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.09(d)

About the Author

Inspired by nature and human nature, author Bette A. Stevens is a retired elementary and middle school teacher, a wife, mother of two and grandmother of five. Stevens lives in Central Maine with her husband on their 37-acre farmstead where she enjoys reading, writing, gardening, walking and reveling in the beauty of nature. She advocates for children and families, for childhood literacy and for the conservation of monarch butterflies-an endangered species (and milkweed, the only plant that monarch caterpillars will eat).
Stevens is the author of AMAZING MATILDA, an award-winning picture book; The Tangram Zoo and Word Puzzles Too!, a home/school resource incorporating hands-on math and writing; and PURE TRASH, the short story prequel to her debut novel, DOG BONE SOUP, a Boomer's coming of age novel published in January 2015.

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Amazing Matilda: A Monarch's Tale 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Leyla_Atke More than 1 year ago
Amazing Matilda is a cute children’s book about an exciting process of turning Matilda from Caterpillar to butterfly. Matilda cannot wait to become a butterfly. In her opinion, the process goes too slow. The book is wonderfully illustrated by the author. It has a good moral for kids, teaching them to be patient in achieving their dreams. I read this book together with my 5-years old son and we both enjoyed it very much.
macjam47 More than 1 year ago
Matilda has just emerged from her egg, and already she wants to fly.  The sparrow tells her she has to have patience and follow her instincts. The speckled toad says she needs wings. But Matilda doesn’t know what patience and follow her instincts means. Moreover, where can she get wings? Matilda eats leaves and starts growing, and the sparrow says she is using her instincts. Rabbit told her he practiced and practiced until he could hop onto the rock ledge, but Matilda did not want to hop, she wanted to fly.  This delightful story tells the life cycle of a monarch butterfly in an engaging way that will catch the attention of children.  The award winning AMAZING MATILDA is a lighthearted story that will encourage children to follow their dreams and to have patience. The book is illustrated by author Bette Stevens with charming drawings that help tell Matilda’s story. 
StarGazer2 More than 1 year ago
Amazing Matilda is an adorable book about a baby caterpillar who desperately wants wings so she can fly and see the world. The book’s message is about not rushing to do things, not giving up, and with plenty of practice, you can accomplish your goals. 
Rebecca_C More than 1 year ago
A lovely children's story with a good moral. Be patient and you can achieve your dreams. Not only that, but the message is also that we are not always small and helpless. If we persevere, we will be strong enough to accomplish great things, despite those who don't understand. Nicely illustrated. The repetition is a good way to reinforce the message to young children. Certainly a story I am sure children will enjoy and want to have read to them time and again.
SheilaDeeth More than 1 year ago
“Have patience, tiny Matilda,” chirps Sparrow as a caterpillar dreams of learning to fly. In this story, patience and “following your instincts” are the key to learning. Neither Rome nor butterflies were built in a day, and Matilda will do the things her instincts promise, as long as she first does as she should. She eats. She grows. She sees the world around her. And slowly the caterpillar, and young readers, learn about nature, the life cycle of the butterfly, and the wisdom of being patient. Beautifully illustrated with realistic images, lightly painted and gracefully imagined, this is a lovely children’s story with real science, real creatures and real message. There’s nothing cartoonish or caricature-ish about it, which makes it a great way to blend scientific learning with learning about self. Ideal to share with small inquisitive minds, it even taught me something of how a butterfly’s wings grow strong. Read it and enjoy! Disclosure: The author kindly gave me a free ecopy to enjoy. And the pictures look great, even on my ancient black and white kindle!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Amazing Matilda: A Monarch's Tale 5.0 out of 5 stars Matilda is indeed Amazing with beautiful illustrations, too!, September 21, 2013 By Deanie Humphrys-Dunne "Deanie Humphrys-Dunne" (CT) - See all my reviews This review is from: Amazing Matilda (Kindle Edition) Bette A. Stevens weaves a lovely tale of Matilda the Monarch butterfly. Matilda wants desperately to fly but her friends, Sparrow, and Rabbit laugh at her. They tell her she must have patience and trust her instincts. But, Matilda is puzzled. She knows nothing of mysterious things like patience. Matilda's friend, Toad, reminds her she must have wings to fly. Eventually, Matilda undergoes a miraculous transformation. She learns the value of persistence. She finds the must persevere if her dreams are to be realized. This is a beautifully crafted story, which I would heartily recommend for children, parents, and teachers. They will not only adore the captivating story, but they will marvel at the colorful illustrations as well! Reviewed by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne Author of: Tails of Sweetbrier Charlie the Horse Charlene the Star Charlene the Star and Hattie's Heroes
Kyrana More than 1 year ago
Amazing Matilda by Betty Stevens is a thoughtful and sweet story for young children and early readers. The telling of how Matilda grows and changes can help introduce children to concepts of persistence and patience as they face challenges in life and physical changes as they grow and learn.  I received this copy from the author in exchange for a review and found it both entertaining and educational, this story is sure to become a favorite.
DesertJules More than 1 year ago
This lovely little book, written and illustrated by Stevens, tells the story of a little egg that wants to fly. It starts when Matilda hatches on a milkweed leaf. Amazed at the world she sees, she wants to see more. Her woodland friends tell her to follow her instincts and have patience. But Matilda doesn't know what that means; she just wants to fly and see the world. Following her growth from a tiny egg to a caterpillar to a beautiful Monarch butterfly, Amazing Matilda is story for readers and listeners of all ages. It reminds us all to never quit trying and to encourage those around us to follow their dreams. ~*~*~ Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a complimentary electronic galley of this book from the author. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
dwgodby More than 1 year ago
"Amazing Matilda - A Monarch's Tale" is a brilliant book by author Bette A. Stevens. While this is the first book that I have read from this author, I sincerely hope it won't be my last. I began the read wondering where it would take me and found my thoughts moving faster and faster as I was eagerly waiting to see what would happen next. I can say without hesitation that it was a well written book that was filled with excitement and adventure. I enjoyed how Matilda, a tiny caterpillar, begins her journey from the size of an egg and eagerly wonders when she would be able to fly. While she verbalized this, the Sparrow requested that she have patience and follow her instincts and one day she would be able to fly. Soon she met a Toad who shared about how he learned to leap and move about, but Matilda didn't want to leap she wanted to fly. In the story we see Matilda changing colors many times, each one reflecting who she is currently while becoming something totally different as well. She then meets a Rabbit who shared how they learned to hop, but Matilda didn't want to hop she wanted to fly. She continued to eat day after day and soon realized how tired she was and that she needed a nap. Soon Matilda seemed to be covered by a soft green blanket surrounding her and she continued to change inside. When she awoke from her nap the other friends noticed something different. Matilda now had wings, wings that she had longed for to help her fly. At first she didn't succeed but her friends kept encouraging her to try, to spread her wings, to flap them until she could take off. With enough effort and courage soon Matilda began to lift herself from the earth and soar high above the others. They cheered her on and she waved goodbye to them as she soared away. I believe most any child would enjoy this book as well as adults. I enjoyed how the author shared support and encouragement from the other animals. How they prepared Matilda to believe in herself, to have patience and rely on her instincts. We must believe in ourselves and others as well. When we begin to do that, we will be able to soar as Matilda above the circumstances that we encounter as well as help others to do the same. I would highly recommend this book to others who desire a challenge to become a better person.