Amazing Tales From Indiana

Amazing Tales From Indiana

by Fred D. Cavinder


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... freaky and fascinating... Cavinder is a storyteller with an engaging sense of humor." —Gary (IN) Post-Tribune

Because the contents of this eminently readable book cover many people, places, and events there is something for every reader young and old." —Madison Courier

It's Ripley's with a Hoosier twist—Fred Cavinder has put together a group of findings and stories, some kooky and strange, some from the twilight zone, some historical oddities and fascinations, all gleaned from Indiana. Submitted for your consideration: the blind man who designed and built an automobile, the "volunteer" tree growing out of a courthouse roof, and much, much more.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780253206589
Publisher: Indiana University Press
Publication date: 09/01/1990
Series: Midland Books Series
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.44(h) x 0.43(d)

Table of Contents

The Boy Who Wanted to Be Buried1
The Kremlin Connection1
The Ohio River Turnaround2
Abuzz in the Bog2
The Mother of Streams3
The Ghost Stream4
Ironplated Welshmen5
Fabulous Flow5
Jolted into Action6
Dual Duels7
The Grass Is Always Bluer8
Portrait of the Artist's Father9
The Year without a Summer10
In the Key of Strange11
The Devil Spirit12
The County That Disappeared14
The Legendary Bear Woman15
Harriet, Tom, and Eliza17
Passing the Word19
A Spel of Reformashun20
China and the Martin Dynasty21
The Almost President22
The Soule of Greeley23
Mark of the Hunter24
This Gun for Hire24
Going Whole Hog25
The Unhappy Wanderer26
A Man Who ... And Another Man Who ... And ...28
Reading, Writing, and Stage Fright29
Boggstown Goes South30
The Lady on the Front Lines32
Cradle of Commanders34
The Gat with a Mission35
Cowed at Vernon37
Desertion and Disgrace38
Off the Wall Edition39
Hoosiers Aweigh40
Start the Presses41
The Assassination Assemblage43
Courthouse Tree-Top Tall45
The Girl Who Wasn't There47
The Circus's Greatest Coup49
Burning Desire to Die50
Attractive Water51
The One and Only Curve-Ball Pitcher52
Uneasy Rests the Head of State53
Stretch, the Mound Builder55
Bedrock Imagination56
The Dome That Daunts Science58
From a Reliable Source ...58
The Benefactor of Books59
All Ships Aboard60
Need a Body Cry61
Indiana's Pharaoh62
The Desperate Designer62
Knowing Beans about It64
Corn on the Current64
Harrison the Flag Waver65
At Grammar He Declined67
The Kouts Bout68
He Rode for a Fall69
The Bigger They Come70
Wake-a-Bye Jones75
Sight Versus Insight77
Preaching Power78
From Horsehide to Cowboys79
The Horse Sense That Faltered80
Happy--Not so Fast--Birthday83
The Hanging Judgment83
Pregnant with Promise85
Fingers Enough86
The Mosquito Martyr88
Mother's Initial Helper89
Dead Center in the Road90
When Smoking Caused Sparks92
Quiet Please, This Is an Election93
Lewdness and a "G" String94
Little Big-League Town95
Prison Inside and Outside98
Cash on the Cob100
World Series Wonder100
Giving It the Gas101
Judah Goes to the Movies103
A Congressman and His Dog105
A Tip of the Hat to ...107
Here's to the Heat107
Lumbering Giants109
Planted Then, Dug Later112
Painting by Numbers113
What's in a Name?115
The Dunes Flower Child115
The Center Who Carried His Load118
Victim and Survivor119
Immovable Force, Irresistible Object120
Hot Time in the Old State120
The Up and Down Touchdown121
Reach Out and Shift Someone122
Dead Men Have Tales125
Husking Corn for 200,000 Ears126
It Was His Funeral127
Caligula, Il Duce, and a Hoosier128
Animal Anomalies129
Infantile Incidents130
The Brothers of Stone131
Music to Milk By132
Wanted: One Model132
The Village That Vanished133
Odon's Home Fires Burning135
The Attack Blimp136
Bitten by Fame137
Horse Sense139
A Salute to the Kernel140
Ring around the Commode141
No Bones about It142
Test Case for Auctioneers143
Execution by Surgery145
The Fall and Rise of Roger Reynolds146
The Poster That Shouldn't Have Been147
Marjorie's Millions148
A Home That's Quite a House150
Mother Played Basketball152
Fish Stories153
Wetting Day154
Two by Two by Two155
A Little Soap Never Hurt156
In the Chips156
Beating the Odds157

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